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FBLA EXCLUSIVE: Red, White and MILF Director Calls Spoof Video: '60% Moral Imperative' - Posted October 20, 2008
Grammy-winning director ... [FishbowlLA]

American Idol's New Judge is "Sassy." Shark Officially Jumped? - Posted August 25, 2008
Perhaps finally realizing that Paula Abdul is a train wreck we can turn away from, Fox is introducing a fourth jurist to the American Idol judge's table, Grammy-nominated songwriter ... [FishbowlLA]

Why Is Nobody Calling Deadline Hollywood Daily on Its Mistake? - Posted June 26, 2008
Deadline Hollywood Daily adores to point out other people's errors -- both real and perceived -- so it surprised us at FBLA that nobody has called DHD out on the egregious error in its ... [FishbowlLA]

YouTube Driving Video Not Scripted - Posted June 12, 2008
Seen the "Kid Fails Driving Test 5 Times In A Day" video? We figured the whole thing was scripted, but marketing people behind this Parrot.com promotion tell ... [FishbowlLA]

MetroMix Now Has Sex With Peter Gilstrap - Posted June 11, 2008
MetroMix today debuted its new sex column "Hot & Bothered" with perennial trouble-maker Peter... [FishbowlLA]

HollyShorts Parties at Murano and We're There. Kinda. - Posted May 29, 2008
FBLA spies infiltrated the HollyShorts party at Murano last night and had t... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Goes to New York! - Posted May 13, 2008
Perhaps you've noticed the banner ads we've been running for the last month or so: FBLA is going to New York this weekend for MediaBistro.com's two-day summit to learn all about media trends and drink network. Some of ... [FishbowlLA]

The Hollywood Reporter Nabs An LAT Writer - Posted May 13, 2008
The Hollywood Reporter has lured Scriptland columnist (and former FBLA fishie) Jay Fernandez to the fold as a full-time senior film reporter, concentrating on breaking news. Congratulations, Jay! ... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Confirms Ryan Seacrest Is In Talks To Replace Larry King - Posted May 8, 2008
Sources close to Ryan Seacrest have confirmed to FBLA that Ryan Seacrest is in talks with CNN to shimmy into Larry King's chair. Now "talks" can mean a lot of things, and our source also says, "I don't think it's going to happen." Why? Well, ... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Exclusive: Former Child Star Central Is Our New Favorite Blog - Posted May 2, 2008
Freelance entertainment journalist/author/funny woman Joal Ryan has started up a shiny new blog dedicated to a very niche media obsession that has served her well over the years: former child stars. Scoff if you want to, but her blog posts are more addictive than Doritos (and we're going to guess, better... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Exclusive: Samantha Harris Would Welcome Paula Abdul - Posted April 28, 2008
TV Guide talks with Dancing With The Stars judges Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba about whether P... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Exclusive: Carly Milne in the Limelight - Posted April 11, 2008
Carly Milne is a lot of things: Author of Sexography -- a memoir about sexually coming of age. A sexual abuse survivor. A founder of Moxie, a female-content driven web network. A former editor at Yahoo! Canada. An former editor at Adult Video News, and, of course, a blogger. Now she's a... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Exclusive: Bo Bice Prefers Pinto Beans to Paparazzi - Posted April 4, 2008
American Idol runner-up Bo Bice has signed on to be a counselor this summer at Idol Camp, a summer camp in the San Bernardino mountains that caters to musically gifted kids between the ages of 10 and 15. To promote the camp (which is accepting applications through April 18) Bice spoke to... [FishbowlLA]

More People Leaving Hollywood Reporter - Posted March 26, 2008
FBLA has just confirmed that Hollywood Reporter Features Editor Christy Grosz resigned yesterday. No word yet on where she's going. Idle question: Is there going to even be a Hollywood Reporter next year? ... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Correction: Lewis Segal Did Write on High School Musical2 - Posted March 6, 2008
FBLA regrets the error--in our haste, we overlooked LA Times dance critic Lewis Segal's writing on High School Musical last August. (We'd posted otherwise. In our defense, his... [FishbowlLA]

Breaking: Plea Bargains No-Go in Pellicano Trial/FBI Tells Witness to Get Ready - Posted February 28, 2008
Things are moving along in the Anthony Pellicano trial. FBLA has learned that the plea deals for retired police sergeant Mark Arneson and telephone company ex-employee Ray Turner (reported yesterday ... [FishbowlLA]

Bad Taste Always in Fashion/ANTM 's Fatima To Inspire Tyra? - Posted February 28, 2008
We love edgy. Don't get us wrong, FBLA is the edgiest. We bow to no one in our love of the inappropriate. Bad taste is our right word at the wrong time. But a fashion shoot at a Holocaust memorial? (Thanks, ... [FishbowlLA]

'An Ordinary Spy' Goes Hollywood - Posted February 26, 2008
Former CIA agent-turned novelist, Joseph Weisberg recently had his exciting, unusual spy novel optioned by Paul Haggis and Michael Nozik with Hwy61 Films, based at Paramount. The LAT... [FishbowlLA]

Larry Sinclair's Wild Ride with Obama--MSM Cover-up? - Posted February 22, 2008
Larry Sinclair claimed to have performed oral sex on Barack Obama in the back of a limo, and later in a hotel room while smoking crac... [FishbowlLA]

