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Hot Jobs for Copyeditors

“Editing is simply the application of the common sense of any good reader. That’s why, to be an editor, you have to be a reader. It’s the number one qualification.” -Robert Gottlieb Do you have an eye for correcting spelling and grammatical errors, or reread your writing over and over to ensure it’s free of…

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5 Steps for Responding to Negative Social Media Comments

The do’s and don’ts of keeping followers happy online

Instead of calling the support line, a customer posted a complaint on your Facebook page. A negative, angry, very public complaint. What do you do? Only one in seven companies have a strategy in place for utilizing social media for their business plan—and there’s a good chance you’re in the majority. Whether you’re managing social…

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What Does A Ghostwriter Do?

Go behind the scenes with professional ghosts to find out what ghostwriting entails

You’re a fantastic writer and the best collaborator ever. In college, you were the mastermind behind every group project. You’ve also got an actor’s talent for capturing others’ voices—on paper. You’re searching for a big-paying job, but you don’t really care about all that glory and fame stuff. Any of this check off your boxes?…

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Pitch Amtrak's The National magazine

How to Pitch: Amtrak’s The National

Pitch your best tales from across the country to the railway’s newest travel and culture publication.

Circulation: 5 million Frequency: 6x/year Special Issues: None Background: Amtrak’s The National launched in October 2016 with the intent to tell stories about the culture and industry that is defining life along America’s rails, according to Alex Hoyt, executive editor. The onboard publication is targeted to travelers who are headed to any of Amtrak’s 500...
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