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What Fact Checkers Do and Why The Role is So Important

Fact checkers are more essential to journalism than ever

Robert McGuire, owner of McGuire Editorial & Consulting, once worked as a reporter at weekly newspaper publisher, Community Newspapers, Inc. One thing that’s stuck with McGuire from his tenure at the paper? The authority of the staff’s junior-level fact checker. “She could pull the brake on the train in ways nobody else could,” McGuire recalled….

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What Does an Editor Do?

How to break in to, and excel, in this competitive field

Let me guess. English class was your favorite time of the day when you were a student? You wrote for your school newspaper—heck, maybe you were even on the yearbook staff—hopping on any chance you got to tell a story. After some time you realized, I don’t just enjoy writing, I excel at improving the…

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Human Resources Trends

8 Human Resources Trends You Have to Know About – Part Two

The world is constantly changing, and so is the way we do business.

The world is constantly changing, and so is the way we do business. Last week we published our first part of important human resources trends to watch, here are eight more trends HR professionals can expect to see in the coming year. Loyalty Uptick It’s a time of uncertainty for our country, and workers may…

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How To Pitch Motherwell

How to Pitch: Motherwell

Send your most evocative parenting essays to get published in this up-and-coming digital magazine

Background: Modern parenting is a complicated entity and, as such, every single mom and dad out there has a unique voice that can contribute to our understanding of it. At Motherwell, we feel strongly about showcasing a full spectrum of parenting experiences. We don’t shy away from conflicting points of view, because we know that...
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