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Colbert Discovers FishbowlNY; FishbowlNY Bans Colbert


Say what you will about Stephen Colbert, but he knows how to credit (manipulate) bloggers. Last night on the Colbert Report, Colbert acknowledged our report about his trainwreck taping of an interview last week with Sir Richard Branson. “This story hit the blog-o-dome like a tidal wave, look at this piece on”

Given this site’s long (obsessive) history of covering Comedy Central (see below), we’ve been trying to land an interview with Colbert for our “So What Do You Do?” series for over a year — ever since our impromptu meeting with him at the 2006 Time 100 party. (Typical Comedy Central responses: “Stephen’s busy this week” or “Stephen’s on vacation” or “Stephen’s already doing an exclusive with Cat Fancy.”)

Unlike, say, the Decemberists, we’ve never thought of publicly baiting Colbert to further our own interests.

That is, until today. Consider this your warning, Colbert. We won’t cover you and your Word-fearing “Nation” until you do our interview. Try selling your ballsy book without FishbowlNY’s seal of approval. We’re practically Oprah. Don’t believe us, Stephen? Just ask Jessica Cutler.

The aforementioned “trainwreck,” by the way, is slated to air next week.

— Dylan Stableford


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  • Syringes, Asterisks, Vitriol: A Decidedly Different Reaction To Bonds In New York Ruined My Sex Life*

    dylan.jpgIt’s been roughly a year and a half since I first dropped into FishbowlNY. Today is my last day as a managing editor of and, too, this media blog. Two talented bloggers, Ron “The Corsair” Mwangaguhunga and Neal Ungerleider of Gawker Media’s Gridskipper fame, are taking over here at Fishbowl; Chris Ariens, a.k.a the new TVNewser, is assuming managing editor duties. Here’s my note to the staff, which applies to, well, everyone:

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    New York Press To Ban Hooker Ads, Kiss Away Millions


    Manhattan Media, the new owners of the New York Press, want to give the Village Voice a run for its money. They also want to ban hooker ads — an alt-weekly staple. CEO Tom Allon via Media Mob:

    “As of this week, we are not going to accept any explicit advertising … We’re probably kissing away about a million dollars a year in revenue. We’re not making a moral or puritanical decision. We just believe in the long-term, it’s not best for the publication.”


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  • ABC Meta-Milks Merry Miller’s ‘Internet Sensation’

    ABC News is milking their own trainwreck interviewer Merry Miller, whose botched — and roundly ridiculed — chat with Holly Hunter has been dubbed “The Interview Seen Around the World” by the network. Based on the online reaction (554,872 YouTube views, for starters) to Joel Siegel‘s former booker, ABC is soliciting potential hosts online:

    The Miller interview has inspired many people to think that they can do a better job hosting one of our shows. If you’d like to give it a shot, log on to (yes — that is the correct site!) and submit your audition tape for the chance to be selected as a guest host on “What’s the Buzz.”

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  • For The Rupert Murdoch Completist Only …

    The text of the Dow Jones sale agreement on an editorial review committee, as filed by Dow Jones with the SEC on Wednesday:

    AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”), dated as of [l], by and among NEWS CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), DOW JONES & COMPANY, INC., a Delaware corporation (“Dow Jones”), and the Special Committee (as defined below).

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    Rupe Street Journal: The Internal Memos

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Brauchli, Marcus
    Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 6:45 AM
    Subject: On the News


    Today’s news that a decisive proportion of Bancroft family trusts will vote in favor of News Corp.’s proposed acquisition of Dow Jones begins a process that will affect us all, but won’t change what we do in the newsroom.

    As journalists at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, we have always focused on maintaining the high quality and integrity of our work, without regard to our ownership. We will continue to do so.

    Our journalism defines the Journal. A change in ownership won’t change our understanding of what’s important; our ability to compellingly explain the world, politics and business; or our commitment to reporting that is accurate, honest and free of slant.

    We know that a successful news organization’s first obligation is to its readers. We must serve them, recognizing that their interests and needs change constantly, and that we will have to change with them.

    It is too early to know how or even whether News Corp. ownership might alter priorities or structures at Dow Jones. Our current and likely future owners have given formal assurances, however, that the newsroom will retain its independence.

    An owner who values editorial independence is essential to the Journal’s success. Yet it is we who ultimately will ensure it, through the continued quality and integrity of our work.

    Clarence Barron‘s heirs in the Bancroft family have been loyal and proud stewards of The Wall Street Journal for nearly 80 years. The Journal today, in print, online and in new media, in the U.S. and internationally, sets the highest journalistic standard thanks to their long support. I hope you share in my deep gratitude to them.


    Brauchli, New York

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    Rupe Street Journal: It’s (F*cking Finally) On

    The $5 billion foreplay is giving way to some Rupe-on-Journal action. Finally.

    Relevant linkage:

    • NYT: Victory.

    • WSJ Publisher’s Note: Readers should expect what they have always expected from the Journal, writes Gordon Crovitz. In an era when reliable, accurate and knowledgeable business news and information is more valuable than ever, the highest standards are good journalism and good business.
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    Whoopi To View

    whoopi_072707.jpgMark it down: Whoopi Goldberg will be named the new co-host of The View, FishbowlNY has learned. Sources close to the decision say the announcement could come in a matter of days. The move has been rumored since Rosie‘s departure in May, while boldfaced names from Paris to Perez have been tossed around as possible replacements. Barbara Walters told FishbowlNY recently at Michael’s that a decision would be forthcoming: “We have to decide by the end of the month [July] because we’re off in August, so, soon.”

    An ABC spokesperson tells FishbowlNY, “We adore Whoopi and enjoy having her as a guest host on the show, but no decisions have been made.”


  • Paris Gives Babs Jailhouse Gift
  • Poll: Which Troubled Starlet Took The Better Mugshot?

    Nicole, Paris, Lindsay

    With the L.A. media mired in Lindsay Loha-steria — and the national media, apart from Jack Cafferty, tolerating it — we thought we’d eat the last remaining table scraps of this story: who wore their mugshot better? Lindsay? Paris? Nicole? Let the mindless voting begin!


  • Jack Cafferty Refuses To Read Lohan Story From CNN Teleprompter
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