Tim Fletcher, sports director for KTBS in Shreveport, LA, has confirmed with TVSpy he will be leaving the station Monday but not before attempting to address rumors about his departure.

Fletcher sent TVSpy a copy of his facebook posting saying why he is leaving the ABC affiliate,

I proposed a plan that would allow me to continue working at KTBS; increase my reporting workload; but allow me to be home three nights a week after 7pm. The station, as is their prerogative, chose instead to accept my two-week notice dated 3/18/13. Basically, I pitched an ultimatum to the station and they made the choice to pass on my proposal.

The unconfirmed news about his departure was posted Wednesday by Arkansas TV News blog. In the comments section of the blog post, some guessed he was jumping to cross town NBC station KTAL for a salary of $150,000. Read more