Chris Higgins, meteorologist for St. Louis FOX affiliate KTVI, took to his facebook page to defend himself against detractors who took issue with how he forecast the recent storm that hit the St. Louis area.

Higgins responded with what he called an “open letter of sorts”:

This is an open letter of sorts to respond to the many posts from folks who claim this storm was a complete surprise and who have gone as far as to question my integrity by calling me a liar and an idiot. I do this at the risk of getting in trouble but I feel it necessary to defend my integrity.

In his post, Higgins tells viewers he correctly forecast how long heavy snow would fall and where it would fall but admitted he did not correctly forecast how much snow would fall, adding, “But you cannot sit there and tell me I didn’t tell you it was going to snow…and that I didn’t say [it] was going to snow heavily…because I did.” Read more