Lincoln, NE, ABC affiliate KLKN recently captured a UFO on its live Towercam during its 6:00 a.m. news.

Morning meteorologist Sean McMullen pointed out the green triangle shaped object in the shot, “Take a look at our Towercam. You decide for yourself,” said McMullen who initially thought it was just a star. “This is a very peculiar light off to the eastern horizon.”

“I have never seen anything like this before,”┬ásaid McMullen in a story the station did on the 45 minute sighting. “I even say that several times while I’m on the air describing the object, because I want to let people know even I don’t know what this is.”

The station said a viewer captured similar footage of the object, ruling out those who thought it might have been a flare or lens aberration. University of Nebraska at Lincoln physics professor Timothy Gay told KLKN he can guarantee the non-existence of extra terrestrials and said he thinks the UFO was either government aircraft or an odd lens reflection. You can watch the story of the sighting after the jump. Read more