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Location: New York, NY US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 10/7/2021)
Copy Editor, Editor
I am a meticulous copy editor and line editor with many years of experience working with a wide range of material at all stages of production. I take pride in helping to create a clear, clean, elegant text, and I'...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 10/14/2021)
Copywriter, Editor, Writer
I'm a freelance content creator with a passion for travel, history, culture and the places where those topics intersect. My work has been published in GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, Fodor’s Travel and Ebony Magazine, among others. I'm ...
Location: Irvine, CA US
Experience:30 Years
(Updated 9/24/2021)
Writer, Editor, Book Author
I'm a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist and #1 bestselling Hachette co-author who freelances for various media outlets. I also co-author and ghostwrite books. I worked as a reporter at the Los Angeles Daily News and other ...
Location: Potomac, MD US
Experience:30 Years
(Updated 9/2/2021)
Copy Editor, Writer, Reporter
Thirty-plus years writing experience specializing in health and medical topics targeting consumer and B2B audiences. Includes: * Lifestyle, nutrition, vitamins/supplements * Womens' and childrens' health * Nonprofit charity event marketing * Personal finance, health insurance, and affordable housing My background includes numerous ...
Location: Hastings on Hudson, NY US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 9/30/2021)
Copy Editor, Content Editor (online)
I am an Editor/Communications Specialist and Writer who brings empathetic listening skills, management acumen, a passion for clear and concise writing, and a touch of humor to the job. With more than twenty years of experience and a proven ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:28 Years
(Updated 9/30/2021)
Copy Editor, Promotions, Writer
Cathryn Drake is a regular contributor to Artforum magazine and has authored essays on art, design, and culture for Frieze, Metropolis, BBC Travel, Kathimerini, Time, Men’s Vogue, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post, among other publications. She is also ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:3 Years
(Updated 9/12/2021)
Book Author, Producer (new media), Writer
Susanne Tedrick is an infrastructure specialist for Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. In her work, Susanne helps her clients in their efforts to migrate and optimize their IT infrastructures to cloud environments. Previously, she worked as a technical specialist ...
Location: Pasadena, CA US
Experience:30 Years
(Updated 8/20/2021)
Editor, Reporter, Writer
I am a nonfiction ghostwriter and journalist. My personality profiles and features for newspapers and university publications have won three Los Angeles Press Club awards. Ghostwriting specialties include memoirs, autobiographies, business stories....
Location: Pasadena, CA US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 8/13/2021)
Book Author, Content Editor (online), Writer
Established writer who specializes in humorous essays and fiction that focus on women's lives, from work/life balance to marriage to relationships to parenting issues. Currently, a monthly columnist for Pasadena Magazine, previous monthly columns for Working Mother Magazine ...
Location: Brooklyn, NY US
Experience:22 Years
(Updated 8/22/2021)
Editor, Copy Editor, Fact-Checker
I'm an EDITOR and COPY EDITOR, adept at whipping the most challenging texts into shape, including reports, scholarly papers, books, brochures, and marketing materials. The focus here has been mainly on politics, history, and international development. See my website - ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:22 Years
(Updated 8/7/2021)
Director, Writer
Passionate senior-level ideator, writer, and problem-solver recognized for creativity, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. In 20+ years as a big-idea/copy lead, 16 as an independent consultant, I’ve worked with all the greats across every category, ...
Location: Rosendale, NY US
Experience:30 Years
(Updated 7/6/2021)
Writer, Copywriter, Promotions
Versatile and Enthusiastic Communications Unicorn: Writer, Publicist, and Content Strategist working with visionary organizations, entrepreneurs, and experts who want to reach millions with their message by creating content that drives growth. I refer to myself as a communications unicorn because ...
Location: Helena, MT US
Experience:24 Years
(Updated 7/27/2021)
Production (print), Graphic Designer
As a book designer and layout artist, my focus is on delivering a clean, professional final product quickly and efficiently, working within the publisher’s style guides and business hours. I have designed books, but often work with templates provided ...
Location: New York City, NY US
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 7/12/2021)
Copywriter, Writer, Social Media
Professional writer with balance of business experience and creativity. Freelancing in business writing, corporate marketing and journalism. Past corporate work includes brochures, advertorials, seminars, client communications, web copy, corporate identity materials and training guides. Journalism interests include business, culture, the ...
Location: Antibes, FR
Experience:16 Years
(Updated 7/28/2021)
Book Author, Writer, Social Media
I'm the author of the recently published WOMEN À LA MODE: A MEMOIR OF WRITING A BOOK ABOUT FEMINISTS IN PARIS. Originally from Los Angeles, California, I received my MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and my BFA in ...
Location: Eagleville, PA US
Experience:2 Years
(Updated 7/22/2021)
Writer, Content Editor (online), Publisher
Aiden Hunt is a creative writer who practices public policy journalism under the byline, "P. Aiden Hunt." His main focus is cannabis and drug policy. He has lived in the Philadelphia suburbs for most of his life. He founded a ...
Location: Montpelier, VT US
Experience:38 Years
(Updated 6/21/2021)
Copy Editor, Writer, Editor
I have more than 30 years' experience writing and editing, including the seemingly unrelated fields of health care and music. As a freelancer, I have done book copy editing and proofreading on subjects such as climate change, the Federal Reserve, ...
Location: Los Angeles, CA US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 6/9/2021)
Copywriter, Copy Editor, Web Developer
Give me an assignment; I'll deliver. A well-rounded, experienced freelancer, I offer a full package of communications and editorial services, ranging from producing, writing and editing print/online content to social media and website management, soup-to-nuts ...
Location: Las Vegas, NV US
Experience:8 Years
(Updated 6/17/2021)
Book Author, Copy Editor, Writer
Let me help you tell your stories. Content is my life. I've authored a critically acclaimed book, written for prominent media outlets, and managed internal and external communications for companies of all sizes across a diverse range of industries. ...
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario, CA
Experience:10 Years
(Updated 6/7/2021)
Copywriter, Editor
You have gifts to share with the world that no one else has. But if writing isn’t one of them, that’s okay. Relax! Because when words fail you, I won’t. I’ve been a copywriter, editor and ...
Location: Tokyo, JP
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 6/9/2021)
Writer, Photographer, Editor
Tim Hornyak is a Canadian writer based in Tokyo, Japan, who has worked in journalism for more than 20 years. He has written extensively about travel, food, technology, science, culture and business in Japan, as well as Japanese inventors, roboticists ...
Location: Hoboken, US
Experience:13 Years
(Updated 6/2/2021)
Producer (television)
I am a three-time Emmy Winner in Sports Production. I have experience writing, producing, editing, creating graphics, and have great knowledge of studio production. I am willing to work on more than just sports, as I have great interest ...
Location: San Diego, US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 5/31/2021)
Copywriter, Editor, Reporter
With more than 25 years of experience as a journalist, marketing manager and media relations manager, Bradley Weaver understand the value of hard work and the power of the written word. As a creative and writing partner with various public ...
Location: Spokane, WA US
Experience:0 Years
(Updated 5/6/2021)
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY US
Experience:28 Years
(Updated 4/30/2021)
Book Author, Writer, Editor
Award-winning author of books and other products for Scholastic, Disney, Sesame Street, NASA, National Geographic, the Smithsonian, Learning A-Z, and more. I specialize in books for reluctant readers in grades K-8. ...