Technical Writer Jobs

What does it take to be a Technical Writer? Browse our latest jobs for Technical Writers from top media and creative employers. Learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of a Technical Writing job.


What does a Technical Writer do?

A Technical Writer is in charge of writing a company’s documents—spanning a wide range of documents such as user manuals, procedure guides, journal articles, and more. They essentially break down complicated information so it can be understood by a larger target audience. Technical Writers can be found in many different industries such as technology, engineering, science, and medicine. Above all, their work is focused on communicating properly to their target audience.


What are the responsibilities of a Technical Writer?

Responsibilities of a Technical Writer include:

  • Researching information related to their company
  • Develop and edit documents from a company such as guides, manuals, and journals
  • Organize the technical documents in a central database
  • Maintain a glossary of technical terms
  • Publish templates for written documents produced by others to ensure a consistent style


What are the requirements to be a Technical Writer?

Technical Writers typically have a bachelor’s degree in English or Communications. They may also have a side degree in technical writing or content development, as there are now technical schools for this career. Someone starting out in technical writing will need at least a couple of years of it under their belt—interning or building a portfolio through other opportunities. Higher-level Technical Writers have been in the profession for five-plus years. This is an excellent career for one who loves both writing and technology.