Freelance Entertainment Writer

Working from home
Paid per piece
Mar 29, 2016
Entry Level

We’re always on the lookout for new freelance writers to join our team!

We are looking for independent, pop culture obsessed writers that can deliver fresh entertainment content quickly and accurately. Our goal is to create engaging lists, trivia, and quizzes that fans around the world can relate to. Instead of chasing the news, we focus heavily on evergreen content with a long life span. Freelance writers are paid by piece and could have the opportunity to join the team full-time if they prove themselves as a strong editorial resource.


– Pop culture enthusiast: We’re open to all types of fans! Whether you love Woody Allen movies, CW shows, everything Marvel, all things reality, or the latest indies, we’re interested. Include what you’re a fan of in your email. We're currently on the lookout for huge fans of procedural dramas and reality shows!

– Ability to make content go viral: We’re not talking hyperbolic headlines. We want writers who truly understand what strikes a user’s curiosity so they click and then delivers the goods so they share.

– Creative: We don’t want to see the same pitches over and over. Excite us.

– Witty: We love writers who are comfortable using their own voice and making us laugh. Personality is what takes a Pop List from a 10-second skim to something I need to share with my friends.

– Self-sufficient: You’ll be managing yourself so you must be trustworthy and deliver solid work in a timely manner.

To apply:

Email with “Freelance Writer” in the subject line. Please include a resumé, summary of your interests (shows, movies, celebrities) and why you are a good fit for!