Advanced Copyediting

Become a career copy editor

Level: Advanced
Instructor: John Hogan

Advanced Copyediting

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Skills You Will Learn

Debunk grammar absolutes

Using standardized style guides and when to apply them

Tackle the process of creating a style guide

Rules of prefixes, compound sentences and cumulative adjectives

Edit sentence structure including misplaced and dangling modifiers, shorten length, fix bad breaks, widows, orphans and repetitions

Wisely choose between nuanced words to ensure accuracy

Apply advanced punctuation rules

Proof your own work

Why Take This Course

Copy editors are often seen as a writer’s safety net, but they are actually a critical content partner because they ensure all published material is readable, on brand, accurate and consistent. Take this course to go beyond the foundational rules of grammar and style guides to edit complex content.

Learn the nitty-gritty of grammar, punctuation, language and how to edit for your brand’s voice. From this course, you will have an unquestionable ability edit any document— simple or complex—and establish yourself as a confident, career copy editor.

Session 1

  • Style Guides
  • Marketplace Issues
  • Grammar Absolutes
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Session 2

  • Compound Modifiers
  • Not Overstepping Bounds
  • Copyediting Online
  • Copyediting Quotes
  • Comma Usage
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Session 3

  • More on Style Guides
  • Copyediting for Magazines
  • Overly Long Sentences
  • Office Politics as a Copy Editor
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Session 4

  • Copyediting Issues
  • Word Usage
  • Copyediting Matters (pt 1)
  • Copyediting Matters (pt 2)
  • Resources
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About the Instructor

John Hogan

7 Courses

John Hogan is a freelance writer, editor, and copy editor. He began working as a copy editor in 1994 and has worked for a diverse range of publications, including TV Guide, Mental Floss, Seventeen, The Knot, and Fitness. He was also formerly the editor-in-chief of Pages magazine and has worked as a ghostwriter. He lives in New York City.