Social Networking Gets Its Own Beat--Cathy Taylor at MediaPost - Posted February 21, 2008
MediaPost has hired journo columnist and blogger (adverganza.com) Cathy Taylor to track social networking web sites, in its feature, Social Media Insider. We thought this was kinda interesting, considering MediaPost generally de... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Exclusive: How Wesley Snipes Won /Legal Wizards Tell All - Posted February 12, 2008
On February 1, Wesley Snipes was acquitted of felony conspiracy and tax fraud after a two week federal trial in Ocala, Florida. Snipes was found guilty of three misdemeanor counts of willfully failing to file a tax return. FBLA caught up with Snipes' lead trial attorney Robert Bernhoft, the Milwaukee criminal... [FishbowlLA]

L.A. Daily News: Brent Hopkins Returns To Blogging - Posted January 17, 2008
Los Angeles Daily News reporter Brent Hopkins wrote to tell us that "after several dark months away from our crime blog (insidesocal.com/crime), I'm now back covering courts and blogging again at insidesocal.com/orderinthecourt." When we asked wha... [FishbowlLA]

Running With Arnold Gets Celebrity Endorsement. Kinda - Posted January 15, 2008
From the sounds of it, Running With Arnold the Dan Cox docu about Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been warmly received at its L.A. premiere. While reviewers think he went too far, audiences have complimented Cox, saying... [FishbowlLA]

Running With Arnold to Screen At Sunset Laemmle 5 - Posted January 7, 2008
After winning awards and kicking up a Hollywood stink, Running With Arnold,... [FishbowlLA]

Sundown on Sunset: Merry Christmas - Posted December 21, 2007
Merry Christmas from the City of Angels. (Photo from Angelenic.) ... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Goes To the Party: E! Entertainent Holiday Party - Posted December 12, 2007
Whether you think Snoop Dogg is a loveable children's role model, a talented rapper, or a criminal with a drug problem, there is no denying that he's a friggin' cool co-worker. Unlike Ryan S... [FishbowlLA]

Better Than Radio? NYT Podcasts Offer Local Journos' Interviews - Posted December 5, 2007
If you're not yet addicted to the NYT "Popcast," you are not wasting enough time on your computer! Listening to newspaper music reporters/reviewers talk on the radio would be painful if we weren't already inured to g... [FishbowlLA]

Lisa Fletcher named ABC News correspondent - Posted November 29, 2007
L.A.'s newest TV news correspondent, Lisa Fletcher, has an impressive-enough sounding resume - Emmys, AP awards, stories that locked up child molesters. But we're guessing the alphabet network gave Fletcher her new gig because it felt awful for making her identify herself as a member of the Phoenix investigative team... [FishbowlLA]

Season Of Wishes: Mark Wallengren To Host Make-A-Wish Event At The Grove - Posted November 20, 2007
KOST FM (103.5)'s morning show host, Mark Wallengren will host the Make-A-Wish Foundation's first Weekly Wish Night at 5:30 p.m. today at the Grove. The deeper-voiced half of the Mark and Kim Show will help present 9-year-old leukemia ... [FishbowlLA]

Season of Wishes: Make-A-Wish Foundation Sends Lil' Princess Off To Disney World - Posted November 17, 2007
The fairy godmothers at Make-A-Wish Foundation are sending 6-year-old Kiara Williams off to Disney World to celebrate her apparent victory against leukemia. Kiara, who has a thing for Cinderella, was diagnosed when she was three and treated for two years at Long Beach Miller's Children's Hospital. Now that she's feeli... [FishbowlLA]

Beowulf: So Violent It Tears Limb From Local Journo - Posted November 14, 2007
FBLA wishes a speedy recovery to the Hollywood Reporter scribe who dislocated his shoulder at last night's screening of Beowulf at Universal City. The poor soul apparently slipped in the lobby of the theater and fell. An ambulance rushed him away before the opening credits rolled on the 3D Imax showing. We... [FishbowlLA]

WGA Strike '07: Adam Pava, Eric Kaplan on the Line - Posted November 13, 2007
Adam Pava, co-creator of Out of Jimmy's Head on Cartoon Network, writes to remind us that his show is staffed by WGA members and: My staff and I have been out on the picket lines every day, and our showrunner, E... [FishbowlLA]

Producers Guild: Include Us Out of AMPTP - Posted November 12, 2007
FBLA has been waiting for this. The Producers Guild of America, which isn't a guild like the others, but more of a trade association, or even a club, wants to make sure that they're not confused with the Alliance Of Motion Picture & Television Produce... [FishbowlLA]

Eric Mika: Hollywood Reporter Takes On The World - Posted November 6, 2007
The week-old Hollywood Reporter: Premier Edition is already making its corporate parents proud. The publication, which launched Nov. 2 in New York, Miami, Atlanta and Washington D.C. is in 95 newsstands in New York. At the same time, the trade has launched Hollywood Reporter Direct, a widget that delivers customized... [FishbowlLA]

ABC Holds Cashmere Mafia/ Curse of the Image Section? - Posted November 6, 2007
Is ABC's Cashmere Mafia the first sacrifice of the WGA strike? The premiere, originally set for November 27 at 10p, is now TBA. Maybe ABC is holding back in case of dire need, later in the season. Or did the ABC suits take one look at the story and photo in... [FishbowlLA]

