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Archives: May 2005

Guns Blazing


This week’s New York Magazine has an article about the gun obsession that seems to be sweeping the design industry:

Murray Moss, of home decor museum boutique Moss fame says: “Guns have become so common that we can entertain the idea of having them be cozy, even as a bedside lamp. Are we so comfortable with them that we don’t look at them horrifically anymore?”

Read the full item: Home Arsenal

Unbeige Delay

Ms. Unbiege is a bit under the weather which is giving me a late start on the day. Until then, you can amuse yourselves with my my delicious bookmarks.

Got Wood?


William Garvey teak sinks on Apartment Therapy.


Woodgrain… rugs from J.Milo on design.sponge.

Happy Birthday, Big Boy


Curbed, aka my favorite blog, is ONE today. Happy birthday to you. I remember back when you were just one fella with a dream… (cue Sunrise, Sunset).

Do You Have an Appointment?


A week or so ago, I was strolling down Elizabeth St with Dana, en route to the gallery and the NikeID store beckoned. I saw the outline of a mountainous figure through the frosted glass doors. Dana and I had a quick consultation about whether or not to venture in, and off we went. As we pulled the door open, the hulk emerged and said to us, with a combination of menace and sheepishness, “Do you have an appointment?”

Apparently this sneaker shop is only open by PRIVATE APPOINTMENT, and further, not just anyone can get one. Dana and I teased the guy for a while, just because it was SO absurd, but really he is just doing his (dumb) job. We peeked into the space a little. The reception area is an unsuccessful mix of sleek modern (frosted surfaces, dark wood, clean lines) with faux-traditional (an executive chair with quilting and brass tacks, and maybe some wallpaper, I can’t remember it exactly.)

They gave us some glossy brochure materials and sent us on our way. Nearly every day that I walk by, I see a Shrek like individual explaining to some quizzical shoppers, already laden with bags from other Nolita area boutiques, that Nike doesn’t want their money at this particular venue. Thank you, but no.

Cup-a-Cake: Crash Test Champ


Apparently, the Cup-a-Cake contraption lives up to its promise of cupcake preservation.

Megan, of not martha recently took it for a test drive:

I got a Cup-A-Cake container and decided to submit it to a rigorous daily testing routine. I put a cupcake with the sticky marshmallow frosting in one and threw it in my bag, upside down. Over the course of the day I dug through my bag for keys and my phone, the bag was tossed onto couches, floors, and the back of my car. For good measure we played catch with the unopened container and even kicked it about a little (we were sort of giddy from hunger).

Punishing! Read the whole entry

Thanks to Josh at the always fine Food Section

Your blog is like a sausage patty…

fame game

Your blog is like a sausage patty: no links.

Adding even greater, ah, depth to the Fame Game of the blogosphere, Alex and Lindsay have come up with a fine list of blog insults in the mature, dignified vein of the “your mama” insult:

We’re All In The Same Gang

Rewarding Bad Behavior


Looks like it’s curtains for Morris, in the Union Square vicinity at least. A Curbed correspondent wrote in and reported on the recent decision by the Landmarks Preservation Commission:

On Tuesday, the Landmarks Commission voted not to designate the Oddjob building as an individual landmark. The Chair of the Landmarks Preservation Commission described how the Commission reached out to the owner of the building (Allan Goldman), who subsequently demolished the tower to prevent designation [Ed note: Fucker.] and pulled a demolition permit. (Interestingly enough, the city won a landmark demolition by neglect suit against Goldman for the Skidmore House, located at 37 E. 4th Street.)

The Commissioners found that after the demolition of the tower and other elements of the building that the most significant elements of the building are gone. They did, however designate Lapidus’ Summit Hotel.

· Rebuilding Lapidus’ Oddjob Building? (Curbed)
· Crimes Against Urbanity (Preservation Edition) (Unbeige)
· Union Square’s Stairway to Nowhere Vanishes (Curbed)
· Raise a Glass to Lapidus? (Unbeige)
· Morris Minor (Miss Representation)

Dilbert on Product Designers

I’m not one who’s much for the funny papers anymore, and my time spent working at tech companies (in Northern California, in the mid/late nineties) rendered Dilbert truly unamusing, BUT this cartoon, via Core77 made me laff.


Very Excellent Video


Andrew of Panopticist fame just posted a link to a video by singer-songwriter Sam Bisbee which is most swell. Says Andrew:

The video, which was directed by Tobias Perse, has an ingenious visual gimmick: It’s an animated video composed almost entirely of small photo prints, which accumulate swiftly into a big pile that’s occasionally refreshed by hands that reach into the frame.

(On his site, Sam Bisbee describes it as a “hi-fi flipbook”.)

Don’t delay, check out You Are Here.