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What does a Producer do?

In a general sense, a Producer is a person who oversees a creative project from beginning to end. There are Film Producers, Music Producers, TV Show Producers, Radio Producers, and more. Think of them as the creative and logistical leaders of the project. A Producer is responsible for not only getting a project off the ground, is but also in charge of hiring writers, director(s), and overseeing all elements of production right up to a project’s release. The person in this position is ultimately responsible for the end product and gets the final say on it.


What are the responsibilities of a Producer?

A Producer has a lot of duties when it comes to overseeing a project. These responsibilities could fall under these categories:

  • Hiring staff (cast and crew)
  • Determining the budget of the project
  • Making sure each department is working within their budget
  • Approving any production changes
  • Conducting meetings with staff to discuss progress and host check-ins to stay within targets and on deadlines


What are the requirements to become a Producer?

While there are no specific requirements to work as a Producer, it’s common for employers to require a bachelor’s degree in film, theater, creative writing, or even business management. However, one thing is required: years of experience. Most Producers started out as writers, actors, or assistants and worked their way up. A Production Assistant is a common job that producers may have before being promoted to a Producer-level job. A Producer must be a strong leader, a creative and fast thinker, and must be collaborative, as their job requires engagement with everyone involved in the process from pre-production to post-production.