Michael Sajkowicz
Contact Info
  Michael Sajkowicz
NYC, Westchester and Long Island, NY 

Tel: (347) 901-2483  
E-Mail: sajkowicz@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mediabistro.com/MichaelSajkowicz
Professional/Personal Overview
  As a writer, producer and editor for honestbaby.com, Michael Sajkowicz has proven himself to be a versatile and well-rounded writer, covering topics as diverse as science, health, childcare, entertainment, travel and arts & crafts. His expert research skills allow him to immerse himself in any topic and provide a clear, concise overview and analysis of any issue.

An avid devotee of the cinema, he is the resident movie reviewer for the site and, based on his thorough knowledge of pop culture, he also writes about the classic films and TV shows that continue to resonate with families.

While able to adapt his writing voice to the most appropriate tone for the assignment, his strong suit is humor with a range from innocent fun to wickedly sarcastic. His screenplay Good Intentions scored as a semi-finalist in Francis Coppola’s American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest, finishing in the top 4% of 2,400 writers.

Michael is available for freelance assignments or a staff position.

Work Samples
Paul McCartney and David Lynch team up for an all-star concert to promote awareness of the benefits of transcendental meditation and raise money to teach the technique to one million children worldwide.
An examination of the environmental impact of the average packed lunch along with advice and tips to show how to make a greener lunch box.
Growing evidence suggests that plastic bottles containing Bisphenol-A poses serious health risks, especially for danger but their are ways to avoid the danger.
Movie Reviews  
DreamWorks Animation looks to take on rival Pixar with their 3-D showdown between monsters and aliens.
This documentary provides a fun and insightful look at the unique phenomenon of Manhattan's nursery school admissions derby.
Brendan Fraser stars in the big screen adaptation of Cornelia Funke's bestseller INKHEART.
Pop Culture  
10 Films for a Family Friendly Halloween Fright Fest
Published online during the primary season in early 2008, Election Connection presented parents with suggested viewing and reading that can make children part of the campaign in a fun and educational way.
Top Ten Tips  
Ten easy steps that families can take at home to be a little bit greener.
Ten suggestions for making the family dinner outing a night to enjoy.
Make the getting there an adventure in it's own right.
This original dark comedic script finished as a semi-finalist in Francis Ford Coppola's first American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest, landing in the top 4% in a field of 2,400 scripts. Co-written with Steven Menchel.
A sitcom spec script based on the hit television program "That 70's Show", this writing sample captures the voice of the show and its unique characters perfectly and presents them in an original story that would fit seamlessly into the canon of the series.
An original spec pilot for an animated show for mature audiences featuring the misadventures of the members of the volunteer fire department in the town of Dowdy.
Producers Reel  
(BBE / Honestbaby)
Parenting Famously crosses the red carpet and meets celebrity parents on the common ground that we all share during our journey to raise a family. Honestbaby knows that the idea of perfect parenting is a myth and being a celebrity doesn’t make you immune to super mom expectations.
A Quicktime reel featuring commercials that I produced for NFL.com, Super Bowl XXXV, NFL Consumer Products, PlayFootball.com, Major League Soccer and an unaired test for a branding campaign that celebrated footballs place in American pop culture (the Brady Bunch spot).
The Honest Scoop is my daily news blog that collects the latest stories of interest to parents from serious, hard news to important health info and lighthearted updates from the entertainment world with news on celebrity parents, family films and children's literature. Originally called The Morning
Launched in April 2009, The Morning Brew was my daily, morning news blog that was later re-named The Honest Scoop.