Copywriting for Websites

Write web copy that converts

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Sabrina Cohen

Copywriting for Websites

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  • Self-paced instruction
  • 11 video lessons
  • 2h 28m of content
  • Writing exercises
  • Led by an industry expert
  • Lifetime access
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Who Should Take This Course

Copywriters, Marketers

Skills You Will Learn

Establish your brand’s unique style and tone

Write copy based on your messaging goals: educate, inform, promote or sell

Write blogs, homepage copy and product/service focused copy that gets users to take action

Utilize varied styles of web copy: goal, structural, site and voice-based copy

Implement 5 steps to write copy that ensures a good user experience

Create a site map

Optimize your content with SEO in mind

Key ingredients for an effective blog page, homepage, FAQ, service page and overall website copy

Why Take This Course

A website is a brand’s digital homebase—it will distinguish you from your competition. Whether someone finds you on social media or through an ad, they will ultimately end up on your website so the content should be actionable. As the copywriter you must consider both touchy-feely details—a brand’s story and mission—and technical requirements like SEO and a smart site map. From learning varied styles of web copy to defining the user experience, this course teaches you how to write copy that provides an optimal experience for your customer and drives them to take desired actions.

Session 1

Why Website Copy is Crucial for Your Business

  • Lesson 1: The Importance of Website Messaging
  • Lesson 2: Types and Styles of Website Copywriting
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Session 2

Creating a Powerful and Purposeful User Experience

  • Lesson 1: User Experience Defined
  • Lesson 2: The Psychology of Your Site
  • Lesson 3: Creating Your Site Map
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Session 3

Generating Compelling Content

  • Lesson 1: Best Practices for Value-Driven Copy
  • Lesson 2: Prep Your Homepage Copy
  • Lesson 3: Getting Noticed
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About the Instructor

Sabrina Cohen

Sabrina Cohen is a seasoned copywriter, brand consultant, and creative entrepreneur who brings a wealth of skills and experience to every project. She has successfully written both short and long-form copy for agencies, businesses, and individuals. Learn more about Sabrina's work and client history at