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Drew Grant

Leno’s New Promo | O’Reilly Defends Obama | New Media Guidelines | Gawker’s Cold Embrace | Ad Money Returns | The Bieber Experience

The Atlantic: You know shit is about to get real when Bill O’Reilly starts chastising the CPAC for being too mean to Obama.

PRNewser: Social media campaigns and viral endorsements are getting into some gray areas, ethics-wise. That’s why The Word of Mouth Marketing Association has created these helpful Guidelines For Social Media Disclosure.

New York Observer: Former Gawker Managing Editor Gabriel Snyder can take some cold comfort in knowing them former Wonkette Ana Marie Cox does not miss the Nick Denton experience.

Business Insider: Advertisers are going to pay media companies money up front again! Maybe! According to some guy from CBS!

WebNewser: That Justin Bieber kid is blowing up the Internet. If only NBC had managed to get an exclusive endorsement deal with him, and then only show delayed, “best of” footage.

Si Newhouse’s Secret Tattle Tales


Condé Nast‘s anti-fraud hotline is actually working, as it turns out. Although Si Newhouse wouldn’t point any fingers to the actual press, Keith Kelly reports today that a Wired employee was fired for poaching stuff from the company store, someone may have pocketed an extra $10k off the record, and there is an ongoing investigation into an employee taking cash in exchange for writing certain fashion tips. A lot of blind items to go on, and it can’t help the image of Condé headquarters being filled with backstabbers in stilettos that can now pick up the phone whenever they’re holding a grudge.

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Tribune Co. Awards $25k For Employee’s Good Idea


Well see, this is why the company can’t get out of bankruptcy (just kidding!): Tribune Co.‘s paper The Sun Sentinel just handed $25,000 and a free Caribbean cruise to Bob Simons, a production manager who suggested a cheap supplier for some office equipment. No, that’s not a joke. Tribune CEO Randy Michaels and COO Gerry Spector said that Simons’ idea saved $1 million for the newspaper alone. Reminds us of that moral-boosting plan at Condé Nast‘s to pay out $10k to forward-thinking employees each quarter…though with Tribune currently trying to restructure itself out of bankruptcy while fighting off creditors, giving $25k away to one employee (and promises of more “spot bonuses in the months ahead) might be sending the wrong message…no matter how good the company’s intentions are.

Memo from Michaels and Spector after the jump.

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New York Times Publishes Second Paterson Profile


They almost had us there for a second: When The New York Times ran a second feature about David Paterson yesterday, we thought for a second that this could be the scandalous drug-and-sex-filled expose that everyone was expecting. But nope, just another semi-damming piece about how the governor isn’t really trying that hard to win the election this year.

This involves $1k dinners during a time when the state is $3 million in debt, taking leisurely vacations around the Hamptons, and waiting till the last second to get together a plan for the $700 million in federal loan money for education that the state was asking for (and which it subsequently didn’t get). So Paterson isn’t really gunning for this job, fine…but at least he’s not out there beating up women and selling drugs. He leaves that to his aides.

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Golf Writers Boycott Tiger Woods Conference

Feeling snubbed by Tiger Woods‘ camp, the Golf Writers Association of America didn’t attend the PGA legend’s first public conference since the news hit about Woods’ affairs.

“To limit the ability of journalists to attend, listen, see and question Woods goes against the grain of everything we believe,” said GWAA president Vartan Kupelian, since out of the 950 writers in the association, only six would be allowed to attend the conference, which occurred at 11 am today. No big deal, since Woods’ entire prepared statement, which didn’t include any questions from the audience, was broadcast online via CBS.

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Fishbowl Newstand: Your Morning At A Glance


Winter Olympic Winners Icy With Press | National Enquirer Gets Legit | Toobin In Trouble | Buzzed to Death

• Olympic Gold Medal speedskater Sven Kramer get grumpy with reporters.

Huffington Post: Who would have seen this day coming? The National Enquirer is up for a Pulitzer Prize for its breaking of the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter sex scandal. Hey, when they’re right, they’re right.

FishbowlDC: Perhaps the Daily News will win a Pulitzer for its coverage of CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin‘s secret love child as well.

TVWeek: No one ever said Oprah shies away from her gimmicks: On March 3rd the queen of daytime TV will have past and future Academy Award nominees interviewing each other on her show. Too bad Katherine Bigelow won’t be there so she and James Cameron could quiz each other on their former relationship.

Mashable: Quick, everyone jump onto this class action lawsuit against Google Buzz!

CJR: The Daily Beast‘s list of Most Influential Journalists include very few actual, uh, journalists.

Essence Names New Director Of Fashion

Celeste Har66well1111.jpg

Essence Communications Inc. has gotten itself a good deal in its latest hire: Celeste Harwell, who has done directorial sales work for The New York Times, Marie Claire, and TRACE magazine has been taken on as the African-American media company’s newest director of fashion. Harwell’s most recent gig was serving as the Associate Publisher for TIME Style & Design, which has ties to Essence.

Says Essence president Michelle Ebanks, “I am certain that Celeste will successfully break new ground in establishing relationships and developing innovative ideas, especially in our pivotal 40th anniversary year!”

See below for full press release.

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From News Corp. To Time Warner: Gary Ginsberg’s Got A New Gig


That would be speculation from The New York Post (update: just confirmed by The New York Times), which announced that former EVP of global marketing and affairs for Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corp., Gary Ginsberg, will be taking on a similar role at Time Warner, reporting directly to CEO Jeffrey Bewkes. Ginsberg’s arrival would coincide with the departure of Time Warner’s heavy-hitter communications guy Ed Adler last week, though sources at the media conglomerate are quick to point out that these two events are entirely unrelated.

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NBC Might Not Be On Top Of The Olympics…But The New York Times Is


While the debate rages on to why NBC is refusing to air any of its Winter Olympic coverage in real time, The New York Times wants you to know that they at least are. Writes Clark Hoyt yesterday:

The Times has no intention of changing its approach: report results as soon as it can, as prominently as they deserve. “Our job is to report the news,” said Tom Jolly, the sports editor. He said NBC “has made a business decision to show the highlights on a taped basis. We’re not beholden to presenting the news the way NBC does.”

Now, this has already caused some issues with readers who are used to having their television coverage with *spoiler alert* warnings, in case they haven’t had the chance to watch the show themselves yet. Too bad: this is the Olympics, not an episode of Lost. You wouldn’t ask the papers to not announce the Superbowl scores on the front page of their site just because you had to DVR the game. And NBC, by only showing the highlight reel after the games are over, might think they are appealing to the ADD generation that just wants a “best of” montage, and not to watch the whole boring game, but as Dan Gillmor of Mediactive wrote today, “Any news organization holding back on news because entertainment consumers want to live in their fantasy worlds deserves utter contempt.” We agree completely (just no spoilers about what happens to Anderson Cooper in Haiti, okay?)

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