Heroes Of the Writers' Strike: It's Funny Cuz It's True - Posted November 2, 2007
Filmmakers Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer made the funny YouTube video Heroes of the Writers Strike to cheer up Hollywood's writers as they prepared fo... [FishbowlLA]

Mark Ruffalo: Eternal Overcast of the Politically Minded - Posted October 29, 2007
Taking a page from Sean Penn, Mark Ruffalo was front-and-center at an anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-administration rally that drew thousands to downtown L.A. on Saturday. The Zodiac star made it clear that though he wasn't political before, he's since acquired a graduate degree in civil disobedience. "I'm terrified," Ruffalo tol... [FishbowlLA]

Fire Blogging: Headline Awards - Posted October 24, 2007
Mike Schneider at Franklin Ave. critiques the very best (The Daily Breeze) and the very worst (The Daily N... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Readers Get 15% Off in Fields of the World Bouquet Contest - Posted October 18, 2007
1-800-Flowers.Com, an online flower service, has a contest where FBLA readers can select the winning photo to grace a Times Square billboard. You can chose from 10 photos of Fields of the World and accompanying... [FishbowlLA]

Deborah Solomon's Missing Questions for Josh Schwartz - Posted October 16, 2007
FBLA stumbled upon one of those missing tapes with the questions that NYT interviewer/fabulist Deborah Solomon really asked Gossi... [FishbowlLA]

Tina Dupuy Wins BrooWaHa Contest - Posted October 15, 2007
Stand-up comic Tina Dupuy won the BrooWaHa writing contest with a nifty essay on jury duty, Stand Up, Sit Down, Do Your Civic Duty . The notice stated that jurors should dress "business casual". But this is LA. I'... [FishbowlLA]

Salon, Slate Advice Columns Get Same Fake Letter - Posted October 11, 2007
FBLA knew this would happen. Slate's Dear Prudence gets the same letter that Salon's Cary Tennis got earlier this month. I am the father of a 13-year-old daughter whose mother has been taking her to an evangelical Christian church her whole life. Tennis told the guy to suck it up and take the kid... [FishbowlLA]

Edwards' Videographer Reille Hunter, aka Lisa Druck, Dated Jay McInerney - Posted October 11, 2007
FBLA got cranky emails when we posted about Rielle Hunter, the filmmaker for the John Edwards campaign. We knew there was a story there, and Mickey Kaus agrees. The National Enquirer has ... [FishbowlLA]

OC Register Loses Medical Reporter - Posted October 9, 2007
The Orange County Register is shedding yet another body: Blythe "Never Say No" Bernhard is leaving the paper on Thursday for the wilds of St. Louis, where she'll do breaking news, enterprise and watchdog stories as the Post-Disp... [FishbowlLA]

Docs on the Box: Dr. Phil/ Dr. G/Dr. Headless - Posted October 9, 2007
So as politicians wrangle about health care, television picks up the slack by offering more real TV doctors, and killing off fictional ones. Dr. Phil, who's not an MD, is looking for telegenic medicos who can spin off for CBS. The Doctors will features a panel of five medical experts who will... [FishbowlLA]

"Running With Arnold'' Runs Home With A Win - Posted October 8, 2007
Local journo-cum-filmmaker (and occasional fishie) Dan Cox took home the prize for Best Documentary this weekend at the Zurich Film Festival for his pic Running With Arnold The pic... [FishbowlLA]

More Changes At The Orange County Register: Andrew Horan Goes From Cub Reporter To A1 Editor - Posted October 4, 2007
In a kinda mailroom-to-boardroom story, Andrew Horan this week was named A1 editor of the Orange County Register. He started out as a young buck, working for the paper as a Laguna Beach reporter back in the 80s. This being the Keira-skinny OCR, Horan will remain managing editor of O... [FishbowlLA]

Watch the Box: Queens with Comb-Over, Home Do-Over, Mind Reading, Mind Blowing - Posted September 27, 2007
MTV offers a new reality series--Pageant Place--Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA will room together for a year in an NYC apartment. Donald Trump will stop by, hoping to catch the girls in their underwear. HGTV has The Fixer, with contractor Peter Marr in charge, will help homeowne... [FishbowlLA]

Trade Round-Up: Sept. 26, 2007 - Posted September 26, 2007
CASTING ROUND-UP Universal Pictures is back in business with Jennifer Aniston, signing the actress to star opposite Aaron Eckhart in Traveling, Variety reports. Pic will be the directing debut of Bra... [FishbowlLA]

TV Premier Roundup: Dancing Bachelor Heroes Chuck Journeyman, CSI:Miami - Posted September 25, 2007
FBLA watched us some TV last night. Dancing With the Stars We love Marie Osmond, but she's toast. Who knew that Mel B had a personality? CSI:Miami Who needs DNA testing? Horatio's kid... [FishbowlLA]

Wainwright Huge Draw For H'wood Heavyweights, Homos - Posted September 24, 2007
The combination of Rufus Wainwright and some classic Judy Garland songs proved to be an attraction that some of Hollywood's elite couldn't resist. Thus, Wainwright's Sunday night show at the Hollywood Bowl was a veritable who's who of Tinseltown's gay bold-faced names along with some female celebs ... [FishbowlLA]

Joe Francis Speaks Out Behind Bars - Posted September 20, 2007
Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is still being held in a Nevada jail on various charges but that hasn't stopped him from reaching out to friends and colleagues outside the cell to let them know about his legal sitch. In an email letter received by FBLA on Thursday, Francis says that... [FishbowlLA]

