Communications manager working

What Does a Communications Manager Do?

Let your creativity, writing skills and ability to connect with people shine in this critical role

You’re wicked creative, digitally savvy and your writing skills are bar none.  You, dear reader, are what a communications manager is made of. Check out what a couple of communications pros have to say about the gig and then say hello to your new job. What exactly does a communications manager do? A communications manager…

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Karla Walsh, Better Homes and Gardens

How I Transitioned from Editorial Assistant to a Leadership Role in Social Media's Digital Lead for Social Media shares her tips on pivoting from editorial into one of the fastest-growing fields

Long gone are the days when social media was used purely for entertainment purposes. Sure, there are folks who still love nothing more than to fill up their Facebook page with GIFs of dancing kittens, but more often than not, users are understanding the immense power of social media to quickly disseminate targeted messages to…

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