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iPhone Photography School
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Industry-Leading Compensation
Aug 31, 2018
Metro Area

Attention Expert iPhone Photographers:

“Get Paid To Help Millions Of People Improve Their iPhone Photography!”

  • If you want to get paid to combine your passion for photography and writing...

  • If you want to get high-profile exposure as a photographer and a writer...

  • And if you want to help millions of people improve their photography...

Then this page could literally change your life…

But only if you keep reading.

iPhonePhotographySchool.com is the world's leading resource on iPhone photography. This website is visited by 1,121,104 readers each month, and we’re looking to grow it even further.

Publishing excellent photography tutorials for free is an essential part of our strategy. This is why we’re looking for expert iPhone photographers who want to share their knowledge with the world.

This is a long-term freelance position, and you can work from anywhere in the world.


5 Reasons To Become A Photography Writer For iPhone Photography School

1. Combine Your Passion For Photography And Writing

You love photography. You love writing. It's not always easy to find a way to combine your two passions, but it doesn't have to be the case.

Great photography and excellent writing is exactly what we're looking for.

Join us, and spend time doing what you truly love - writing about photography.

2. Get High-Profile Exposure As A Photographer

You already know this: to get recognition as a photographer, talent alone is not enough anymore. People have to have a way to discover you.

With 1,121,104 monthly readers, we're among the most established photography websites in the world. So when you'll get published on our site, unexpected opportunities will start flowing your way.

Our authors have gone on to become full-time photography teachers and participate in once in a lifetime photography projects - all thanks to getting discovered on our site.

3. Help Millions Of People Improve Their Photography

Helping others is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. While this is something that everyone should practice in their daily life, you can also do it while earning a living.

Think about everything you've discovered as a photographer, and you'll realise how much you have to give back to others.

Write for us, and your work will directly benefit millions of people. You’ll not only inspire your readers to take beautiful photos, but also to preserve their most cherished memories!

4. Fast-Track Your Growth As A Writer

As a passionate writer, you'd love to get even better at your craft.

We get how important growth is for our writers. That's why your every article will receive a personalized video feedback from one of our world-class editors. They'll share every tip and trick they have to help you get better.

Write for us, and you'll improve your writing faster than ever before.

5. Get Industry-Leading Compensation

We value your work and unique knowledge as an expert iPhone photographer and writer, so we want to compensate your work fairly.

You'll receive ¢10 for every word and $2 for every image that goes in the final article. The more useful quality content you provide, the more you get paid.

Not only that, this is an industry-leading payment scheme. Think of it this way - you'll typically get to pocket between $200 and $400 for doing a job you love anyway.

Here’s What We Expect From You…

  • You’re an excellent photographer with a vast iPhone photography portfolio

  • You can explain complex technical and photography concepts in simple terms

  • You’re a native English speaker with a passion for writing

  • You can produce polished articles that don't need much editing

  • You have an excellent attention to detail

Please only apply if you meet all these criteria. Other applications will not be considered.

If you delay submitting your application, someone else will be hired before you.

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