Best Movie Lines--Andrew Sullivan - Posted September 18, 2007
FBLA approves of people stretching themselves, creatively. But Andrew Sullivan might be a poor candidate for Elasto-boy, juding by his "Best Movie Lines" contest. Monday's ... [FishbowlLA]

Dunne Readies Memoir - Posted September 13, 2007
He's got his hands full with the Phil Spector trial right about now, but Dominick Dunne is already looking ahead to his next project. FBLA recently ran into the infamous writer at the Chateau Marmont during a book party for fashion scribe Dana Thomas (in town celebrating the relea... [FishbowlLA]

Ullman Readies New Showtime Series - Posted September 10, 2007
Is America ready for more Tracey Ullman? The comedic actress is prepping a return to the small-screen that will again showcase her diverse talents as she dresses up and creates a variety of new characters for a new series called State of the Union. This time it's for Showtime (rather than... [FishbowlLA]

THR Adds Two to Film Department - Posted September 10, 2007
The Hollywood Reporter has added two reporters to its film staff on the heels of Tatiana Siegel's exit from THR in favor of a film job at Variety. And they're both familiar faces to fellow staffers ... [FishbowlLA]

How I Got That Story: Brad Greenberg - Posted September 10, 2007
Brad Greenberg of the Jewish Journal gave us some insight on his recent Save A Heart finance story. It all started with an anonymous letter. FBLA: What's the drill with anon. tips and letters? Bloggers can pretty much just post the tip and say: we go... [FishbowlLA]

Publicist Pokes Fun at Richie in 'Cookbook' - Posted September 6, 2007
Nicole Richie has been attacked by the tabs about her weight over and over again. But now a "Hollywood publicist" is stepping up to the plate to take a jab at Richie's formerly gaunt frame (remember, she's pregnant now) courtesy of what else, a cookbook. Robert Smith has come up with the... [FishbowlLA]

Make/Shift Makes Way For Issue No. 2 - Posted September 4, 2007
LA-based feminist mag make/shift is gearing up for issue number 2, with a focus on stories about the media. When the magazine ... [FishbowlLA]

LA Times Names Web Deputies, Promises Stronger Web News - Posted August 31, 2007
Russ Stanton is taking that Innovation Editor title a little too literally--the web version is going to be a 'round the clock effort. Also, the dismal video section is getting some camera operators and an editor, but the same clueless people are still involved. (Hint: hire some producers who know what... [FishbowlLA]

Tracking Down Mrs. X With "Nanny Diaries" Scribes - Posted August 24, 2007
Harvey Weinstein is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can accurately reveal the identity of the real Mrs. X as portrayed onscreen by Laura Linney in "The Nanny Diaries." And The New York Post reports that ... [FishbowlLA]

LA Times to ERS News: Cease and Desist/ERS News to LA Times: Make Your Reporters Stop Copying Us - Posted August 22, 2007
ERS News.com enjoys a good game of cat and mouse with the LA Times lawyer. The exchange is long, but very worthwhile, and it all started with a cease and desist demand. First email from Karlene Goller, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel: I am an attorney for the Los Angeles Times.... [FishbowlLA]

Sundown on Sunset: All Over the Map - Posted August 10, 2007
High Friends in Low Places FBLA gets a lot of Anonymous Tips from this ISP Honey, I'm Home Did the Mistress move into ... [FishbowlLA]

Claire Bidwell Smith: How to Write a Book in 10 Weeks - Posted August 3, 2007
Claire Bidwell Smith, blogger, volunteer,writer and psychotherapist, wrote a book in 10 weeks. She's leaving LA for Chicago, but found the time to tell us about the process. ... [FishbowlLA]

How I Got That Story: Chris Lee, Kate Coe on Theresa Duncan - Posted August 3, 2007
Chris Lee, LA Times writer and FBLA's Kate Coe exchanged notes on their Theresa Duncan/Jeremy Blake stories. When did you first ... [FishbowlLA]

TMZ.com Gets New Digs - Posted July 20, 2007
Attention celebrities (I know some of you read our site): The Associated Press of sleaze is moving closer to the Hollywood sign: On Monday, TMZ will relocate to 8033 Sunse... [FishbowlLA]

New Sites: It's HerHollywood. We Just Live In It - Posted July 10, 2007
Felica Devers, a longtime Hollywoodphile-turned-segment-producer, has launched HerHollywood.com. The new site is aimed at women "working and desiring to work in the film and television fields," and Devers hopes it morphs into an online community of industry women with Hollywood news and a vibrant job boar... [FishbowlLA]

Luke Ford Scoops the LA Times, Daily News, but not Telemundo: Villaraigosa Admits to Affair with Mirthala Salinas - Posted July 4, 2007
Luke Ford was right all ... [FishbowlLA]

Do Record Companies Have Steve Jobs Cornered? - Posted July 3, 2007
NYT reporter Jeff Leeds's story about Universal's dispute with Apple has music-industry watchers in a tizzy this week, with some grunts joking o... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Winners Head To The Hollywood Bowl! - Posted July 2, 2007
FBLA is happy to announce that five of our readers have won tickets to see the Decemberists this Saturday at the Hollywood Bowl! As part of a contest sponsored by fanscape.com, winners will get to... [FishbowlLA]

