BrianWilliams.jpg Following the passage of a controversial immigration law in Arizona, NBC News is preparing a cross-network examination at the state of immigration in America for May 26. The series will be spread across NBC, MSNBC, Telemundo and CNBC, and will be called by the (sadly cliche) title “A Nation Divided.”

NBC’s “Today” will examine how immigration affects families, while “NBC Nightly News” will focus on the Arizona law and similar laws being considered in other states. Newsmagazine “Dateline” will preview a special episode on migrant children in the U.S.

Spanish language network Telemundo will focus on immigration in every national and local newscast it produces, and will broadcast reports from Phoenix.

MSNBC will talk about immigration each hour, from “Morning Joe” through the network’s primetime lineup, while CNBC will look at the economics of immigration reform

“With the volume of news and headlines about immigration coming out of Arizona and from all over the nation, it’s the perfect time for us to spend a day examining these issues and their affect on this country,” said Alex Wallace, Senior Vice President of NBC News in a statement. “We are committed to exploring the immigration issues in our nation further, and delivering our viewers informed discussion and insightful investigation. These are all subjects NBC News has and will continue to cover extensively.”

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