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How to Make Your Writing Stand Out

Here are some principles to keep in mind that will make your writing stand out—and will help you become a better writer

We live in a world of constant communication. Technology has made it easier to be in touch, whether it’s with people all over the world, your friends, your coworkers—the list goes on and on. A takeaway from this known fact is that most people are also writing constantly, even if they don’t consider themselves writers….

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Steps to Freelancing Full-Time

Stats show that more people are leaving their jobs to work for themselves

It’s no secret that we’re living in a historical moment. This past year has shown that job-seekers’ patterns are changing with the current work landscape. As the flexibility of workers’ schedules adjusts with remote work and with people leaving their jobs in higher numbers than ever, stats show that more people are leaving their jobs…

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Inspiring Quotes from Creative Leaders

It’s a new year, which also means a clean slate and time to reflect and set goals for your journey ahead. If you’ve been wanting to be your best creative self but need an extra push of inspiration, you can start by taking advice from creative leaders who have made their mark by thinking outside…

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