Aetna wants to go from an “insurance carrier” to a “health solutions company,” according to its press release. How pray tell? With a new logo, of course!

The health insurance/solutions company has introduced a new logo (left) and a new “brand promise”: “With Aetna, the power of health is in your hands.”

The goal of the new branding is to recognize consumer empowerment, the company says. The new focus of the company will be on providing “quality” health plans, administering info about healthy lifestyles, financial management as it relates to health expenses, and providing insights for better business. There will be new mobile apps and resources, a new marketing campaign, and a new consumer survey, the Empowered Health Index, with results coming later this year.

Siegal + Gale helped with the logo and design.

Consumer empowerment in the healthcare area is a great thing. And, of course, the timing on this new campaign couldn’t be better.

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