What Does an Assistant Editor Do?

Learn exactly what it is that an assistant editor does

You’ve put in work managing the EIC’s calendar, replying to reader mail and maybe even writing short items. It’s time you apply for that assistant editor position you’re not-so-secretly dying for. Need more info before making the leap? Check out what a few assistant editors have to say about the job and then hop to…

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5 Ideas to Steal from Brands that Ruled the Super Bowl

A $5.5 million Super Bowl ad may not be in your budget, but here a few techniques you can afford to copy

With millions of viewers each year, the Super Bowl lives on as the premiere event for brands everywhere. More than the most-watched televised event, it is the one time of the year where viewers welcome and anticipate commercial breaks. The prestige of these slots means advertisers bring their A-game, so we’ve compiled the best of…

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Hire Better Writers by Writing Better Job Descriptions

A well-written job description not only thrills qualified candidates, it keeps your inbox free of unqualified candidates.

Looking to hire better writers? You’re not alone. Ad agencies, publishing houses, media outlets, PR firms, startups and nonprofits are hiring more writers than ever—copywriters, content creators, social media managers, journalists… the list goes on and on. Even if you’re not hiring a writer, chances are you still want an employee with great writing skills….

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