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Business Networks Live From Davos - Posted January 21, 2014
The World Economic Forum annual meeting is underway in Switzerland, and all three business networks have correspondents in Davos for the week. Liz Claman is in Davos for FBN. Claman will interview several executives, in... [TVNewser]

Morning Chatter - Posted September 26, 2013
What's a little trash talking from an ex-Washington reporter? "@DavidNakamura @jeneps @jeffmason1 Mason is basically the catcher in the rye. Maybe @GlennThrush, if he ever stooped to #poolduty." -- Bloomberg's Berlin-based Hans ... [FishbowlDC]

At Home With Tommy Vietor: a 'Hot Free Agent' - Posted March 26, 2013
The chains are off. Tommy Vietor is out of the White House as National Security Spokesman and transitioning into a brand new consulting job with President Obama's former speechwriter Jon Favreau and Ben Schwerin, a former aide to President Bill Clint... [FishbowlDC]

State of the Union Coverage: Biz Networks - Posted February 12, 2013
All three business networks will provide live coverage of tonight's State of the Union speech and Republican response. On Fox Business, Neil Cavuto will anchor beginning at 9pmET. Cavuto will be joined by ... [TVNewser]

Politico Behind On Bloomberg Scoop - Posted January 16, 2013
The first item in Politico's Playbook by Mike Allen today concerns Deputy Nat. Security Adviser Denis McDonough potentially being named White House Chief of Staff. "Exclusive" doesn't appear next... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted December 26, 2012
Quotes of the Day -- Home for the Holidays Edition HOLIDAY JOKESTER: "My favorite 2012 picture of Steve Buttry." -- Mimi Buttry, wife of Steve Buttry. But... [FishbowlDC]

In Defense of Himself: Daily Caller's Neil Munro - Posted November 16, 2012
On Thursday National Journal's George Condon ... [FishbowlDC]

Bloomberg's Hans Nichols Pulls a Neil Munro - Posted November 14, 2012
President Obama went into today's press conference with a list of reporters who were permitted to question him. AP. NBC. CNN. Fox News. Telemundo. If your name wasn't on the list, forget it. You were SOL. So Bloomberg's ... [FishbowlDC]

Obama's Post-Election Press Conference - Posted November 14, 2012
President Obama is holding his first press conference in eight months, and the first since he won reelection 8 days ago. As we noted earlier, the networks are breaking into regular programming for the presser. "I hear you have a few questions for me," Obama said as he stepped up to the... [TVNewser]

Public Enemy #1 in Charlotte: Bloomberg's Hans Nichols - Posted September 4, 2012
Bloomberg reporter Hans Nichols loves to make new friends wherever he goes. This week in Charlotte he's warming up to cops helping to reinforce convention security by making them look as stupid as possible. The intrepid Nichols qui... [FishbowlDC]

Charlie Rose Pulling Double Duty For Bloomberg TV Convention Coverage - Posted August 17, 2012
Bloomberg TV is the latest network to slate 2012 convention coverage. Not surprisingly, its coverage will focus on economic issues, and will originate from the "Bloomberg Link" event space being set up in both Tampa and Charlotte. ... [TVNewser]

What a Racket! Journos Take to the Courts - Posted July 17, 2012
Tonight, two teams -- one the Stars and one the Stripes -- composed of folks from Congress, the Administration, Ambassadors, national media and players on the WTT Champion Washington Kastles team will join together in Kastles Stadium for a memorable team tennis match with 100 percent of the ticket proceeds going... [FishbowlDC]

Fish Food - Posted June 25, 2012
(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know...) A book signing not to miss: WaPo Associate Editor and Pultizer Prize-winner David Maraniss will be at Politics & Prose ... [FishbowlDC]

Networks Slate Special Coverage of Super Tuesday - Posted March 5, 2012
Voters in 10 states head to the polls tomorrow to weigh in on the next GOP Presidential candidate. Here's the plan for Super Tuesday coverage on the broadcast and cable news and business networks. The broadcast networks: "Nightly News" anchor ... [TVNewser]

