Content Writer

Per-article basis, based on the length of assignment and level of research required
Jul 11, 2016
Freelance is looking for talented writers who are ready to research and write lists for our site. These lists will be handed to you in the form of assignments from our editors, which you'll need to research, write, complete, and turn back in to us.

Here are some examples of the type of writing we love that we've published recently:

  • The Coolest Rooms in the White House (And What Happens in Them)
  • The Craziest Things That Have Ever Happened on the Floor of Congress
  • 21 Random Things You Never Knew About Satanism
  • Real Life Cults of Personality You Won't Believe 
  • Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Seppuku
  • Everything You Need To Know About the Fermi Paradox
  • The Biggest Drug Stashes Ever Found
  • The Biggest Religious Panics in US History

This is an assignment and pitch-heavy gig. You will be expected to pitch ideas for lists that will do well on social media and take assignments that are handed to you and run with them. If your ideas are good, we'll accept lots of your pitches. If you turn in good writing in a timely manner, we'll give you lots of assignments. Here's what you'll need for us to trust you with tons of assignments:

  • Advanced, thorough research skills
  • Clear, informative, and fun writing (this is a big deal! The less time we have to spend cleaning up your writing, the more assignments we'll give you)
  • A schedule (and writing pace) that allows you to turn in at least 5 and up to 20 lists a week
  • Writing and research chops that enable you to create a list about anything
  • Deep interest and knowledge in specific entertainment genres and franchises, so we can assign you stuff at which you are expert level

Here's how to apply: make sure you've read this job description and understand what we're looking for, then include in your application 10 list ideas you would want to write for us, with two example items that would be on each list. If we like your application, we'll pay you to write one of them as a trial for this freelance gig. 

This is a paid, remote opportunity. Candidates will be compensated for their work on a per-article basis, based on the length of assignment and level of research required. Again, if you do great work, we can give you a high volume of regular assignments and potentially consider you for a full-time writing or editing role.

If you're interested, please submit ALL of the following on our company website (

  • Resume
  • 3 writing samples that are relevant to this job description (don't send SEO writing, or journalistic long-form, not what we're looking for) 
  • A list of topics you are interested in writing about 
  • Your Twitter handle 
  • Your 10 list ideas