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Sprint’s unveiled their new logo!

From the press release:

Blending elements of Sprint’s signature “pin drop”–representing clarity–and Nextel’s bold yellow and black colors–which command attention–the new logo is a powerful symbol for the new Sprint as a forward-moving, energetic and dynamic brand.

Unbeige isn’t a Sprint fan–we remember barely getting a signal anywhere we went and then having to deal with an exorbitant bill each month–but we admit we like the modern approach they’re taking with their logo. Points for ditching the dull white/red scheme, more points for keeping Nextel’s dynamic yellow, and extra points for font choice, but the first thing we though of when we saw the new logo was the Acela logo. Yes, we’re aware they’re completely different, but that’s just what came to mind, mmmkay?

We just can’t shake the feeling that we’ve seen this logo–in some form or another–somewhere else before. Has anyone else? Email kenny AT mediabistro DOT com and let us know what your thoughts on the new Sprint logo: HOTNESS or NOTNESS? We’ll spread the comments like butter next week (if anyone writes in)…

Awkwardly Designed Cards for Awkward Moments

We’re not fans of awkward moments, so we’ve used Spell with Flickr (handwriting would be just too personal) to come up with a series of postcards you can email when you need to break the news about something, err, awkward.

Click to enlarge, and then right-click and send to those who (used to) love you…

Nintendo’s Smoking Some Good Sh*t

Because you’ve always wanted to attack your roommate with fruit, you should check out Touching is Good in video games, the Grand Prize winner of Nintendo’s Touching is Good competition.

More Nintyness: A print ad for Nintendo’s new Kirby game on the DS:

We liked the print ad but we loved, loved, loved the Kirby TV commercial. Turn up those speakers and get friendly with your neighbor, neighbor!

Mags We Love: Edge

Our second entry in the Mags We Love series is Edge, a gaming magazine published in the U.K.


Although gaming journalism is still relatively in its infancy, there are a couple of gaming magazines that acknowledge the fact that the average video game enthusiast is–depending on your source–somewhere between the ages of 25 and 30. Edge towers over them all by having a winning combination of adult-oriented content (actual articles, more issue-driven, industry/tech-heavy, etc.), and a smart, sophisticated design that fantastically balances serious and playful at the same time.

(pic from 4ColorRebellion)

Read more

Girl, Those Are Tie-errrd!


There’s a good list of design cliches over at Speak Up/Under Consideration that includes old faithfuls like the lightbulb and the globe. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention any alternatives to these symbols and it includes one or two odd entries (the spine??), but we suppose it’s meant to inspire and create discussion instead (which it’s doing quite well–make sure you check out the entertaining comments from readers).

There’s a Wild Pac-Mondrian Out There!

From the Why Didn’t Someone Think of This Earlier category comes Pac-Mondrian, a video game/art project that combines the 1980s gaming character with Mondrian’s ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’ painting. Go on and get your chomp on, no quarters required.

Don’t miss the sequel: Ms. Pac-Manet (ouch).

Niemann’s the Mann

Thank you to Christoph Niemann for his OMGIFB* Guide to Art Director/Illustrator-Speak in the March/April 2005 issue of Print. It’s funny because it’s true. Sigh.

(enlarge ‘em, folks)

An amazing illustrator with a great sense of humor, Niemann has produced work for The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Fast Company and more. Check out his site and make sure you get that issue of Print for much more good stuff, including his Periodic Table of Metaphors and I Confess (below):

Apologies for the crappy scans. Dude, I’ve got a Dell.

*oh my God, it’s fucking brilliant

Air Van Dyke?

OHMYGOD: NBA Finals. Tied. Game 7. Thursday.

Okay, you caught us, we’re not really watching the Finals this year (apparently, no one is either, see here, here and here). However, we were rather excited by this LEGO NBA poster a b-ball lovin’ friend of ours told us about.

Unbeige loves all things LEGO, although it’s a bit strange that LEGO Dirk Nowitzki looks too much like a hungover Dick Van Dyke.


Name That Font


Having a hard time identifying that font? Head over to Identifont, where your mystery font will be, err, identified, after you answer a series of questions. About the font, silly.

They’ve even got some free fonts, including Maus and Pixelette (which, co-inky-dinkily, is what we want to name our future children).

Download or Die (well, not really)

If you’ve always wanted to rip off, sorry, pay homage* to a Saul Bass poster, you should download the Hitchcock font from (We’d provide a direct link to the font, which is available for both Windows and Mac, but the damn site’s in Flash and we’re feeling particularly tech-inept today.)

*From a recent issue of Print:

When the late Saul Bass was asked if the logo of Spike Lee’s 1995 film Clockers, which closely resembled his 1959 logo of Anatomy of a Murder, was an homage, he replied acidly: “Homage is just a polite term for stealing from the dead. Well, I’m not dead, and this is plagiarism.”

Say word, Saul!