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Five Tips for Kickstarting a Career in Marketing

Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, and it comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a Nike commercial that brings tears to your eyes, a memorable presidential campaign or a simple-yet-effective ad on Instagram that made you think, “I’ve got to buy that.” Behind any great campaign or ad is a talented, dynamic team…

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Six Blogs Every Freelancer Should Be Reading

As a freelancer, you have a lot of freedom—the freedom to create your own schedule, the flexibility to plan your workload, and hopefully even the chance to work up to your ideal creative life. Also, with the Internet, you have immediate access to countless blogs that are specifically catered to the freelance life. Below you’ll…

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What Recent Grads Should Know About Workplace Communication

Graduating seniors—congrats! This is an exciting time. The transition from college to “the real world” often ushers in many firsts—including your first full-time job. It also brings some lasts: your last final exams, research reports, and essays. While your days of academic writing may be behind you, I can assure you that the act of…

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