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New Media, New Jobs: Hybrid Roles in the Digital Newsroom
Be it distributed reporting, Web content strategy or developing software apps for news sites, talented and driven media pros can break into these emerging careers.

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TurboTax Wants Your Filing Process to Be As Difficult As Possible - Posted April 15, 2014
Of course everyone dislikes filing taxes. The fact that we have to do so once a year is one of the main reasons so many Americans have low opinions of government--at least in the abstract. And yet, the whole process might be easier were it not for the interference of...the people... [FishbowlDC]

Need Data For a Story? You Can Now Buy It From ProPublica - Posted February 27, 2014
Journalists writing about health, business and transportation issues can now purchase extensive data sets from independent, nonprofit reporting outfit ProPublica via its Data Store. Launched Feb. 26, the store allows news organizations and individual reporters to "sh... [10,000 Words]

Knight Foundation, Investigative News Network Supports Nonprofit News with Micro-grants - Posted February 3, 2014
If not for enterprising and investigative-minded journalists, the recent George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal in New Jersey might never have been brought to light. Same goes for that stubborn NY1 reporter, whose recent relentless questioning of Staten Island Congressman ... [10,000 Words]

Twitter Is Your New Healthcare Customer Service Line - Posted January 29, 2014
Have a great day--and don't forget to @ us when you tell your 235 followers how much we suck! The fact that many brands use Twitter for customer service is nothing new; we covered a few of the best feeds last year, and ma... [FishbowlDC]

Hack Turned Flack: Former NYT Editor/Current PR Pro Weighs In - Posted October 3, 2013
Here's something we wish we'd found earlier. For the past 11 months Gorkana, provider of database and analytics services designed for both sides of the PR/media equation, has run a series on its company blog called "... [FishbowlDC]

ProPublica Crowdsources Gun Control Bill With #TrackTheVote - Posted April 9, 2013
When it comes to gun control, the White House is murkier than ever. Senate Bill 649, which primarily deals with stricter background checks, bigger punishments for drug trafficking, and programs devoted to school safety, is facing ... [10,000 Words]

ProPublica Asks Reddit: What Should We Cover? - Posted March 27, 2013
This week, the non-profit investigative journalism group ProPublica decided to take its quest to uncover the untold stories in a different direction on the Internet: Reddit. And here's the twist, they're not seeking sources -- they're seeking stories. They've opened up a channel, InvestigateThisNews, asking users to tell them what they... [10,000 Words]

P5: ProPublica Invites Newsroom Devs To Hack With Them For 5 Days - Posted January 25, 2013
In a fellowship-meets-hackathon type model that aims to grow the pool of people doing news application development in U.S. newsrooms, ProPublica is inviting news developers into their offices for a few days each month. The program is called ProPublica's Pair Pro... [10,000 Words]

Soviet-Style PR: Firm Plants Positive Stories on Kremlin's Behalf - Posted November 19, 2012
A few weeks ago we reviewed the Communist Party's unique approach to PR damage control; today we observe the ways in which the Party ensures positive coverage in foreign media o... [FishbowlDC]

Why Journalists Should Pay Attention to Knight-Mozilla OpenNews' Source - Posted October 18, 2012
Here at 10,000 Words, we've written about why developers should work in the newsroom, we've told you why jou... [10,000 Words]

Why should developers work in the newsroom? NYT and ProPublica coders explain - Posted July 25, 2012
Newsrooms can be stressful places, full of strong personalities, short deadlines and an insatiable news hole. For reporters and editors, they're stressful for another reason: The on-going uncertainty of when the fun may end and their ride on the journalism merry-go-round will stop while they join the queue of f... [10,000 Words]

Learn How To Build News Apps With ProPublica's New Fellowship (And It Pays!) - Posted January 10, 2012
Can a good reporter with smarts and some technical savvy become a news app developer? ProPublica, the online news organization that has blazed a path in creating innovative news apps, is offering a paid fel... [10,000 Words]

ProPublica's TimelineSetter: A Wonky Yet Powerful Tool - Posted October 14, 2011
Timelines are an effective storytelling tool that can display information that occurs over time in an attractive, easy to follow format. While there are many tools available to do the trick, one stands out for its power, and that's ProPublica's open source TimelineSetter. The introduction to TimelineSetter reads like this: "TimelineSetter creates beautiful... [10,000 Words]

Tool of the Day: Google Refine - Posted August 11, 2011
When it comes to working with and presenting data, Google reigns supreme. We've covered Google's Chart Wizard, ... [10,000 Words]

ProPublica and NYU release music-video "explainer" with investigative series - Posted May 12, 2011
Forget simple kinetic type as a storytelling technique. ProPublica and New York University's Studio 20 have taken it a step further today with the release of their music-v... [10,000 Words]

ProPublica Analyzes PR's Growing Influence on the News - Posted May 2, 2011
ProPublica published a story today (with CJR) discussing the rise of PR's influence on the news process, which is happening as the number of journalists and the number of news stories has fallen. While the story isn't an outright attack on PR or publicists, it does take iss... [FishbowlDC]

Center for Public Integrity Teams Up with American Public Media, Public Insight Network - Posted October 29, 2010
Integrity is making a comeback in journalism: The Center for Public Integrity added to its flurry of recent announceme... [WebNewser -]

LAT In 90 Seconds -- Sunday Edition - Posted November 3, 2008
We're playing catch-up with our newspaper reading this morning, and we're bringing you along for the ride: Familiar Bylines: Former LAT reporters Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein are back --... [FishbowlLA]