Why We (Heart) Nikki Finke - Posted June 12, 2007
We've officially arrived. It took nearly a year, but FBLA has finally registered on the radar of the venerable, incomparable, indispensable Nikki Finke. Well, actually, that statement was yet another example of the "inaccuracies," Nikki alludes to in her ... [FishbowlLA]

Craigslist Ad: Executive Luxury Gift Buyer - Posted June 11, 2007
FBLA found a job on Craigslist that sounds so fun, and yet has the potential to be so awful. It pays $100K, and you earn every penny, we're guessing. Executive Luxury Gift Buyer EMPLOYER/FAMILY DESCRIPTION: Executive/CEO and wife (this is where the... [FishbowlLA]

Win a VIP Hollywood Bowl Experience - Posted June 7, 2007
Our buddies at fanscape.com are once again offering loyal FBLA readers tickets to some hot shows, this time at the Hollywood Bowl. This time around, the contest will be run on their site -- and they're going to ask you a lot of questions about your cell phone preferences, but the tickets... [FishbowlLA]

LAT Farewells: Evelyn Iritani - Posted June 1, 2007
Pulitzer-prize-winning biz reporter Evelyn Iritani adds her sweet farewell to the mix this ... [FishbowlLA]

Tabloid Baby Says Dateline Took the Worst of Tabloid TV - Posted May 30, 2007
Tabloid tv is too important to be left to amateurs, as in the case of NBC Dateline's To Catch A Predator fias... [FishbowlLA]

Jenifer McKim Tells FBLA Third Time's A Charm - Posted May 23, 2007
Orange Count Register investigative reporter Jenifer McKim is headed to Harvard this August. McKim, a Pulitzer finalist, won a Nieman -- finally! It was McKim's third attempt to win that elusive award, and the Boston-bound star reporter couldn't be happier. McKim tells FBLA she's taking the whole crew... [FishbowlLA]

This Is Why We Don't Print Your Comments - Posted May 2, 2007
Peter Larsen wrote a funny Q&A (well, "Q") with American Idol star Taylor Hicks, one that Hicks fans didn't much care for. And since the Register prints pretty much all reader comments on its Web site, the rest of us treated to p... [FishbowlLA]

LAT Web Site To Get Botox - Posted May 2, 2007
FBLA co-Fishie Kate Coe schooled public relations folks at the PR Newswire Media Coffee this morning and came back with a bit of gossip from latimes.com Executive Editor Meredith Artley. "Meredith said the... [FishbowlLA]

LAT in 90 Seconds - Posted May 1, 2007
Behind Closed Doors: Clive Cussler is raising eyebrows for having his trial in front of only a handful of people -- but it's still more people than have read his books. ... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA EXCLUSIVE: E&P Publisher of the Year N. Christian Anderson Looked Bush in the Eye, Didn't Blink - Posted May 1, 2007
Editor & Publisher named N. Christian Anderson III, editor of the year this week, lauding the publisher of The Orange County Register for helming a paper that "was one of the first, and strongest, opponents of the war in Iraq." And... [FishbowlLA]

Mark Burnett, MySpace Team Up for a Competition to Pick a Political Candidate - Posted April 25, 2007
We checked our calendars, just to be sure, but - nope - it's not April 1. That means either someone at MediaPost Publications has it wrong, or this here story is true: Just in time for the next presidential election, reality TV impresario ... [FishbowlLA]

Local Journos Remember Tony Tranfa - Posted April 20, 2007
LA Observed reported yesterday on the death of Tony Tranfa, the 49-year-old online editor at the Daily Breeze. Forty-nine. His friends and co-workers were of course saddened by the news. But when they talked about Tony with FBLA, the first things to come to mind were the things that brought smiles ... [FishbowlLA]

Fine Arts LA.com Launches with a Flourish - Posted April 13, 2007
Christian Chensvold announces the launch of FineArtsLA.com, LA's first website devoted to classical music, opera, ballet and museums. And about time, too. Alan Rich, long time music critic for the LA Weekly, sat down for an interview, as did Kelly Ann Sloan, dancer with the Los Angeles Ballet. Edward Gardner, conductor of... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Finds Craigslist Gold, So You Don't Have To - Posted April 12, 2007
FBLA combs the city for opportunities, just for you. The writer of a movie soon to be directed by Dolph Lundgren is looking for help: ATTRACTIVE ,ENERGETIC,FEMAL... [FishbowlLA]

Kurt Vonnegut, Dead at 84 - Posted April 11, 2007
The NYT had its finger on the "send" trigger, apparently, and popped this lovely obit up minutes after his death was announced. It ends with the poem Requiem, from Vonnegut's 2005 book,... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA EXCLUSIVE: The Anatomy of a "Baby Story" (Or, Who Determines Who Gets The Scoop) - Posted April 10, 2007
Samantha Harris can't help it if she's everybody's "It Girl." The Dancing with the Stars hostess works for ABC. But she's also a correspondent for E!. So when she announced her pregnancy today, who got the scoop? People... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA 20 Questions: Diz White - Posted April 9, 2007
She's funny. She's British. And she's pimping a book. So why wouldn't LA voice-over talent/playwright/author Diz White answer our 20 Stupid Questions? Especially since we agreed to ... [FishbowlLA]

