Proofreader Jobs

What does it take to be a Proofreader? Browse our latest jobs for Proofreaders from top media and creative employers. Learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of a Proofreading job.

What does a Proofreader do?

A Proofreader is in charge of making sure work is reviewed before it goes to print. Proofreaders check documents for grammatical errors, along with looking at the body of work stylistically and making sure the margins and spacing is correct. While the job can overlap with an Editorial job, a proofreader mainly ensures that an article is free of grammatical errors. Ultimately, a proofreader works to make sure content is free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting and other such errors.


What are the responsibilities of a Proofreader?

Proofreaders are in charge of catching all spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. While people can confuse this role with one of that of an Editor or Copyeditor, they’re actually distinctly different: a proofreader is the last person who should be seeing the text before publication after it’s been through the prior rounds of editing.


What are the requirements to become a Proofreader?

Similar to the requirements for most Editorial roles, this person typically has a bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, or Communications. This person must have a high threshold for tedious work as well because most of their work will be very specific last-minute edits that sometimes they only have the eye to see. Ultimately, this role requires impeccable attention to detail and grammar.