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What does it take to work in public relations? Browse our latest public relations jobs from top media and creative employers. Learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of a public relations professional.

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What does someone who works in public relations do?

Public relations refers to the relationship between a company and an individual, so professionals in this field have a duty to be the middleman between the company they work for and the public. There are a variety of things they can do to carry this out, from duties like writing press releases, organizing events, and raising funds for programs.


What are the responsibilities of someone who works in public relations?

The typical day-to-day responsibilities of someone who works in public relations include:

  • Write press releases and prepare information for media’s consumption
  • Help clients communicate effectively
  • Arrange interviews and events for an organization
  • Respond to requests for press conferences from the media or a spokesperson
  • Prepare and edit company press and marketing documents
  • Provide company with weekly or monthly press roundups
  • Create and maintain external relations


What are the requirements to work in public relations?

Public relations professionals typically have a bachelor’s degree in PR, journalism, marketing, or a related field. Employers look for candidates with excellent verbal and written communication skills, along with the ability to run PR campaigns that meet the company’s objectives. A key requirement for this type of position is the ability to pitch to media outlets, along with building and maintaining relationships with such outlets. Potential candidates looking into public relations jobs also must be deadline-oriented, organized, and must have excellent follow-up skills. They also may need to have project management and budgeting skills.