Networks to Carry Pres. Obama News Conference - Posted October 6, 2011
The White House has announced Pres. Obama will hold a news conference at 11amET. Obama's most recent news conference was July 15, during a week in which he had two press availabilities. NBC News will provide a special r... [TVNewser]

Would You Cross This Woman? - Posted July 18, 2011
When given the choice between loud and feisty or a big-name media outlet, the White House Press Corps went with a resounding nod for the former. April Ryan, w... [FishbowlDC]

CBS's Knoller Calls for his Slurpee Royalties - Posted November 4, 2010
Let the record show, says CBS Radio White House correspondent Mark Knoller, that he was first to raise the idea of a Slurpee Summit even though Bloomberg's Hans Nichols... [FishbowlDC]

Bloomberg's Nichols Proposes Slurpee Summit - Posted November 3, 2010
During today's White House presser, Bloomberg Television's White House reporter Hans Nichols took an opportunity to lighten the mood by asking President Obama if he will invite new Republican House speaker John Boehner over for a Slurpee. President Obama said back, "I might serve. They're delicious drinks...The Slurpee Summit." ... [FishbowlDC]

Networks Cover Post-Election Obama Presser; Fox News Called on Third - Posted November 3, 2010
Just after 1 PM ET, President Obama held a press conference at the White House where he addressed the results of yesterday's elections, and the future of his agenda. The big three broadcasters all took it live: ... [TVNewser]

President Obama Holds Press Conference on the Economy - Posted September 10, 2010
Just after 11 AM this morning, President Obama made remarks about the economy and unemployment. The four broadcast networks carried it live, with Harry Smith anchoring for CBS, George Stephanopoulos for ABC, Greg Jarrett for Fox and ... [TVNewser]

WHCA Candidates Accused of 'Garbage Campaigning' - Posted July 9, 2010
The July 15 race for the at-large seat of the White House Correspondents' Association is reaching a fevered pitch. The race has gotten so competitive that all three candidates -- Politico's Carol Lee, Bloomberg's Hans Nichols a... [FishbowlDC]

Sunday Show Preview 02.21.10 - Posted February 19, 2010
• NBC's Meet the Press: General David Petraeus, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), WaPo's E.J. Dionne, WSJ's Peggy Noonan, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD). • CBS' Face the Nation: Exclusive interview with for... [FishbowlDC]

Bloomberg's Weekend Lineup - Posted December 31, 2009
... [FishbowlDC]

FishPoolDC: An Insider's Notes from Today's Press Briefing - Posted December 2, 2009
Notes from a briefing room press insider... 7-'11: The point that WH senior administration officials had predicted would be the most "misunderstood" of POTUS's Afghan address was the focus of many a question in the briefing room. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs identified the July 2011 date as a "transition point" that ensures... [FishbowlDC]

FishPoolDC: Our Insider's Notes from Today's Press Briefing - Posted October 19, 2009
Notes from a briefing room press insider... The T-Word: In a rare morning on-camera briefing, Press Secy Robert Gibbs tag-teamed with Jared Bernstein and Melody Barnes, chief WH economic and domestic policy advisors, respecti... [FishbowlDC]

Business Nets Plan for G-20 - Posted September 17, 2009
Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox Business have started to release their early plans for covering the G-20 summit that will bring together leaders from 19 of the world's largest economies (plus the EU) next week. Festivities start next Thursday in the unrelentingly majesty of Pittsburgh, PA. Bloomberg anchor ... [TVNewser]

Sunday Show Preview - Posted September 11, 2009
NBC's Meet the Press: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) and a roundtable with CNBC's Erin Burnett, author Joshua Cooper Ramo and NBC's Chuck Todd... [FishbowlDC]

Bloomberg's Karen Leigh Packs DC Bags for Cambodia - Posted August 19, 2009
Bloomberg's Karen Leigh is "trading in golf pool and helo landings for the splendors of Phnom Penh." She'll s... [FishbowlDC]

Who Will Get Called On Tonight? A Look Back At Obama's Pressers - Posted July 22, 2009
Tonight is President Obama's fourth prime-time press conference, fifth overall. Each presser has lasted about an hour and averages 13 reporters' questions. Fox did not air Obama's 100th day press conference, the third, on the network and will not tonight either. In his first prime-time press conference Feb. 9th, the President called... [FishbowlDC]

