Photographer Jobs

What does it take to be a Photographer? Browse our latest jobs for Photographers from top media and creative employers. Learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of a Photography job.

What does a Photographer do?

Photographers can be hired to take photographs of a wide variety of things, including personal, commercial, educational, and technical purposes. Photographers also build and manage their clientele, letting them know when photos will be ready and exchanging their photos with them.


What are the responsibilities of a Photographer?

  • Communicating with clients to set up photoshoots
  • Bringing and set up photo gear to photoshoots
  • Capturing visual content for the platform(s)
  • Editing photographs with photo-editing software
  • Submitting photos to appropriate person(s)


What are the requirements to be a Photographer?

Depending on the type of Photographer job, applicants may need to have an associate or bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as photography or art. Other positions may only require a high school diploma. Since Photographers gain much of their knowledge and clients through experience, applicants will typically need to provide a portfolio of their work. They need to have an excellent visual eye and experience working with different types of cameras, especially one the job calls for.