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Apr 18, 2018
Metro Area
Full Time

ATTENTION All Journalists Who Desire a Positive, Forward-Thinking Career Change:

This Fast-Growing Online Fitness Company Needs a New “Direct-Response” Email Marketing Writer—Are YOU The One?

Maybe you just found your dream job……if you enjoy learning, expanding your skillset, and want to do it all and more from the comfort of your couch.

We’re looking for someone who loves writing and has a passion for improving the lives of others to take on our Email Marketing Specialist role. Below you will find a detailed list of responsibilities as well as expectations. While these tasks are the starting points for your journey with our company, you will also have opportunities to learn and grow beyond your role and be part of a company that gives back in more ways than just compensation.

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who can do all of the tasks listed below, and then some. They will add value, character and personality to our team and to our customers and leave the mundane, clock in-clock out mentality at the door…and by door we mean the invisible kind that opens into the internet. Our virtual team is a family, and we want someone who will add to that relationship and help us build upon our “not so corporate” culture.

Read on; try to find something about this job that isn’t for you.

The Email Marketing Specialist is, in short, an email writer. You will create content that inspires our customers to jump start their fitness, to motivate them to stay the course (even if they fall off track), introduce them to new valuable products that can make a big difference in their journey, keep them invested, excited and committed to their goals and more.

And best of all? The skills you will learn and develop while writing and analyzing email copy and campaigns will lead into a leadership role within our marketing department over time. In fact, quick “advancement” for the RIGHT person is our #1 priority with this role. So if you would rather always be a cog in the wheel and not the one who ultimately spins the wheel - this job is not the right fit. 

Now you may be reading this thinking, “I’m a journalist. I’ve never written direct response email copy before.”

That’s ok – Your skills with writing creative, eye-catching headlines and content that keeps the reader engaged, along with your ability to meet tight deadlines are all applicable to our position.

Plus, you’ll have access to some of the top copywriting professionals in the industry who can help you along the way. You’ll improve your writing skills using innovative peer review processes without editors breathing down your neck and micro managing your content. This is where we want someone who is a fast learner and is ready to dig right into the process.

In addition to writing emails, we are looking for someone who:

  • Has excellent communication (both written and verbal). Not only do you need to be able to produce high quality writing for our emails, but you need to be able to effectively communicate and work in a virtual team environment
  • Is Self-Motivated. We don’t like micro managing, and we don’t know many people who like to be micro-managed. That said, you need to be able to hit goals and deadlines by holding yourself accountable.
  • Wants to learn. While we don’t micro manage, we do offer a lot of leading, teaching, feedback and guidance to help you grow in your role (and beyond).
  • Wants to give back. We are known in the industry as “Team Go-Giver”. Not only do we make sure we are giving our customers great content and tips for their health, but we also give back financially and with our time to several organizations around the world. We even offer opportunities for team members to go do charitable work in Nicaragua and Denver, CO.
  • Has knowledge of health and fitness. You don’t need to be an expert, but you need to know what is healthy and what isn’t OR be able to research it quickly.
  • Has an interest in analytics and understands that their writing MUST generate revenue every day. Direct response email writing isn’t only about the content. It’s about what will make the reader OPEN the email as well as CLICK on the link. So looking at open and click rates, revenue-per-user and net revenue are also part of this job. Don’t like seeing the “fruit” of your labor in this way? Then this probably isn’t a job for you.  
  • Is creative. Not only will you be writing creative direct-response emails for our list, but you should also be able to work with our team in creating, setting up and analyzing email split tests.
  • Is looking to grow. We want someone who is interested in learning new things and taking on new tasks down the road that could lead you into more of a leadership role within our marketing department.
  • Has a fun personality that fits with our team.

So what’s in it for you?  

This is a full time contractor position where you can work right out of your home office. Our team is 100% virtual. You can live anywhere in the US – no commute or fancy business clothes required. What IS required is a reliable, high-speed internet connection and your own computer.

We’re a generous company – not only to those in need but also to our team. In addition to your salary there are plenty of opportunities for you to earn weekly cash bonuses and other incentives. As for salary, we are willing to pay the right amount for the right person.

We invest in our team, financially AND through education and growth opportunities. We want to make YOU as successful as you desire yourself to be. But we need to get you on our team first.

So now that you want to apply – please send the following items to

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