snark-free-daySo…how long do we see this idea lasting? Namely in the laconic world of public relations. You know, folk in this profession like to be brief, witty and nonsensical. To wit, much of what flacks have to say can be seemingly perceived as “smarmy,” “irascible,” or even “snide.”

(Yes, those were the only words that came up on my trusty Thesaurus app.)

It’s nice not to be such a, shall we say, smart ass. Therefore, a gaggle of public relations professionals have dedicated tomorrow as “Snark-Free Day.” October 22 is to be forthwith defined as “a day free of harsh comments, rude social media posts or sinister sarcasm.”


Mundelein’s Toni Antonetti at PR Chicago and her merry men and women are committing to a kinder way of communication and encouraging others to participate. According to the Chicago Tribune, “The group often coaches clients on communication styles for messaging, media releases, web content, blogs, social media and more.” You know, in case other PR firms across this country weren’t sure what you did for a check.

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