Email Marketing Assistant

Working from home
Competitive hourly rate
Jan 21, 2019
Entry Level
Metro Area
New York

Do you have unparalleled detail orientation? Do you spot even the smallest of errors – and yet can also track and manage a multitude of weekly projects? Do you plan things down to the smallest detail, but have flexibility and a positive attitude if things don’t go exactly as planned?

Then you might be the superstar we’re looking for!

This is a critical role on our team that requires a unique type of person. We need to be able to trust your discerning, detailed eye, without having to hold your hand too much on a day-to-day basis once you’re trained.

Qualities of our superstar include:

-It cannot be stressed enough: You *must* have an incredible level of attention to detail for this role.

-Excellent, professional written and communication skills across the board (grammar matters!)

-Obsessed with process improvement. When mistakes happen, you say, “Aw, crap, how did that happen? Oops, looks like it was me (if it was). Here’s what we’ll do to get better next time.” And then change the process as needed and help the team follow through.

-Flexibility and adaptability. What we’re doing with email is always subject to change; we test, test, and test again on different aspects, so you must be able to pivot, try new things, and not get stuck in routine—while maintaining your incredible attention to detail.

-A great attitude with a positive outlook 

Pluses but not required (we will train the right person):

-Prior experience as a freelancer

-Experience with Maropost, Infusionsoft, Mail Chimp, or other email or content management system

-Experience as a copy editor, proofreader, or in QA

Responsibilities include:

-Formatting, testing, and scheduling all of our marketing emails in our email management software (Maropost)

-Cold proofreading of marketing emails, double-checking them against originals, and testing links

-Managing two freelance reviewers who are the second and third set of eyes on your work

-Consistent follow-up on problems or questions with other team members on anything that seems incorrect in the emails

-Revamping our email process constantly to make it ever tighter—we’ve gotten stale and want you to come in and help us improve it

-Other projects and growth dependent on who YOU are (our current Email Marketing Assistant is moving within the company to bigger and better things, and she’s the second person to hold this role who’s done so)


You’ll work remotely with a lot of flexibility and independence. We are 100% remote, with team members based in LA, NY, the UK, South America, Eastern Europe, and throughout Asia. We don’t care where you work from as long as you deliver results.

Make an impact – help women level up in their relationships, self-esteem, and happiness.

Be part of a positive, upbeat team that deals with each other with respect and gratitude.

Take advantage of opportunities for growth – many on our team have been with the company for years and have moved up or to different roles.


This position is a part-time freelance role at 25-30 hours per week. Our team is fully remote, but for this role most of the team you’ll be working with is in or near Eastern Time hours, so you’ll need to have consistent availability and overlap with an Eastern Time business day, especially between the hours of 10:30 AM - 3 PM.

You might also end up working the occasional few hours on the weekend. If you consistently deliver great work, there’s opportunity for more hours if desired.

To be considered, please write a detailed cover letter as to why you’d be a good fit. We prioritize culture fit, attention to detail, and quality writing when selecting candidates. Show us how detail oriented you are.


Get the Guy is a successful online dating and relationship advice company that helps women get the results they want in their love lives – but we don’t stop there. Nothing stays at the surface with us; we go deep and show our customers how to transform their confidence and self-esteem to live happier, more fulfilling lives overall.

You’ll be first-round screening with our does-it-all Operations & Editorial Strategist, Rachael Mare. 

Looking forward to meeting you!