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job seeker sitting on couch searching for jobs

6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Job Search on Your Day Off

If you're looking for an excuse to avoid your family this weekend

It’s Thanksgiving, which means you might just have the day off of work (you really should). And if you’ve been meaning to put some serious time into finding a new job (which you should really be doing if you don’t have today off), then suit up, because today’s the day you’re going to make a…

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Communications manager working

What Does a Communications Manager Do?

Let your creativity, writing skills and ability to connect with people shine in this critical role

You’re wicked creative, digitally savvy and your writing skills are bar none.  You, dear reader, are what a communications manager is made of. Check out what a couple of communications pros have to say about the gig and then say hello to your new job. What exactly does a communications manager do? A communications manager…

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Angela McCrae headshot

How My Corporate Media Gig Prepared Me for the Entertainment Industry

This NBCUniversal employee tells us how her corporate day job is helping her find success with her passion projects

Tens of thousands of people move to Los Angeles every year, and thanks to the allure of red carpets and flashing lights, it’s safe to say that many of those Cali imports have their sights set on Hollywood. Angela McCrae was one of those people eight years ago when—after starting her career on the east…

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When to turn down a freelance assignment

6 Signs You Should Really Turn Down That Freelance Assignment

It can be tempting to take on every assignment that comes your way. But being picky about what you take on can pay off

Passing on assignments—whether you’re a full-time freelancer or have a side gig to your 9 to 5—is often the best decision for your career, your sanity, your bank account or all of the above.

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