Former French President-to-be Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK for short) has been playing the damage control game for a couple of years now—with very mixed results. Despite the fact that he hasn’t been convicted of any crime per se, he has suffered one of the world’s most visible PR collapses.

After watching his political fortunes fizzle and his domestic life fall apart, Strauss-Kahn is still fighting charges that tie him to a French prostitution ring while simultaneously hyping his new consulting company and his return to the international lecture circuit. It’s all part of another valiant attempt to reclaim what he clearly believes to be his rightful place on the world stage. We might almost pity him at this point, were he not such a demonstrably skeevy old man. His newest line of defense seems to be “I am a man! Of course I love women! Is that a crime?” (Note: statement must be read in a ridiculously cartoonish French accent.)

So DSK decided to follow Schwarzenegger’s lead on his “no apologies” apology tour by acknowledging that what he did was wrong while simultaneously throwing his hands up and daring the free world not to be taken in by his charms. Of course he is a horny old bastard who enjoys “secret soirees… that start with a fine meal and end with naked guests and public sex with multiple partners.” Who doesn’t?

We’re still fascinated by the man’s story for some reason.

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