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Hi eBookNewser readers - as you can see we've evolved and are now called AppNewser, where we'll bring you the latest app news and reviews. If you'd just like to keep up to date on digital book news click here. And if you have some news to share email us at - Thanks, Jason.

Google Street View Now Offers Digital Travelers Historical Photos

time machine 1The joy of Google maps can only be augmented by more than just 3D buildings – these maps can also show users how those spaces looked as a different space in history. The new update to the navigation service is not a ground breaker. Rather, it’s a simple way to see things differently, with new photographs submitted by other users.

Google’s Street View’s new timeline is conceptually similar to Bing’s historical mapping, which also use old photos. Unlike Google, Bing has been advancing its digital maps as smashups of old and new maps. Bing maps have also used user-submitted photos, but has failed to include a nice time machine interface like Google Maps. Read more

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Rocki: A Wireless Device to Make Your Speakers Work Wirelessly

The branding gurus behind this new wireless speaker accessory has aptly named their product Rocki. The wireless adapter is a colorful, rock-shaped device that can connect any pre-internet speakers with a phone or computer that can connect to Wi-Fi. If you have a speaker with a 3.5mm or RCA auxiliary input, this is an easy solution to get it to talk sweet music.
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Scientists Can Now Charge Smartphones Over Longer Distances

The research behind smartphones has progressed across staggering distances, material and various forms of waves. All of the new ways scientists are charging smartphones are impressive, but the method originating from South Korea can charge 40 at the same time.
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Anesthesia Devices Can Fail When Connected to Cell Phones

Medical professionals and patients should be warned a potentially deadly bug in anesthesia machines. Problem can be found in version 2.0 of the AKRON anesthesia delivery system. When a device such as a phone is plugged into the anesthesia machine, it can cause lethal failure while delivering oxygen and/or medicine to surgical patients.
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DARPA Developing Drones Into Wireless Hotspots

darpaThe US Department of Defense is seeking to deploy an army of drones as wireless hot spots: the DARPA project of drones as hot spots appear to be similar in scope to that of Google’s Balloons and Facebook’s UAVs but it will be funded by the Department of Defense.

The project has been progressing since 2012 and is now entering its second phase of testing. Once completed, DARPA’s UAVs will fly and distribute Wi-Fi to military personnel or another computer while performing surveillance. The UAVs will be used in locations during military missions, potentially with other drones when in remote or desert areas. Read more

Google Glass Allowing Users to Try a Pair But Only for Looks

glassGoogle is offering a not-so-cheap alternative for users who want to see just how it feels to be a Glasshole, but only on the outside. The trial versions costs only $50 so they have zero technological functionality whatsoever. Think of it as a Warbly Parker with a weird, clunky accessory that can’t take selfies: terrible.

If this is a wearable device you are seeking, we hear you can call 855-9Glass9 to try it out, but take our advice, only try these Glasses on indoors in the safety of your own home. If you go outside and you live in San Francisco, a mean stranger will try and swipe it off of your face and you will have lost your $50 for naught. At least with $50 you can buy things in Candy Crush Saga and give them to Facebook friends, who will not make fun of you for wearing Google Glass.

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New App From Developers Help Berlin’s Sex Workers Connect With Clients

pepprMany consider sex-work to be the oldest profession on the planet, and now, that profession is also getting a little help from modern technology since they are definitely not getting it from Berlin’s modern laws.

Launched on April 1, the app Peppr, is like a virtual sex shop where sex-seeking clients can find a sex-worker worth paying. The app allows sex-workers to wait inside for a client at a warm place of their choosing: it is cold outside and they might run into a member of the law or a cold, unfriendly draft. Berlin is a cold place with unfriendly sex laws, but it’s colder if you have to wear a sexy uniform. Read more

Cognoa is Developing an App to Help Parents Detect Risks for Autism

cognoaAutism is usually not detectable in small children until about the age of three. For the developers at Cognoa, changing that detection time period is a major goal since it can often mean the difference between intervention and a lot of missed education.

Cognoa’s is a prediction and evaluation app for parents. It relies on parents to answer questions about their infant behavior. Then,  it couples that information with recorded activities of their child to determine whether small children are at-risk for autism. Read more

‘2048′ Leads The Top Free iPhone Apps List This Week

2048This week’s leading free iOS app is still 2048, an addicting number puzzle game that seems to be spreading faster than wildfire. The top seven apps this week are all games – a decidedly good fortune for those seeking solace on a manic Monday. If you have your own favorite free game, send it over via the comment section.


Below, we’ve listed the top free iPhone apps of the week. The list links to Inside Network’s research about the individual apps, including historical charts, developer information and download information. Read more

Video: A Demonstration on How the Vatican is Digitizing its Sacred Texts

Digital access to the vatican’s vast collection of old manuscripts are slowly becoming more accessible thanks to a four year collaboration between the church and Japanese digital technology group, NTT Data. In the video below of the announcement, you can see some of that process. It’s pretty fascinating, especially if you like old, dusty pages, or if you’ve never seen the interior of the Vatican library, where the physical manuscripts actually live.

It’s not in English so we’ve also shared the translated texts of the transcript below, after the jump.

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