Sanjaya and his Supporters--Birds of a Feather - Posted April 4, 2007
Sanjaya certainly has some loyal supporters. Ken Levine's not one of them: Sanjaya--Andy Garcia meets Tinkerbell. America's joke. Clint, the webmaster for the Sanjaya Fan Network, w... [FishbowlLA]

Reelz Channel Writer on "Crappy Movies" - Posted April 4, 2007
Brian Talmadge pointed FBLA towards another Reelz employee, writer Thomas Leupp, formerly of JoBlo.com. Leupp's MySpace page intros him with this: I'm a Staff Writer at ReelzChannel.com, wher... [FishbowlLA]

Rumor Mill -- Stuff We've Heard About People You Know - Posted April 2, 2007
FBLA has decided that responsible, cautious journalism is for wusses. We get delicious little morsels of unsubstantiated rumors in our in box all the time. Today, we shall disperse them to the masses. Feast, ye heathens! Feast! Last week we heard that the 50-80 LAT staffers were going to be laid off... [FishbowlLA]

Andrea Keller And Top Design--NBC Made Us Late - Posted March 30, 2007
FBLA is late with our Andrea Keller: Top Design insights, but we have a good excuse. NBC asked to check out her responses first and took their own sweet time about it. Make of that what you will. Hmmm. So, read on for the Chef's Table challenge, and we promise to... [FishbowlLA]

Gross Ads Keep 'Captivity' From Being Rated - Posted March 30, 2007
Women's groups who complained about billboards depicting a woman's abduction, torture and death tell FBLA today that they feel vindicated by MPAA sanctions against a film company responsible for those Captivity ads. According to Variety: ... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA EXCLUSIVE: Michael Parks on Seipp-Stein Story: "Most People Don't Want to Be Nice" - Posted March 29, 2007
FOX News.com ran a story about the late Cathy Seipp's feud with Eliot Stein, the guy who bought her domain name and posted what he called a satire and her friends called an outrage. The story g... [FishbowlLA]

BREAKING: Bomb Threat At E! - Posted March 28, 2007
Giuliana DePandi seen milling about outside the Wilshire Blvd. E! building in a trench coat. This and more exciting news as it develops. Stay tuned. UPDATE: LAPD told FBLA that security guards at the 5750 Wilshire Blvd. building received two separate calls before 10 a.m. today from someone claiming that a... [FishbowlLA]

It's Spring, And Jeff Leeds Is On The Air - Posted March 27, 2007
Jeff Leeds' NYT article about how the album is falling out of favor has been the talk of music industry wonks, wonkettes and wannabes all week. But the LA-based journo's more interesting work isn't about the fate of music albums, but a glimpse into the fu... [FishbowlLA]

Jon Fine: Has TMZ Gone People? - Posted March 27, 2007
Business Week's Jon Fine posits that Britney Spears has neutered that supposed pitbull of celebrity journalism, TMZ.com. To prove his point, Fine lists a few recent TMZ posts about the pop princess. Close your eyes an... [FishbowlLA]

LA Times Reporter Stalks American Idol Fans - Posted March 22, 2007
Not content with Richard Rushfield's harassment of an innocent child, the LA Times sends Deborah Netburn on ... [FishbowlLA]

Andres Martinez, Kelly Mullens, Brian Grazer: Three's Company - Posted March 21, 2007
FBLA thinks this is almost too good to be true: Andres Martinez, the Op-Ed Editor at the LA Times has been dating Kelly Mullens, who was an executive with Sitrick and Company. One of that firm's clients is Brian Grazer, the guest editor of this weekend's Current section. Former Sitri... [FishbowlLA]

Angelenos About To Be Freed From "Capitivity" - Posted March 19, 2007
Almost as soon as the billboards for the Lionsgate film Captivity went up, the complaints came in. Women were outraged by the four panel billboard that showed a woman being kidnapped, confined, tortured and killed. Go figure. Quite a few of them told the movie studio that if they wanted misogyny with... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA EXCLUSIVE: Getting Sick With Jonathan Cohn - Posted March 17, 2007
Jonathan Cohn has been hailed by Slate -- in an E-Street inspired article -- as the future of health care punditry. And today Cohn, a senior editor at The New Republic, will tell impressionable young health care journos how to write a book a... [FishbowlLA]

Sanjaya Malakar: Are Indian Call Centers Controlling This American Idol? - Posted March 16, 2007
FBLA isn't sure who started this, but Tabloid Baby, Blogging Stocks and ... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA EXCLUSIVE: Andrea Keller Parties on Top Design - Posted March 16, 2007
Andrea Keller, our pal on Bravo's Top Design, gives us a little more dish about her experiences on the show: FBLA: Do you read the forums or blogs about the show? Peop... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA EXCLUSIVE: Andrea Keller Parks Top Design - Posted March 8, 2007
Bravo's Top Design episode last night found our heroine, intrepid architect Andrea Keller, in charge of a garage makeover. FBLA wishes she'd worked on Clean House with us, so she'd have been prepared for the challeng... [FishbowlLA]

West's Spring Fashion Issue - Posted March 4, 2007
West magazine ran its annual Spring Fashion issue and while the results were more appealing than in the past, there's still a lot of work to be done. Elizabeth Khuri explores the art of Rodarte, although it would be nice ... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA 20 Questions: Jacob Soboroff - Posted February 28, 2007
FBLA subjects Jacob Soboroff, videographer, activist, and good sport to our weekly questions. 1. What newspapers do you read? IN 3-D, WITH COFFEE, MOST MORNING... [FishbowlLA]

