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Dec 07, 2018
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Researcher – Cyclicals Topics



OTR Global (OTR®), founded in 1995, is an investment research firm with offices in North America, Europe and Asia.  OTR is a leading platform for primary research and one of the largest channel research firms servicing the institutional investment community.  OTR was a leader in pioneering interview-based methodology; its research method is utilized by more than 130 research personnel located in more than 15 countries. The unique approach unites quantitative measures and qualitative responses to uncover inflection points and produce predictive results. OTR has developed a comprehensive base of industry sources and a deep understanding of complex, global product supply chains and distribution channels.


OTR aggregates, compares and contrasts extensive marketplace data and prepares research reports for institutional investors (primarily mutual funds and hedge fund managers). Sources are interviewed via telephone, typically on a quarterly basis, which subsequently provides the basis for OTR reports. OTR's mission is to aggregate information from nontraditional sources, compare it with expectations and look for dislocations or inflection points that provide investment opportunities for our clients.


The Cyclicals Researcher should be adept at covering a broad array of topics within the industry. This may include transportation services, industrial supply chains, construction equipment, agribusiness and other market segments. Most importantly, the ideal candidate will be comfortable pivoting from topic to topic – regardless of prior experience – and gaining enough understanding to hold intelligent conversations. The individual in this role will work closely with multiple senior researchers in the group to provide relevant and timely marketplace intelligence for the global investment community. The ability to efficiently develop new relationships with industry professionals is a must, as the primary responsibility of this position is conducting in depth phone interviews with a variety of contacts in industrial and transportation markets.  Excellent communication skills, including concise and clear writing, as well as strong verbal presentation skills are other important aspects of this role. Organizational and analytical skills, an ability to “connect the dots” and generate new research ideas are other key attributes of the role.


  • This is a telecommuting, hourly position, so the ideal candidate will be a self-starter and quick learner comfortable working remotely.
  • Strong background researching, analyzing and writing related to the Cyclical markets, potentially including heavy equipment, transportation services, agribusiness and other related market segments.
  • Proven ability to work well within teams, self-motivated, showing initiative, a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.
  • Understanding of the key trends shaping the industry today, and an ability to identify inflections in those trends.
  • Ability to efficiently develop and maintain relationships with new sources across various industrial and transportation markets.
  • Well developed, positive communication skills; ability to clearly articulate research findings to institutional investors.
  • Excellent interviewing skills with a knack for interpreting interview data and spotting discrepancies in a story. Experience with the financial industry a plus.
  • The ability to analyze and identify essential findings and draw a defendable conclusion is critical; strategize and think broadly forward.
  • Stellar organizational and project management skills, proactive thinking, ability to meet deadlines, multitask and work under pressure; schedule flexibility a must.
  • The ability to maintain a positive attitude, self-motivation and confidence.

Please send your cover letter, resume and clips to:

Joann Steck-Bayat | Recruitment & Operations Manager | 

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