The Essential Guide to Influencer Marketing

Launch an influencer marketing campaign to drive your brand's message

Level: Beginner
Instructor: KiKi L'Italien

The Essential Guide to Influencer Marketing

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  • Self-paced instruction
  • 16 video lessons
  • 3.5 hours of lesson content
  • Campaign building exercises
  • Led by an industry expert
  • Lifetime access
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Skills You Will Learn

Set goals for your influencer marketing campaign

Differentiate between mega and micro influencers

Find influencers that align with your brand

Manage influencer outreach: how to connect directly or via an agency contact and create mutual value for all parties involved

Evaluate campaign success

Improve influencer engagement

Navigate influencer disclosures

Create an influencer campaign brief and performance dashboard

Execute a targeted influencer marketing campaign

Why Take This Course

Influencer marketing has quickly become an essential aspect of any marketing strategy. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, influencer marketing content delivers eleven times higher ROI (Return On Investment) than traditional forms of digital marketing. In this course, you will learn how to leverage the networks of the bloggers and social media influencers your audience trusts in order to get your brand or product the exposure it deserves.

Session 1

Influencer Marketing as Part of Your Overall Marketing Plan

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Influencer Marketing
  • Lesson 2: Setting Goals for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Lesson 3: Exploring the Many Types of Influencers – Mega and Micro
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Session 2

Tools and Techniques

  • Lesson 1: How to Find Influencers
  • Lesson 2: How to Amplify Your Content
  • Lesson 3: How to Measure Your Influencer Marketing Campaign
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Session 3

Influencer Marketing and Collaboration

  • Lesson 1: Managing the Influencer Relationship
  • Lesson 2: How to Improve Influencer Engagement
  • Lesson 3: Things to Avoid in Influencer Engagement
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Session 4

Creating an Influencer Marketing Campaign

  • Lesson 1: Influencer Disclosures
  • Lesson 2: Creating an Influencer Campaign Brief
  • Lesson 3: Creating a Performance Dashboard
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About the Instructor

KiKi L'Italien

2 Courses

KiKi L'Italien is a social enterprise strategist who works with companies and organizations to develop their client relationships and social media strategies. Her focus is helping organizations connect with client and member communities through thoughtful communications, social relevance, and integrated media. As a recognized social media expert, KiKi has been featured in the Washington Post and Washington Business Journal, appeared on 60 Minutes and Good Morning America, and contributed to dozens of blogs as a regular columnist. She also hosts the weekly Association Chat for association and nonprofit professionals held every Tuesday on Twitter.