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Archives: August 2005

This Is Exactly What We Wanted To Wake Up To After A Weekend Without Blog

We’re up bright and early today, kids, and we’re psyched. Only another week of dog days which means, yes, only another week of our logo contest. We’ll confess we’ve been surprised by the results. Lots of submissions. A trend towards the textual. And then, this morning, courtesy of repeat performer Spugbucket (writing as Lee Harvey this time), we’ve got this banner. Named, with–we hope–no irony, “logo contest winner.jpg.”

logo contest winner.jpg

Lines ( are open until Thursday. 700×96 pixels. Let us help you help us kick this sucker down.

And With That, We’re Back To Some Seriousness

The logo contest has been getting a little out of hand, we’ll admit. And with the latest checking of our email, we’ve reached a whole new level. So we’ll cleanse your palate a bit, kids. Show you a logo entry that doesn’t contemplate stalking, tell us to fuck pink, or give us some snappy taglines. Here’s the latest. You’ve still got four days. Make us proud. Or at least, give us more to work with.


Perfection Is Imperfection Even When It’s Sitting On The Street, Redux


We had to stop out for a quick–and delicate–errand, somewhere in Soho. And because Soho is the (cough) hip epicenter of the, um, downtown scene (the heat must be getting to us) we run into our favoritest editor, Sophie Donelson, who makes CITY [sic] AWESOME [editorial]. So we’re standing there, on Greene Street, when we notice that half of Indonesia’s wood is just kinda sitting there, turned into tables and benches and chairs and all sorts of Designed Stuff. The combination of our keen investigatory sensibilities and Sophie’s asking us what’s going on at Andrianna Shamaris makes us think that there’s a new shipment for the store, which we told you about a couple weeks ago. Andrianna rocked before. She’s rocking now. And with this, she’s probably going to rock again.

If that isn’t original journalism, we just don’t know what is.

Half-Cute, Half-Terrifying, All Newsworthy

Dwell Onesies:


We have no words.

Maybe Zaha Should Stick To Weddings and Furniture


We cut a wide swath through the global culturescape here, and today is no different. We started out solipsistic and microcosmic, but it’s time to get a little bigger. To look outside the LES, the OC, the USA. Kids, there’s a world out there. And that world has buildings. Sometimes, buildings that we love. And sometimes, buildings that we haven’t seen but that others–who correspond with us–have. A friend, high-profile, just wrote us from Denmark, purging his Pattern Recognition-esque reaction to Zaha’s latest, the Ordrupgaard museum expansion.

sucked so suckily: sloppy, ill-conceived, derivative of danny in osnabruck, and–as if i needed an and–just plain creepy and sinister. it’s good to know my cayce pollard organ is intact: it made me physically sick how bad it was; i literally had to leave the building before i puked.

Subtle. Just how we like it.

Is It Possible That We’re Starting To See A Trend?

There’s nothing better than waking up to a logo submission — unless it’s accompanied by a touch of fan mail. Kids, we’ve got a good feeling about today. We also, being thoughtful and introspective critics of the visual environment, not to mention wise and hardened investigatory reporters, are starting to notice a trend among the logo submissions. Gone are the a-textual images of the early days. Now, we’ve got words, puns, cleverness. Which you know we live for.


Thank TK someone’s been been paying attention.

We Like Dancing. We Like Lions. But Will We Like Dancing With Lions?


We’ve had a couple discussions lately about which neighborhoods still count as cool. Below 14th street doesn’t really seem to be cutting it as hipsteriffic edginess, leading some to set their sights solely on the sites below Houston. And some, the intrepid few, go below Canal. Tonight, there’s a party for them. Art Night Chinatown‘s last performance starts at 6pm. The LMDC, for some reason acting as our pipeline to the below-Canal culture, explains:

Spectators will have the opportunity to “feed the lions” or stand back and observe as colorful lions dance through Chinatown’s winding streets on August 25, 2005. This 30-minute performance, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Bayard Street between Mott and Mulberry Streets, is the last in a series of performances staged this month as part of Art Night Thursdays in Chinatown. Art Night Thursdays also feature live music, Chinese art history workshops, martial arts demonstrations and free tea tasting.

You bring the numb-chucks, we’ll bring the Kumon.

We Should Probably Make A Special Prize Just For Enthusiasm

Our enthusiastic contestant has struck again. We didn’t mean to call you a stalker, [redacted]–it’s actually quite nice to have such a with-it reader. So we thank you for this, the latest, mostly because it just really made us jones to philosophize.


“The difference between stalking and mere observation is merely perception.” –Sigmund Freud.


Savage House & Home


We’re slowly plowing our way through H & H today. We generally avoid anything outside of our five-block radius, let alone the state, so we’re confused by their lead story about (say it with us now) Ca-li-forn-ia. (Seth Cohen is as far as we go.) But hidden in what in our internets-focused newspaper reading looks like good midsection real estate is the biggest teaser the section has ever oh-so-tenderly offered us in the spirit of the first flower of its last forgiveness.

Q: I’m 5-foot-1 and my husband is 6-foot-3.

All right H&H, getting a little saucy… until… nope.

How do we keep our living room from being a jumble of furniture in extreme sizes?

Because the biggest concern between a size-ically mis-matched couple would obviously be the, um, furniture.

If It’s This Exhausting Just To Keep Up With All The Logos, We Have Renewed Sympathy For The Entrants

The more avid among you might have noticed a pattern emerging through a few of the logo submissions. Recurring themes, certain similarities. Predilections, even. Looks like at least one enthusiastic contest-enter-er has taken our entreaty to submit early and often seriously. Which is just what we like to see. Below, the latest.


We need a semanticist.