Intro to Copyediting

Develop a foundational toolkit to copy edit any piece of writing like a pro

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Emmy Favilla

Intro to Copyediting

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  • Self-paced instruction
  • 14 video lessons
  • 2 hours of content
  • Copyediting exercises
  • Led by an industry expert
  • Lifetime access
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Who Should Take This Course

Copy Editors, Copywriters, Journalists, PR and Social Media Specialists, Aspiring Copy Editors, Marketers, Students

Skills You Will Learn

How to identify common grammar, punctuation and spelling errors quickly and efficiently

When to follow standard copy editing rules and when to deviate for the sake of the brand’s preferences

Fact-check your copy as you go (and know when to consult fact-checking pros)

When to query your content and the questions to ask in order to make smart edits

Utilize industry-standard style manuals (AP Style, Chicago Style), the differences between them and when they are typically used

Develop standards for your own brand’s style guide

How to get your foot in the door as a copy editor, network and prep for a copy test

Why Take This Course

Copy editors aren’t just the spelling and grammar police, and they aren’t always copy editors. Anyone who reads or writes content—or any communications—for their brand needs basic training in rules of grammar, diction and writing styles.

This course will give you a foundation of copyediting rules, a refined eye to apply to your and others’ writing. It will train your brain to question everything you read to ensure the best possible content. You will be introduced to the major style manuals of writing, common (and not so common) errors and mistakes, build a working knowledge of fact-checking, learn to develop a house style guide, and feel confident to edit any piece of writing so it meets industry standards and properly expresses your brand.

Session 1

The Role of the Copy Editor

  • Lesson 1: Role of Copy Editor
  • Lesson 2: Spelling and Grammar
  • Lesson 3: Standard Editing Marks
  • Lesson 4: A Guide to Style Guides
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Session 2

Fact-Checking and Develop a Style Guide

  • Lesson 1: Fact Checking
  • Lesson 2: House Style
  • Lesson 3: Manuscripts and Industry Jargon
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Session 3

Awareness Training and How to Write Great Headlines

  • Lesson 1: Awareness Training and How to Write Great Headlines
  • Lesson 2: Consistency and Common Mistakes
  • Lesson 3: Headlines Gone Awry
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Session 4

Get Your Foot in the Door and Market Yourself

  • Lesson 1: Getting in the Door
  • Lesson 2: The Copy Test
  • Lesson 3: Print vs. Web Jobs
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About the Instructor

Emmy Favilla

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Emmy Favilla is the copy chief at BuzzFeed, where she oversees a team of five international copy editors, and co-author of the BuzzFeed Style Guide. She is the former copy chief of Teen Vogue and has also worked as a staff and freelance copy editor for Seventeen, Natural Health, Domino, Blender, and Lucky magazines. Emmy attended the University of the Arts London and holds a B.A. in Journalism from New York University.