Freelance Fact Researchers/Writers

Working from home
$100 per script
Apr 07, 2016

FREDERATOR NETWORKS is looking for FACT RESEARCHERS/WRITERS who nerd out on all things cartoons, video games, movies and TV to create 107 Facts scripts for our YouTube channels!

Are you pop culture junkie? Do you binge watch everything on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube? Do you know how to dig up hard-to-find scoop about your favorite movies, shows, and games? Do you understand what makes a reliable source? (Hint: NOT Wikipedia.) Then we want you to write for us! Best of all, you can live ANYWHERE and do this job. Applying is simple, EMAIL:, SUBJECT: “FACT RESEARCHER/WRITER”

1.) Submit your resume and a short cover letter telling us a little about yourself and your area of interest (animation, video games, movies/TV). You can have more than one, and make sure to tell us what some of your favorites are!

2.) Sign and attach our submission agreement, available to download here:

3.) Compile 20 super interesting facts script related to one of these three properties:

  • "Tiny Toon Adventures" (animation)
  • "Galaxy Quest" (movies/TV)
  • "Batman Arkham Knight" (video games)

At​​tach the facts to the email. Please list links to sources underneath each fact. Make sure you include credible sources for each fact. Just like your college professor would say, Wikipedia, Wikia, and IMDB Trivia are not good sources. Pro tip: You can use any source as a jumping off point. Just make sure you're able to verify your facts with a reputable source like books, documentaries, DVD commentaries, newspapers, etc.

We like facts that follow this structure: 1.) State the fact. 2.) Provide context. For example:

  • Facts We Don't Want: "Tiny Toon Adventures was originally supposed to be a movie."
  • Facts We Love: "Warner Brothers approached Steven Spielberg to gauge his interest in directing the film. He was very interested, however, during the development of the film, they decided to do this as a TV series instead."

4.) Have fun, be creative, and keep in mind you’re writing for a YouTube audience!

This is not a full-time job, but a PAID, freelance gig. Must be 18 years old to apply and live within the U.S.