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9 Ways to Maintain Workplace Boundaries While Working Remotely

The world of work has changed so much in just a few short years – driven in part by the pandemic and also by broader changes, such as the arrival of Gen Z in the employment sector and changing societal attitudes. One of the biggest shifts has been towards working remotely, whether on a permanent…

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What to Know About IP Law, Contracts, and NDAs as a Freelancer

In many ways, being a freelancer is ideal. You get to make your own hours, choose your own projects, and negotiate your own terms. However, with so much freedom also comes an immense amount of responsibility. Freelancers are tasked with acquiring clients, managing operating expenses, growing their income, and ensuring their company’s compliance with relevant…

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Make Social Media Content More Inclusive

Despite 65% of consumers expecting brands to promote diversity and inclusion in their online advertising, 53%, on the other hand, feel they aren’t fully represented. Modern consumers now view representation as an important value that brands should prioritize in social media channels, believing that their content should be inclusive. Great social media content is created with an…

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