Public Relations: Crisis Communications

Best practices to steer your company through any bad press

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Amy Condon

Public Relations: Crisis Communications

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Skills You Will Learn

Mitigate damage of a potential PR crisis

Develop a social media action plan to handle crises issues

Create an offensive plan to prevent issues from escalating into crises

What to do in the first 12 hours of a crisis

Draft standby materials to ensure you’re ready for issues as soon as they arise

Identify when to take action and when to use strategic inaction as a response to issues

Use the four-step response mechanism when handling crisis interviews

Write talking points for clients and execs to prep them for public addresses

Why Take This Course

Damage control is part of any public relations expert’s job. You must be able to confidently anticipate, navigate and recover from PR crises of any size in a calm and strategic manner. This course will give you the skills to manage and diffuse critical issues for your company as well as how to coach execs and stakeholders to do the same.

Learn how to prepare for and defuse potential crises; when to take action and when not to; prepare your execs for potential bad publicity; and guide your team through challenges and crises, both small and large. Gain the technical skills you need to think on your feet and act quickly to keep your company in good standing.

Session 1

Understand Public Relation’s Role in Issues Management

  • Lesson 1: The Rise in Reputational Risk
  • Lesson 2: Identify, Analyze and Prioritize Potential Issues
  • Lesson 3: Do’s and Don’ts for Communicating in a Crisis
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Session 2

Prepare for Crisis

  • Lesson 1: Determine Stakeholders, Spokesperson and Create a Crisis Team
  • Lesson 2: Develop Standby Statements and Materials
  • Lesson 3: How To: The First 12 Hours of a Crisis
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Session 3

Determine a Crisis Response Strategy

  • Lesson 1: Offensive and Defensive Responses
  • Lesson 2: Diversionary and Commiseration Responses
  • Lesson 3: Rectifying Behavior and Strategic Inaction
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Session 4

Recover from a Crisis: Image Repair

  • Lesson 1: Evaluate and Adjust your Approach
  • Lesson 2: How to Recover Your Reputation
  • Lesson 3: Lessons Learned: Who Got it Right and Who Got it Wrong
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About the Instructor

Amy Condon

2 Courses

Amy Condon is a public relations and corporate communications specialist with 18 years experience. She has worked in-house for international brands like Foot Locker, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, and Crunch Fitness, as well as on the agency side for public health and pharmaceutical clients.  Amy holds a B.A. in Communication from the University of Delaware and an M.A. in Communication and Information Studies from Rutgers University. She currently serves as adjunct professor in the Communications Department at William Paterson University.