Sunday Show Preview - Posted July 10, 2009
NBC's Meet the Press: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and a roundtable with former adviser to Pres. George W. Bush, Karen Hughes, NBC's Andrea Mitchell, Democratic Strategist Bob Shrum and Politico's ... [FishbowlDC]

FishPoolDC: Our Insider's Notes from Today's Press Briefing - Posted July 2, 2009
A truly brief pre-holiday weekend briefing started with Press Secretary/WH School Marm Robert Gibbs' scolding of NBC's Chuck Todd for another late entrance (though no one heard a two-minute warning). "Three times -- you've got to go to detention hall," RG announced. (Chucky T was allowed to stay.) But... Free Ice Cream?!:... [FishbowlDC]

Weekend Show Preview: June 13-14, 2009 - Posted June 12, 2009
The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer: Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) will discuss gas pipeline, Letterman feud, Obama and 2012. Dir. OMB Peter Orszag, Sen. Judd Gregg ... [FishbowlDC]

FishPoolDC: Our Insider's Notes from Today's Briefing - Posted June 8, 2009
Another Guest-Lecturer: Press Secretary Robert Gibbs ceded time at the top for Jared Bernstein of the VPOTUS team to do a little show-and-tell on the Recovery Act. Bernstein pulled out one of the swanky briefing room screens to help outline 10 major projects in the works for the second, "accelerated" stage... [FishbowlDC]

Sunday Show Preview - Posted May 1, 2009
NBC's Meet the Press: Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA), Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Center for Disease Control Acting Director Dr. Richard Besser and a roundtable with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and former counselor to President Bush Ed Gillespie CBS' Face the Nation: Sen. Arlen Specter... [FishbowlDC]

Sunday Show Preview - Posted April 10, 2009
NBC's Meet the Press: NPR's "Planet Money" Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson and a roundtable with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, NPR's Michele Norris, Wash... [FishbowlDC]

Sunday Show Preview - Posted April 4, 2009
NBC's Meet the Press: General Motors President & CEO Fritz Henderson and a roundtable with former President Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, CNBC's John Harwood, BBC's Katty Kay, author Joshua Cooper Ramo and former Chief Economist at the US Department of Labor Dr. Bill Rodgers CBS' Face the Nation: Treasury Sec... [FishbowlDC]

The Ticker (G20 Edition): ABC, CBS, Bloomberg... - Posted March 27, 2009
> ABC's Charlie Gibson anchors World News from London Tuesday-Thursday. Correspondents Jake Tapper, Jim Sciutto, Yunji de Nies will report from the G20 summit... [TVNewser]

Sunday Show Preview - Posted March 6, 2009
NBC's Meet the Press: Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and a roundtable with CNBC's Erin Burnett, former House Speaker New Gingrich (R-GA), U.S. News & World Report's Mort Zuckerman and "Lords of Finance" author Liaquat Ahamed CBS' Face the Nation: White House Director of Office and Budget Management Peter... [FishbowlDC]

Sunday Show Preview - Posted February 20, 2009
NBC's Meet the Press: Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) and a roundtable with Bloomberg News' Al Hunt, NPR's Michele Norris and CNBC's Becky Quick ABC's This Week: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) and a roundtable... [FishbowlDC]

Sunday Show Preview - Posted September 5, 2008
Meet The Press: Sen. Joe Biden and New York Times' Tom Friedman. Face The Nation: Sen. John McCain. This Week: Sen. Barack Obama and a roundtable with T... [FishbowlDC]

Sunday Show Preview - Posted August 29, 2008
Meet the Press: Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) and a roundtable with presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, NBC's David Gregory, NBC's Andrea Mitchell... [FishbowlDC]

Hans Nichols To Bloomberg - Posted July 12, 2007
FishbowlDC has learned that Hans Nichols, fresh off law school and a reporting Fulbright in West Africa, is heading to Bloomberg to cover the White House. Nichols also previously covered House Democrats for The Hill. ... [FishbowlDC]