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Creative Job Security in the Age of AI Art

While AI art isn’t necessarily new, it’s seen a recent rise in popularity thanks to apps like Dream and Lensa. These apps have become popular because they’re easy to use and affordable. Plus, they are the only ways in which AI art is being utilized. Everyone from book authors to business owners are recognizing the…

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Reasons to Freelance in 2023

A new year naturally brings new year’s resolutions as people look forward and set goals for themselves. And while there’s much discourse about whether you should make resolutions or not, it can boil down to making reasonable ones you can keep. Have you set your resolutions yet? And if so, did freelancing full-time make the…

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Four Evolving Creative Careers to Consider

By the minute, things like technological advances and artificial intelligence are changing people’s day to days—and, along with that, the working world. While some people are fearful that this could disrupt their industry, there’s a lot of data that points to quite the opposite: creative careers have a strong future ahead.  And you don’t have…

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