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Check For These 3 Things When Hiring a Resume Writer

Here’s how to tell if a resume writer is legit

You’ve finally decided it’s time to hire a professional resume writer to rev up your job search. Good thinking. Now, only one question remains: how do you choose the best person for the job? To answer this let’s take a look at the three main factors you should consider when searching for your professional resume writer. Match all…

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Why You Can’t Get a Job Without Solid Writing Skills

Learn these six kinds of writing, and employers/clients will be knocking down your door

Think you know how to write? Think again. Nearly 75% of employers want employees with strong writing skills. Yet, almost half of employers say young job applicants can’t write well enough. These days, writing is so much more than basic grammar, correct spelling and proper punctuation. You need to be able to communicate complex messages…

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Q&A with Copywriting Entrepreneur Karine Bengualid

Find out how she got her start in marketing and leveraged her writing skills to start her own business

When you find something you love to do you should just go for it…or at least that’s what Karine Bengualid did. Starting off her career in media as an intern—under renowned publicist Howard Bragman in Hollywood—followed by a number of in-house PR/Marketing jobs, Bengualid’s love for writing turned into a full-fledged career after a chance request…

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5 Things You Learn To Accept As a Freelancer

With a positive outlook and some determination you can overcome the hardships that the freelancer life brings your way

From a distance, freelance writing sounds dreamy because of the freedoms that are associated with the gig life, like creating your own schedule and working wherever you please. But, freelancing isn’t all fat paychecks and notable bylines. Along the journey of self-employment, plenty of dilemmas presents themselves — from an unbearable workload to having your…

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