Teneshia Jackson-Warner built a long and successful career within the PR/marketing industry. After working with Russell Simmons on social change campaigns as general manager at RUSH Communications and creating a new role for herself as founder/CEO of Egami Consulting Group, she’s ready to make some changes to the usual business model. In fact, she recently published a book, titled Profit with Purpose: A Marketer’s Guide to Delivering Purpose-Driven Campaigns to Multicultural Audiences, in which she lays out paths to creating meaningful work that goes beyond the usual “corporate social responsibility” projects.

We recently had the good fortune to speak with Ms. Jackson-Warner about the challenges facing PR firms that have dedicated themselves to creating truly “purpose-driven” campaigns.

Are challenges greater for firms that create campaigns specifically targeted to multicultural audiences?

In my opinion, the steps needed to develop a winning general market campaign involve many of the same steps used to devise a winning multicultural plan…they all begin at the same starting point of exploring customer/consumer need. The approach may vary between general market and multicultural because it is key that the idea resonates as culturally relevant among diverse audiences for multicultural plans. But this does not necessarily mean it’s more challenging … brand has to start with understanding the target consumer.

What’s the biggest key to convincing your audience that your campaign has real meaning?

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