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Eight Months Later, Princess Grace Flick is Still a Turkey

GraceofMonacoThe Daily Telegraph‘s Robbie Collin recently shared all you really need to know about Grace of Monaco, a biographical drama that died an instant death as this year’s Cannes Film Festival gala opener. In his “Five Worst Films of 2014” rundown, here’s how Collin summarizes the action:

Nicole Kidman stumbles through a Lynchian Ferrero Rocher advert, while Derek Jacobi stands on the sidelines with a parrot.

Polly wants a better Rotten Tomatoes rating. But alas, that isn’t going to happen, with the film still not theatrically released in the U.S. and likely to curtsy quietly to Netflix.

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Dave Itzkoff Moderates, Christoph Waltz Modulates

ChristophWaltz92ndYOn Twitter, Dave Itzkoff described his Friday night Q&A at the 92nd Street Y with Tim Burton, Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz as “loopy.” As opposed to “awkward,” the term used by Ashley Lee, an editor with Mediabistro sister publication THR.

The beauty of this particular situation is that the entire live-stream is archived. So, when you have the extra hour, you can watch and decide for yourself, unfiltered, what adjective best fits the interaction between the New York Times culture writer and the two-time Oscar winner.

Waltz had to wait quite some time before the conversation reached his far-left chair perch, for which Itzkoff graciously apologized. But after a long day of promoting duties, Waltz seemed to be rubbed the wrong way by a question that referenced his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the idea that he might lie awake at night waiting for phone calls. In short order, Waltz steered this Y event to ”Why…?”

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Too Much Manscaping? Musto, O’Neil Discuss Unbroken

Freelance film critic Michael Musto was not invited to the preview screenings of Unbroken. Instead, he attended a New York showing of the Angelina Jolie adaptation of Lauren Hillenbrand‘s bestseller as Gold Derby head honcho Tom O’Neil‘s +1.


The pair subsequently got together for one of their always-entertaining awards season podcasts, allowing Musto to bring up a somewhat jarring film element:

“The [photo] stills of the guys in the POW camp look really hot. It’s like an Abercrombie & Fitch commercial,” said Musto. “There obviously was a salon on the premises, because their hair looks fabulous.”

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Writer Gives Thanks for Eddie Murphy, Bruce Beresford

ShutterstockEddieMurphy2010Journalists-slash-screenwriters, please take note. In turkey dinner terms, it is possible that great script you just finished polishing will not hear the cry of “Action!” until Thanksgiving 2025.

By way of proof, we point you to a recent blog post by former Patch columnist and current Mom sitcom staff writer Susan McMartin. The film Cook, inspired by her family life experiences, started production today:

To say it’s been a long ride to get here is an understatement. I wrote the screenplay, Cook, when my daughter was just a little over two-years-old.

She’s going to be 13 in a month.

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Who Should Play Helen Gurley Brown?

It’s still a long way from a big-screen sure thing. But as reported by Deadline EIC Mike Fleming Jr., Fox2000 has optioned the 2015 HarperCollins book Enter Helen: The Rise And Reign Of The Original Cosmo Girl, by Brooke Hauser.


The editors of Cosmopolitan reacted by noting some of the great quotes (like the one above) that are first-draft worthy. We’re more fixated on which star should-could play Gurley Brown.

The possibilities are almost endless. Reese Witherspoon, gathering awards momentum currently with Wild, could die her hair. Shannen Doherty might engineer a career renaissance by combining some facial resemblances with Oscar-worthy hair extensions. And Nicole Kidman could drop the accent.

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Reporter Rides Along with LA’s Real-Life ‘Nightcrawlers’

The TMZ revolution has certainly changed the make-up of those roaming Southern California for exclusive video footage. But at least one parallel beat remains relatively unchanged: the overnight chase of breaking crime and car crash news powering the new Jake Gyllenhaal drama Nightcrawler.


In honor of this cinematic synergy, LA Times entertainment reporter Steven Zeitchik recently checked out the highlighted journalism graveyard shift. Among the leaders in the field is RMG News, who consulted on the movie:

These are men who know your mother’s advice that nothing good happens after 2 a.m. and like it that way, choosing to work the freeways and police scanners long after the last unionized news cameraman and (nearly every other sane Angeleno) has hit the pillow…

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Paul Haggis Talks Scientology in SoHo

ShutterstockStingHaggisTribecaPaul Haggis‘ latest film, Third Person, opens in the UK Friday. To set the cinematic scene for readers there, Hermione Hoby caught up in New York with the writer-director for a weekend piece in The Telegraph.

Haggis understands that because he remains Scientology’s highest-profile “apostate,” conversations with journalists will inevitably turn to that subject. He rejects the idea that what he did was courageous, and says with time came even more perspective:

“I had no clue how insidious it was until I’d been out for, like, a year. You look back and go, ‘Oh my god.’ I was always an outsider and if it can affect me that much – a cynic and a loner and an outsider – go figure! You have to be really purposefully blind, you have to choose to be blind, and that’s what I was doing and that’s what all my friends were doing.”

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Ray Parker Jr. is Twice as Old as Ghostbusters

If you click into the Events section of Ray Parker Jr.‘s website, the following message appears above a currently blank slate: ‘Understand this, Ray doesn’t like to work too hard! He loves to have fun making music while making a few coins simultaneously!’


Ha ha. Parker – a funny and charming 60-year-old talk show guest – has certainly made a few coins from the title track of Ghostbusters. Appearing recently on HLN’s noontime program Now, he explained to host Mike Galanos that he is currently working on a project that will be as nostalgic as this fall’s 30th anniversary celebration of the release of Ghostbusters:

“I’ve been a lazy bum, by the way, and I apologize for that. But I am now working on what people have been telling me to do for the last 10 or 15 years. They want to hear a record that sounds like the old radio albums with those old synthesizers, and old guitar sounds, and old drum sounds. That original flavor. I’m cutting a record that sounds like I could have cut it in the early 80s. Everything is original.”

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Ricky Gervais Set to Have a Journalism Laugh

EnvoyesTresSpeciauxPosterThe original 2009 French feature comedy, Envoyés Très Speciaux, was about two journalists stranded in Paris pretending to report from the Iraq War front. The remake, Special Correspondents, to be shot next spring in New York and Vancouver, transposes the faux reporting focus to South America.

From Borys Kit‘s Hollywood Reporter item:

The story tells of a once-hot radio journalist (Eric Bana) and his technician (Ricky Gervais) who, when tasked with reporting on a rebel uprising in Ecuador, fake their own kidnapping, pretending to be on the ground while actually “reporting” from the comfort of a hideout above a New York City restaurant across the street from their station. As their false reports of the conflict escalate, so does the world’s response to their situation, which ultimately forces them to sneak into Ecuador and find the rebels they’ve been reporting on.

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Rex Reed Questions Birdman’s Broadway Sense

As is Rex Reed‘s wont, the Observer film critic has dumped all over two of this fall’s most acclaimed movies – Gone Girl and Birdman. In the case of the Michael Keaton film, Reed noticed something rather surprising:

The result is a train wreck without a shred of continuity, a hashtag that doesn’t even get the geography right. The action takes place inside a real Broadway theater, the St. James, which is a musical house on West 44th St. But when they leave the stage door, the actors are next door to the Edison Hotel, which is actually on 47th St.


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