UPDATE: Deadline Hollywood vs. Gold Derby: Spoiler Smackdown! - Posted February 25, 2007
Gold Derby's Tom O'Neil, who'll also be live-blogging tonight, tries to refute the Spoilers posted on Deadline Hollywood. He's got Stev... [FishbowlLA]

Live Blogs: The Oscar Edition - Posted February 25, 2007
FBLA will not be live-blogging the Oscars. Hell, we aren't sure we're even watching. We might be doing good works among the poor. You want live-blogging? Try these: Ray Richmond The Johnny Lopez The Fug Girls... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Exclusive: Andrea Keller Trashes Top Design--Not Really - Posted February 23, 2007
Bravo's Top Design found Felicia Bushman ousted for using a crocheted afghan in a room designed for a twenty-something design student. Andrea Keller, our pal, commented on the challenge, One Man's Trash: AK: Felicia going was a huge shocker, we thought s... [FishbowlLA]

Once-Reluctant LA Times Now Eager to Speak About Hate Crime Coverage - Posted February 23, 2007
If you've been following the Long Beach Halloween hate crime story and the media coverage of same, there's another story in... [FishbowlLA]

RADAR LOVE: FBLA Goes to the Party - Posted February 22, 2007
FBLA went to Radar's party at the Standard Hotel last night and had a surprisingly good time. There's always that moment, when fully dressed, one thinks, "To hell with it", and decides to climb out of the pumps and stay home and eat in front of the tv. But we went and... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA 20 Questions: GirlsTalkinSmack.com - Posted February 20, 2007
FBLA talks to the dishiest girls of online celebrity dish: GirlsTalkinSmack.com's Kim (pictured. kinda) and Tiff, who inform us that even though they don't get their own hands inky for the news, papers aren't dead; satellite radio isn't all that and Josh Holloway, ap... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA: Oscar Watch 2007 - Posted February 19, 2007
FBLA is counting the days until the Oscars. Well, no, not really, but we're pretending to care by pointing out some stories you might have missed. Oscars--the dermatologists. NY Times Oscars--the D.J. ... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Doesn't Pander Which Flacks Would Know If They Read FBLA - Posted February 17, 2007
The Flack thinks FBLA panders. Peter Himler, of Flatiron Communications blogs about John Pavlik's retirement from the Academy, writing: With the Oscars nearly upon us, and the... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Exclusive: Andrea Keller Beaches Top Design - Posted February 16, 2007
Top Design: Episode 3 was another team challenge (enough with the "works and plays well with others" crap, Bravo) and FBLA's Andrea Keller got to show off her building trades cred. (She's very into the design part, rather than dish, but we're working on her.) FBLA: Did the time alloted for the... [FishbowlLA]

Bronson and Merryman Talk to FBLA About How Not To Talk to Your Kids - Posted February 16, 2007
New York magazine's cover story, How Not to Talk to Your Kids: The Inverse Power of Praise by Po Bronson with Ashley Merryman, paints an all-too-common picture of kids so showered with praise that they're drowning, not swimming. FBL... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Editor Upsets Orange County With Husband's Naughty Bits - Posted February 15, 2007
Who knew people in the OC were so prissy? FBLA editrix, Mayrav Saar, wrote a column about meeting some of her husband's college friends and re... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA EXCLUSIVE: LAT Investigations Editor's Departure Bittersweet - Posted February 13, 2007
Vernon Loeb, LAT local investigations editor, is leaving to return to the Philadephia Inquirer as metro editor. Loeb tells FBLA: "It's hard leaving the LA Times, and hard leaving LA. I couldn't pass up an opportnity to go to Philadelphia, work with Bill Marimow and show that locally owned newspapers can not... [FishbowlLA]

Wanna Be An Answer Vixen? No, We Didn't Think So - Posted February 12, 2007
If you've got a hankering to give strangers your advice, and you don't need to eat--E. Jean is looking for you: Kumquats! I am offering two internships with AskEJean.com. Kumquat rhymes with something, but we digress. Reading on, one learns that a... [FishbowlLA]

Breaking: Hefner and E! Comment on Anna Nicole Smith's Death - Posted February 8, 2007
Did Anna Nicole Smith die from those weight loss drugs, or more recreational ones? Or was someone who spent most of her life as a circus freakshow doomed to die this young? We asked the people responsible, those who helped catapult this buxom bundle of tragedy into fame, to shed some light.... [FishbowlLA]

From The Annals Of 'Why Didn't I Think Of That' - Posted February 8, 2007
FBLA is as jealous as a 38-year-old bridesmaid of Erin Torneo and Valerie Krause who had the good sense to collect their thoughts and memories of going stag to countless friends' weddings and compile them into a sure-to-be-a-big-seller book, The Bridal Wave: A Survival Guide to the Everyone-I-Know-Is-Getting-Mar... [FishbowlLA]

Michael Ausiello Isn't a Doctor, Plays One on TV - Posted February 6, 2007
FBLA loves press releases. TV Guide's hardworking Julie Farin alerted us to this groundbreaking morsel: TV Guide's ubiquitous columnist Michael Ausiello (Ask Ausiello, The Ausiello Report) makes a cameo appearance as an ob... [FishbowlLA]

