Skills in 60: How to Name Your Brand or Product

Develop a unique name for any brand, product, or business

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Bizzy Coy

Skills in 60: How to Name Your Brand or Product

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Who Should Take This Course

Marketers, Brand Managers, Entrepreneurs, Students

Skills You Will Learn

Essential components of successful brand names—like, connotation, emotion, sound and stickiness—and how to apply them to your process

Gather information and organize a customer profile and brand considerations to guide your naming process

3 creative tactics to propel your creativity forward—Hook, Time and Cast of Characters

Evaluate your name by measuring it against the essential components of successful names

Why Take This Course

Follow a step-by-step process to develop the best name for your brand or product. You will learn about the anatomy of a good name, the questions you must answer before you create a name and how to generate a variety of creative options for yourself or your clients. Learn the science behind a successful brand name and find out what you need to consider when you’re positioning a new brand name. Learn how to fuel your own creative brainstorm and analyze the quality of the names you’ve generated.

Session 1

The Anatomy of a Name

  • Learn about the components of a successful name, including its “stickiness,” syllables, and connotation
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Session 2

Lesson 2: Creative Positioning for Real-Life Clients

  • Consider multiple factors, such as demographic, product family/brand consistency, competition, traffic generation and copyright issues when creating a brand or product name
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Session 3

Lesson 3: Generating a Variety of Name Options

  • Create name options using existing words and phrases, word parts, fragments, syllables, sounds, letters, numbers and non-English roots and words
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Session 4

Lesson 4: Analyzing and Evaluating Names

  • Learn how to determine why a name works (or doesn’t)
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About the Instructor

Bizzy Coy

2 Courses

Bizzy Coy is an award-winning freelance senior copywriter and digital marketing strategist. She works with the biggest names in culture and entertainment, including Disney, NBCUniversal, WICKED and most recently, the Pope. Her honors include the IAC Award for Best Arts Social Media Campaign, the Travel + Leisure Smitty Award for Best Use of a Social Media Platform, and three Telly Awards for Best Regional TV Commercial.