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Six Ways You Can Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

We hear more and more about social media’s influence and power. From keeping families and friends connected to sharing news and information to shopping and finding jobs, people use social media for many things daily.  Social media is also significant for building memorable brands. Of course, big and small businesses are using social media to…

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How Freelance Journalists Are Changing the Media Industry

The media landscape is vastly different today for freelance journalists than it was 15 years ago. According to the Pew Research Center, full-time U.S. newsroom employment has dropped 26% since 2008. And while traditional newsrooms shrank, digital publishing has grown—along with freelancing. Both freelancing and media are evolving in a way that shapes the other….

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Four Facts About Emerging Jobs in Digital Creative Fields

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) spaces are growing, and their need for specialized teams is too. Such specialized teams are ideally adept at not just creating the most fantastic experiences in these digital realms, but also making them accessible to all. Here are four facts about emerging jobs in digital creative fields as well…

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