Content production unit.

A recent study answered the question “How often does content marketing really work?” with “almost never”. We were intrigued because the company behind the study was software maker InboundWriterso last week we spoke with CEO Skip Besthoff to help answer an alternate question: how can we make content marketing work?

We’ve covered InboundWriter in the past because the purpose of its “predictive analytics” software is to assist in the optimization and placement of content for clients via established best practices. InboundWriter’s tools help estimate how well each specific piece of original content will perform in terms of traffic and search results, and Besthoff’s recently released update comes primarily in response to Google’s recent algorithm changes:

“Google wants original, authoritative content that improves user experience for people searching for information. So in the marketing industry, there’s an increasing focus on high-quality content.”

So why should PR be interested? InboundWriter’s rep Natasha Grach explains:

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