Being the book nerds and information junkies we are, we’re always happy to see libraries make national headlines, lest the public forget how awesome and relevant they really are. You never know what treasures might be awaiting discovery in the dusty stacks and decades-old archives–and as recent news out of the Bancroft Library at University of California Berkley demonstrates, not all of those treasures are books.

UC dance professor Catherine Cole recently allowed her curiosity to get the best of her in the archives (the only way to experience a library if you ask us). While sifting through stored documents, she noticed the name of famous photographer Ansel Adams appearing repeatedly. After following the paperwork trail, she finally came upon a box of 605 signed photographs.

“I kept seeing the name Ansel Adams and thought ‘what the heck is he doing all over the UC archives,” Cole told the San Fransisco Chronicle. “This is an extraordinary resource that has been buried like a time capsule.”

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