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How to Effectively Use Emojis at Work

Do you use emojis at work? If so, you’re not alone. These days, emojis are their own language. Some even argue that they’re a universal language. However, emoji usage and interpretation aren’t equal across all age groups. “Generations have used language differently for hundreds of years to display youthful uniqueness,” said Dr. Dustin York, associate…

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What to Know About IP Law, Contracts, and NDAs as a Freelancer

In many ways, being a freelancer is ideal. You get to make your own hours, choose your own projects, and negotiate your own terms. However, with so much freedom also comes an immense amount of responsibility. Freelancers are tasked with acquiring clients, managing operating expenses, growing their income, and ensuring their company’s compliance with relevant…

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Q&A with Creative Consultant Portia Stewart

Creative consultant Portia Stewart shares her career journey and advice. 1. What made you want to start your own company? I was inspired to launch Mind Full Creatives because I saw a disconnect between the super smart creatives who come up with amazing ideas and the super smart business execs who set the strategy (and…

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