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Archives: June 2007

Brian Collins Serving Clam Chowder on Cape Cod During Leave of Absence


Since declaring his extended vacation from BIG and before he heads to Shanghai and Beijing to taint the minds of young design students, Brian Collins is throwing a summer-long clambake at his house on Cape Cod:

If you find your way to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard this summer, Brian would be happy to invite you for some fried clams or clam chowder at his home on Cape Cod.

That sounds like a standing offer for all of you in the New England region. Be forewarned, however, seeing as those extended leave of absence paychecks can be a little sparse, please BYOB.

Collins also leaves us with this verse from Edna St. Vincent Millay to get us in the mood for a little chowdah:

Standing Fig

Safe upon the solid rock
the ugly houses stand;
Come and see my shining palace
Built upon the sand!

Interesting. We hope the Collins complex is indeed a palace on the sand and not a castle made of sand, since you know what they say about those.

Lesson Learned: Don’t Skimp With the Nudity in Front of a Seasoned Audience

Here was a big thud at Cannes, one of the biggest ad parties of the year (which masquerades as a conference and series of awards shows). Newcreatives, a listing service for creative work bankrolled by the Miami Ad School, hired a professional streaker to run across the stage during the film awards section, with “Get Seen By the Best At” branded on his naked flesh. Only catch is, the site made him wear a pink tutu, thus negating the whole point of a streaker. Honestly, dear reader, don’t you think, of any group in the entire world, a room full of ad people be able to handle a little comedic nudity? And what’s worse, wouldn’t this be the first group to jump on you for not having the confidence enough to go whole hog with the stunt? Just seems to us like a lot of “aren’t we clever!” effort for the exact opposite result.

The Meteoric Rise of David Adjaye


For those of you who like to get in on the ground floor so you can later brag with an “well, I knew about him before he was big,” you’d better hurry when it comes to David Adjaye, the architect soon to be the next starchitect, or so says a piece in the Telegraph, which we found by way of Archinect. The story focuses on Adjaye’s most recent projects, most notably his high-profile work across the pond in creating the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver and how his place in the business of building keeps rising. So hop on board and get familiar with his work before he starts buddying up with Sydney Pollack and everyone and their sister has seen Sketches of David Adjaye. Here’s from the intro:

This is a defining time for architect David Adjaye. He has often been tipped as one of the country’s most promising and original architectural talents, but this will be the year – thanks to a quartet of high-profile commissions coming to completion by this autumn – when we find out if Adjaye can really translate promise into achievement and begin to compete with the global “starchitects”.

Three of Adjaye’s new projects are high-profile cultural and educational projects for London, which suggest that Adjaye has more to offer than the ultra-sophisticated houses, beloved of “property porn” fans, for which he has been best known until now.

If You Can’t Trust the Wikipedia Logo, What Can You Trust?


Sure we all use it, but for us anyway, probably due to so many professors in college telling us the evils of internet research, it’s always in the back of our heads to think that maybe the information we’re receiving on Wikipedia ain’t always so factual. Turns out, in this story from Noam Cohen over at the NY Times, that the user-generated encyclopedia even has even some problems with the multi-language characters it uses in its logo. Here’s the scoop:

In postings on internal mailing groups, users of Wikipedia have described obvious mistakes in the design, a globelike jigsaw puzzle with characters from various languages on the pieces. Two of the characters — one in Japanese and one in Devanagari, the script used in Sanskrit and several modern Indian languages — are meaningless because of minor slips.

Jimmy Wales, a founder of Wikipedia, says the symbolism may not be so unfortunate. “The nature of Wikipedia is such that because it is written by everyone, there are errors,” he said. But he added that it was the nature of the project that errors would be noticed and corrected.

What’s Allison Arieff Been Up To? We’ve Got Answers


From her days at the dawn of Dwell and her prefabulous Prefab book to a great gig at IDEO and a shiny new column for the New York Times, Allison Arieff has been a multi-faceted fixture all over the design world for quite some time now.

But did you know about her passion for Bravo reality shows, what she’s working on at IDEO, and her deep dark secret about her own home? All these juicy tidbits and more in our interview: “So What Do You Do, Allison Arieff?

McSweeney’s Design Tendency


Deep within the archives of Print’s Daily Heller (we love it, it’s just so hard to get to it), we learn that McSweeney’s is starting a design studio. Timothy McSweeney’s Design House will be staffed by Dave Eggers, Eli Horowitz, Jordan Bass, and Chris Ying.

We’re not saying this is design out of desperation but this certainly looks like yet another attempt to raise funds for the not-terribly-financially flush publishing house. So hire them, won’t you?

The Fall of YouTube and the Decline of Western Civilization


Simon Dumenco isn’t holding back and telling it like it is over at AdAge this week with his story, “Is YouTube, Supposed King of Online Video, Doomed to AOL‘s Fate?” wherein he talks about noticing how little he’s visiting YouTube anymore, now that all the big media outlets have learned how things work around here on the internet. He makes the connection to AOL by saying that, before companies and the general public were comfortable with the web, everyone was happy to throw money hand over fist to the behemoth dial-up provider. But once we all got the lay of the land, we didn’t need our hands held anymore and the company started hurting and bad. It’s a great read if you want to hear an opinion on the possibly fall of a mighty giant.

Draplin Talks Shop, Ideas and Gary


A great interview over at the site Hear Hear with Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co., one of our favorite designers and a good friend to the place we call home during the day. In it, he talks about his progression, going from an employee at a design firm to striking out on his own and becoming the sought-after, extremely popular freelancer he is today, as well as getting into some various musings about the industry itself and how odd it can be from time to time to work from home, among several other very interesting bits of conversation. Here’s a little:

Yes, I think designers need to dig into our role in society. But, I don’t have the answer, and, in running the day-to-day racket of “making stuff for good people” I just try to take gigs that I’ll be proud of in the end, love the people I work for, and, give ‘em my all. I mean, fuck this talk about “easy” or “just get through it” work. Have some pride and do yer best. Big gigs or small gigs. An honest effort comes back to ya in the end.

Live From the Shake Shack, It Might Be Michael Bierut


It’s time to pull up a chair and gather ’round the computer for a little Must See TV, as we spy on those lucky enough to get a proper invitation to Michael Bierut‘s book release party at the legendary Shake Shack. We are now going live to the Shack Cam to get a glimpse of the design stars in attendance.

According to the “Shacksomphere”, it’s a balmy 90 degrees in Madison Square Park, with winds out of the south at 15 mph, but the resolution on the Shack Cam is little blurrier than we’d expec–oh my god, there’s Paula Scher! Oh, that’s just some girl eating a burger. Anyway, it sounds like it’s gonna be one heck of a–dude, I swear I see Michael Bierut! Oh, nope, that’s a chick. But that is totally Abbott Miller! No, wait, that’s some guy digging in the trash can.

The Worst Case of Assvertising We’ve Ever Seen, No, Seriously, They Are Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel, No Butts About It


Blatantly forgetting the roughly six hundred people who expose themselves in New York City every day, bloggers are employing excessive bathroom humor to discuss the ass ads that are going up in Times Square July 1. These ads promote a new Toto toilet that does something technologically unspeakable to your nether regions to render them so fresh and so clean, clean. Ad Age gets all cheeky about the posters (created by ML Rodgers) but clearly did not spend enough time on the frightening Washlet website, where the asses aren’t nearly as disturbing as their six smiling owners:

“Welcome to Clean is Happy. We’re here to introduce you to a new way to be cleaner and happier every day of your life.”

Sounds like the preferred commode of Scientology. Thanks to Kevin Scarborough for the keen eye.