Taco Bell vegetable adNothing underscores the complexity of human reasoning more than the public’s desire to behave in self-destructive ways. From booze and cigarettes to fast food and assault rifles, we love things that do us harm.

There is no shortage of companies out there willing to sell the public the tools we need to reverse the very survival instincts that made us into social beings in the first place. So we understand how important it is for the positive influences in our lives to win the PR war for our very hearts, minds and cellular dependencies.

But you know what the human race also needs to survive this complex and challenging quest called life? A sense of humor. So we’re a bit conflicted over Taco Bell’s decision to pull an ad after receiving political pressure from The Center for Science in the Public Interest. What was Taco Bell’s horrible transgression? They compared bringing a veggie tray to a football party to “punting on fourth and one.” (See, that’s pretty funny. Extra credit to Taco Bell for running with the metaphor.)

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