All News Is Local, All Homicides More So - Posted February 5, 2007
Jill Leovy drops FBLA a note to pimp the following: "Starting today, the Los Angeles Times begins a new effort to report all Los Angeles County homicides weekly. L.A. County is one of the nation's most violent locales, and in a typical year th... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Writes A Job Posting For Viacom, Hopes They Don't Make Us Take it Down - Posted February 5, 2007
Viacom doesn't know it, but it needs fact-checkers. So allow us to list a job posting on... [FishbowlLA]

Top Design: FBLA Goes to the Party - Posted February 1, 2007
FBLA is wildly excited about Bravo's Top Design series, especially as architect Andrea Keller is a contestant. We know her from our other life, and thus are completely biased and hope she wins. In the weeks ahead, she's... [FishbowlLA]

LA Feminist Create A make/shift Magazine, Tell FBLA All About It - Posted January 31, 2007
Make/shift a magazine "representing contemporary feminist culture and action around the world," is launching here in LA. It'll include fiction, interviews with activists, photo essays an analysis. And, did we mention it's launching here? Jessica Hoffmann, one of make/shift's three editor/publishers (along with S... [FishbowlLA]

John Griffiths Talks Recovery In Pop Culture with Ted Casablanca - Posted January 29, 2007
John Griffiths, television critic for Us Weekly, is also the host of The Hollywood Pitch on CRNTalk. He has a great show set for tonight from 7-9 p.m. (PST). From the release: Principles before... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA EXCLUSIVE: Us Weekly's Ken Baker Bringing the Fun to the Internet - Posted January 26, 2007
Ken Baker, Us Weekly's West Coast exec editor, yesterday was named Editorial Director of Usmagazine.com, which makes perfect sense to us. This was the guy, after all, who told us that the secret to the mag's success was ... [FishbowlLA]

I'd Like To Thank The Academy, And NPR, For Giving Me This Honor - Posted January 25, 2007
We all secretly have our Oscar speeches in our heads, don't we? Along with our moms, and our deities and our third-grade teachers, we'd use the airtime to make a romantic or meaningful offer of thanks to someone unexpected. Or maybe we'd use the limelight to really stick it to Tracy Schindler for... [FishbowlLA]

The Last Word on Studio 60? - Posted January 24, 2007
E! Network's The Soup produced this hilarious riff on Hollywood's love-it-or-hate-it reaction to Studio 60. As FBLA has drawn a line down our fishbowl on this br... [FishbowlLA]

Fox's New Morning Show -- How They'll Cover the Stories That Mean the Most to Los Angeles - Posted January 18, 2007
Fox is adding a new national morning show to its roster at 9 a.m. on Jan. 22, when it plucks Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy from FOX News Channel's Dayside, and gives them the The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. This is a NY-based show, but both T... [FishbowlLA]

W and Hollywood Have a Golden Affair: FBLA Goes to the Party - Posted January 12, 2007
W magazine threw their Golden Globes kick-off party at the Sunset Tower Hotel's Terrace last night--FBLA keeps thinking of it as the Argyle. Lots of svelte blondes in black, including Rachel Zoe, sweetly but maddeningly discreet about her latest red-carpet proteges, Steven Cojocaru who was pointed out as Madonna... [FishbowlLA]

New Blog on the Block - Posted January 11, 2007
Variety has launched a new party-esque society blog, Variety on the Town, that seems to be a departure from other party-eque society sites in that it leaves all the panty-free pandemonium on the other side of the velvet rope. ... [FishbowlLA]

Get Naked. Get Married. Get on TV. - Posted January 10, 2007
The WE channel will be airing three competition-esque shows: A swimsuit makeover show, a lingerie makeover show and a wedding dress special. Flummoxed by their inability to cast the show entirely from Smith College, the casting directors asked... [FishbowlLA]

McClatchy Buys Out Its Only True Competition -- Local Bloggers - Posted January 5, 2007
In its apparent march toward relevance, McClatchy bought two local blogs (or placeblogs), ... [FishbowlLA]

Freedom Writers: Hilary Ain't The Only Swank Thing About This Movie - Posted January 3, 2007
Style diva and general troublemaker Stevie Wilson takes issue with Robin Roberts' ... [FishbowlLA]

Jay Lawrence Leaving KFI - Posted January 2, 2007
The voice of Orange County and the Inland Empire was laid off by KFI AM 640 last week. Jay Lawrence, 60, who got his start as a college stringer, reporting golf games, says that in his 18 years reporting for the radio station he survived firestorms, earthquakes and being shot at.... [FishbowlLA]

New Web Site Makes All News Local - Posted January 2, 2007
Placeblogger.com, yet another citizen journalism project, launched this week and promises to be a "directory of hyperlocal sites," according to one of the sites listed, fresnofamous.com. Founder Lisa Williams sa... [FishbowlLA]

Sundown on Sunset... and on 2006 - Posted December 29, 2006
If you still don't know how you're ringing in the New Year, LA.com has some suggestions (yes, this is the first time FBLA has ever refered people to LA.com for anything other than a punchline. But if you don't have NYE plans this late in the game, then you deserve to... [FishbowlLA]

FBLA Interviews The Woman We'll Be Stealing Photos From Next Year - Posted December 29, 2006
Celebrity Babylon, a new "Internet magazine" created by Sunset Photo and News, was supposed ... [FishbowlLA]