Publishing Jobs

What does it take to work in Publishing? Browse our latest Publishing jobs from top media and creative employers. Learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of a Publishing job.

What does someone who works in Publishing do?

There are two main different types of publishing: book publishing and magazine publishing. While the end products of these are different, the departments within publishing houses are similar. There are employees who work in editorial, production, marketing, publicity, sales, finance, and more. Depending on the department one is in, the person working within publishing works towards both publishing the product and getting it out into the world.


What are the responsibilities of someone who works in Publishing?

In publishing, there is traditionally an editor who works to edit books, articles, or features with the authors, making sure it’s ready for production. The managing editorial team proofreads and finalizes dates for production, while the production team works with different printers to ensure the book or magazine layout is finalized. The marketing and publicity teams then promote the book or magazine once they’re set for publication to make sure different press outlets are aware. They also organize events to gain traction surrounding its release.


What are the requirements of someone to work in Publishing?

Because publishing is a smaller industry, it can be difficult to enter it at first. However, there are networking-based publishing programs, such as ones through Colombia and NYU that help students gain connections within the publishing world. People who work in publishing typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in English, especially if they work in the editorial department. Jobs in publishing also usually require at least one internship at a book publisher, magazine, or literary agency. Employers also look for excellent reading and writing skills.