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Hot Jobs from the Washington Post

Apply for one of many new jobs at the Washington Post

No, this isn’t fake news; The Washington Post is in search of a few good journalists. Reports late last year indicated the outlet would be expanding its newsroom by filling several dozen new positions. The staffing additions come on the heels of The Washington Post’s banner year. The site reportedly grew digital subscriptions by 145%…

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What does a managing editor do?

What Does a Managing Editor Do?

Plan content, rally the troops and more in this key role

You went to J-school. You put in work as an editorial assistant, assistant editor and copy editor. Now the managing editor position is calling your name. Before you answer, check out what we learned about the job from those in the know. What exactly does a managing editor do? A managing editor administers the day-to-day…

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How to Handle Criticism From Your Boss

Criticism can benefit you in your career— especially with a plan on how to handle it

It may take the form of an annual performance review, or perhaps it’s an impromptu come-into-my-office-so-we-can-discuss-a-few-things conversation. But no matter what shape it arrives in, critical comments from your boss can be hard to digest. The good news is that criticism can actually help you in your career—but only if you know how to handle…

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Job Description

An Exhaustive List of Jargon, Cliches and Buzzwords to Avoid in Your Job Listings

The more natural your job posting reads, the more likely it is that candidates will respond.

Take a look at any employment site, and you’ll see job descriptions packed with jargon—words and phrases that are used so much, they’ve become meaningless. This lazy language makes job seekers’ eyes glaze over, but it can be tough for hiring managers and recruiters to stop using it. It’s a shorthand that’s hard to abandon,…

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Freelancer organizing her books

The Freelancer’s Guide to Money

Our best info on setting your rate, getting paid and keeping your books in order

If you’re a freelancer, chances are a good portion of your time is spent on monetary tasks, like checking up on invoices and determining your rate for different clients and projects. Yup, without an accounting department, you’re running the show. And if you’re just breaking into freelancing, this might seem a little overwhelming at first….

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