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Location: Berkeley Heights, NJ US
Experience:10 Years
(Updated 10/21/2018)
Editor, Technical Writer
As a former TIME Magazine medical and science reporter, I have spent over a decade covering health care, biomedical research and lifestyle trends. I also specialize in developing Marketing & Communications materials—including newsletters, annual reports, magazines, web content and speeches—...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:18 Years
(Updated 10/5/2018)
Writer, Fact-Checker, Researcher
I'm a multi-lingual Fact-checker/Research Editor with over 15 years of experience in a wide variety of fields, such as Health, Beauty, Fashion, Business, Music, Travel, Food, and Wine. I'm known for my meticulously accurate research ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:7 Years
(Updated 10/21/2018)
Writer, Account manager, Content Editor (online)
Based in New York City, Teresa Bigelow is a freelance writer, as well as an international public relations consultant and communications strategist. As founder of Spiral5 Media, her work traverses tech, impact, lifestyle and art + culture. Teresa has worked with ...
Location: Miami, FL US
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 10/29/2018)
Content Editor (online), Editor, Writer
I'm a versatile writer with a broad range of interests: travel, dining, trends in pop culture, music and literature. I work as an editor at a regional alt-weekly newspaper, and I also have experience in copywriting, writing and ...
Location: San Francisco, CA US
Experience:6 Years
(Updated 10/14/2018)
Copywriter, Content Editor (online), Researcher
I am an experienced copywriter, editor and blogger with a handful of published articles. I have written primarily about and for technology companies but I also have a specialty in health and fitness. ...
Location: Brooklyn, NY US
Experience:8 Years
(Updated 10/9/2018)
Copy Editor, Writer, Social Media
Writing has always come naturally to me, and I love working with others to create the content they’re looking for. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing at Binghamton University, I went on to integrate the skills ...
Location: Monroe Township, NJ US
Experience:8 Years
(Updated 10/6/2018)
Account manager, Producer (television), Promotions
I've had expanded experience working in politics, national, local and hyperlocal media. I've lived crisis communication and media trained two sitting governors. My successful placements are a derivative of my relationships in the newsrooms because I've worked ...
Location: Boston, MA US
Experience:12 Years
(Updated 10/5/2018)
Producer (television), Writer, Reporter
Emily Kumler Kaplan is an award-winning investigative journalist. As an ABC news producer for 20/20 and Primetime, a newspaper reporter and columnist, and magazine features writer, she has gone inside the minds of murderers, world leaders, celebrities, business ...
Location: Chicago, IL US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 10/3/2018)
Copywriter, Book Author
A well-known published author, I've worked concurrently in film and advertising for 20 years. In between books, I have time to bring an array of creative experience to any freelance literature, ghostwriting, film, or corporate film project.Frankly, ...
Location: Sugar Land, TX US
Experience:7 Years
(Updated 10/14/2018)
Writer, Social Media, Photographer
A well-published freelancer, I write about food, wine and travel, covering everything from restaurant openings to restaurant reviews, food trends, restaurant and food roundups, destination features, hotel reviews, and chef and celebrity interviews. 25+ years of international travel experience. ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:22 Years
(Updated 10/12/2018)
Writer, Editor, Reporter
With more than twenty years' experience, I specialize in explaining clinical and basic research findings to lay audiences. Human interest articles, profiles, service pieces, and "listicles" also are well within my capability. My secret? I humanize even the driest of ...
Location: South Bend, IN US
Experience:7 Years
(Updated 10/27/2018)
Coordinator, Writer, Content Editor (online)
I write about everything from future tech ethics to the history of medicine and have built and audience of over a quarter of a million readers at ...
Location: Charlottesville, VA US
Experience:9 Years
(Updated 10/22/2018)
Writer, Copy Editor
I'm an experienced culture writer, having covered music, books, and theater for a variety of publications while pursuing my graduate education. I have a PhD in English literature at the University of Virginia & now teach global literature, gender studies, ...
Location: Athens, MA US
Experience:24 Years
(Updated 10/18/2018)
Technical Writer, Editor, Writer
A resourceful writer, ghostwriter, and journalist specializing in mechanical technologies, covering technology, science, business and general topics. M.I.T.-educated mechanical engineer with 15 years industrial experience in engineering, 20+ years as a writer and editor in journalism, marketing ...
Location: Morton Grove, IL US
Experience:30 Years
(Updated 10/27/2018)
Book Author, Editor, Writer
I am a published freelancer (business and consumer); a former newspaper columnist, highlighting local industry; three years as the Chicago correspondent for two New York trade publications. Recently wrote articles for a food website and two book reviews for another ...
Location: Los Angeles, CA US
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 10/4/2018)
Producer (television), Writer, TV Reporter
I am a freelance fashion journalist with over a decade of experience in all aspects of television production, along with writing a broad selection of pieces for national magazines - from 3000 word features digging into the industry to profiles, trend ...
Location: Pittsfield, MA US
Experience:2 Years
(Updated 10/20/2018)
Social Media, Correspondent, Director
Location: Washington, DC US
Experience:3 Years
(Updated 10/16/2018)
Researcher, Writer, Social Media
I am a published freelancer who has written about integrity, self improvement, and personal development. I am a contributor to The Huffington Post, Ask Men, Elite Daily, and Thrive Global. I've been published in Thought Catalog, the Good Men ...
Location: Melbourne | Geelong, AU
Experience:0 Years
(Updated 10/6/2018)
Copywriter, Technical Writer, Writer
Seasoned business writer, specialising in Financial Services and Legal. I've simplified the complex for corporate and government organisations, creating snappy content for busy readers. I focus on clean, fresh copy that's easy to understand, and gets to the ...
Location: Timonium, MD US
Experience:10 Years
(Updated 10/4/2018)
Book Author, Editor, Producer (new media)
I'm a published novelist (4 books) who has cut my professional writing/editing teeth for the last ten years, editing a high-end, regional, lifestyle publication; writing the Paris Guide for USAToday; co-authoring the Explorer Resident's Guide ...
Location: Montclair, NJ US
Experience:29 Years
(Updated 10/5/2018)
Editor, Writer
A veteran of the book publishing industry, I am available as a ghostwriter, freelance editor, book doctor, and proposal writer. My expertise is in non-fiction (both practical and narrative) and my categories include self-help, psychology, parenting (particularly special ...
Experience:3 Years
(Updated 10/1/2018)
Writer, Editor, Reporter
A senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia, I've been a working writer and editor for the last three years, exploring food, fashion, beauty, travel and female empowerment in my work. ...
Location: Sydney, AU
Experience:19 Years
(Updated 10/25/2018)
Writer, Copywriter, Reporter
My affair with writing has been long-running and saucy. In 1998, as a fresh-out and desperate actor, I co-founded Prompt Theatre with Imara Savage in Sydney. I began to write the characters I wanted to perform and ...
Location: New Hope, PA US
Experience:14 Years
(Updated 10/15/2018)
Book Author, Reporter, Correspondent
I am a reporter who enjoys going off the beaten track and reading evolving events to see a pattern before it becomes recognized as a major social or political change. I relish the chance to explore new territory, and new ...
Location: Los Angeles, CA US
Experience:10 Years
(Updated 10/9/2018)
Writer, Researcher, Social Media
I'm a freelancer based in Los Angeles. Most recently, I helped to write copy for On The Inside, an art show of currently incarcerated LGBTQ artists. I write for Creator Magazine, Dame Magazine, The Gloss, and most recently Refinery ...