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Feb 06, 2017
Editor / Editorial

Newser keeps it short: all you need to know about the day's biggest and most fascinating stories, told in just 250 words. Newser's editors hand-pick the best stories from hundreds of sources and summarize them into sharply written, easy-to-digest news briefs. And we're looking to add to our team.

What we need: A freelance editor who know his/her way around news; who has an ear for concise, punchy writing; who is obsessive about clean copy; and who is comfortable working from home. Applicants must be willing to take on a 2-6pm ET Sunday shift and a 3-8pm ET Monday shift; additional work is available. Prior news editing experience is also a must.

What you get: The chance to be immersed in everything from President Trump to wild archaeological discoveries to weird crimes; the option to shower before work or not; a slot on the team of a vibrant, addictive website; and a rapid-fire gig where we can promise you'll never be bored.

Think you're a good fit? Prove it. Please pick one of the two stories listed below and write a short, pithy headline, deck, and two paragraphs (roughly 250 words) summarizing it. PLEASE use the stories on Newser.com as a guide to both voice and length--we're looking for someone who can jibe with our very specific style.

Please submit your brief along with a resume and cover letter outlining why you're perfect for us, in an email that has your name on the subject line.



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