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Kaitlin Madden

DDB Chi’s New CCO Comes From…CHI


After months of industry speculation, DDB Chicago has apparently chosen a new Chief Creative. According to various publications, Londoner Ewan Paterson will take on the role of DDB Chicago’s Executive Creative Director. Paterson is currently Executive Creative Director at London-based Clemmow Hornby Inge & Partners.

A DDB representative told AgencySpy this morning that “we don’t have anything to confirm at this time.”

Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Sun-Times apparently spoke to the same rep, as he posted the following in a column on the subject today: “And so the news has come. In leaks and rumors and and dribs and drabs. And as of today, there is still nothing to confirm, according to a DDB spokeswoman.”

So the question of Paterson becomes: Is he, or isn’t he?

For weeks, AgencySpy has been receiving tips on possible chief creatives, and should Paterson be confirmed as DDB’s new ECD, AgencySpy will have to give props to a commenter identified only as “Yawn,” for providing us with the correct DDB musing. “Yawn” proposed the “Exotic Foreigner” theory last month when he left the following comment on an AgencySpy article:

“Hey Kaitlin, why don’t you tell us about the new DDB ECD? the one they poached from overseas who is hated by his own agency? the one that his current agency doesn’t know he’s leaving them yet so he has to keep it quiet the rest of the spring? (but they will be thrilled once they find out).”

Thanks, “Yawn.” If this was Watergate, you’d have been the Deep Throat to our Bob Woodward. That is, if Paterson actually turns out to be the CCO. And, if we’d broken the story first. Ah, nevermind. Stay tuned.

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Chicago Agency Makes Florence Henderson Say Stupid Things

This gem of a video brought to you by Amped 11 Marketing. Florence Henderson…sex jokes…really?

Via: AdsOfTheWorld

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“Cubs: It’s a Waste of Life”


The Chicago Cubs remind me of a guy in my hometown that used to run for Mayor every year. He never won, but that didn’t stop him from walking door to door, pleading his case for election year after year. You have to admire his tenacity, but it’s still kind of fun to watch him keep losing.

That said, when Draftfcb released the 2010 marketing campaign for the Chicago Cubs yesterday “Cubs: It’s a Way Of Life,” the funny guys got right to work changing the tag-line to reflect the Cubs’ long-ass losing streak.

Chicago Tribune Columnist Rob Manker summed it up best when he wrote “[The Cubs' new slogan] may need a tweak around mid season, should this one go the way of most. Just change “way” to “waste” and you’re good to go.”

The work is fun, mostly because there’s a cool contest involved. Read more, and check out the ads, after the jump.

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God: The Ultimate Spokesperson

church pic.png

Church. It’s a place of reflection, prayer, and the only public place most of us are encouraged to sing. Recently, I walked into Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral and was handed a program. I flipped past the mass schedule, and was greeted with an ad for “Martini Ranch,” an establishment with a name that immediately brings to mind the words “bad decisions.” As odd as that was, apparently Martini Ranch is on to something with it’s in-church advertisement. At least according to an article published by Reuters yesterday, highlighting the success one Kansas massage parlor had with advertising in God’s house. (Whether or not the massage parlor provides happy endings could not be confirmed-presumptuously, we say no).

Read the Reuters article here.

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Lollapalooza Teaser Knocks It Out of Grant Park


After weeks of stringing eager fans along, Lollapalooza officially announced its lineup for this summer’s music festival today-and got quite a bit of social media controversy in return. Dozens of fans posted on Lolla’s Facebook page about the terrible lineup, and how Lady Gaga, the event’s headliner, has no place in Grant Park.

The festival’s marketing agency, C3 Presents, however, is not worried about its Facebook nay-sayers, and has no plans to respond to their complaints. C3 is just happy Lolla’s Facebook fans are talking.

“Some people think the lineup is awesome, some people don’t-it’s subjective and it happens every year,” says Lisa Hickey, the marketing director from C3 in charge of Lollapalooza.

Hickey says she is more concerned with the success Lollapalooza has seen on Facebook, and provided AgencySpy with the following stats:

Last week the Lollapalooza Facebook fan-page:

  • Added over 2,000 new fans.
  • Had 32,650 visits, up from 7,400 the week before
  • Had 1,700 fan “interactions,” compared to 191 the previous week

    Hickey says the success of the Facebook page in recent weeks can be attributed to the “Wheel of Fortune”-like teaser game that Lollapalooza had on both its website and on its Facebook page. The game revealed a letter of the lineup each day-resulting in much speculation and anticipation from participating fans.

    According to Hickey, C3 will continue the social media push up until the week of the concert, using both its own social media channels, as well as those of participating bands, to create an interactive Lollapalooza experience.

    She also says that the festival has already locked in many of its large sponsors, but that they are still entertaining possible partnerships.

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  • Kelly Cutler Named President of Chicago’s EO


    Kelly Cutler, Co-Founder and CEO of Marcel Media, has been named the first female President-elect of the Chicago Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

    Cutler, who started Marcel Media in 2003 after seeing a “need in the marketplace for search-engine marketing” has built her company into one of the more successful SEM, SEO, and Social Media consultancies in the Chicago area-as well as nationally-with clients such as DePaul University, the University of Southern California, and Hub International.

    Although she is the first female to lead the group, Cutler says she feels no added pressure, and instead sees being a woman as “an advantage” in that she will bring Chicago’s EO “a new and different perspective.”

    Her involvement in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization stems from her belief that “Entrepreneurs are the pulse of this country,” and joining EO “helps people nurture and grow that spirit.” She has served on the board of the organization for the past two years.

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    Activists Hope Ronald Retires

    The activist group Corporate Accountability International staged a “Retirement Party” for Ronald McDonald outside a Chicago McDonalds this afternoon.

    While onlookers screamed “Are you guys handing out McDonalds coupons?!” I spoke with CAI spokesperson Karla Pippa, about why the McDonalds mascot should tender his resignation/move to Boca.

    Pippa, who regularly organizes protests such as today’s anti-saturated fat-hawking-clown rally, said the group hopes the campaign will help end McDonalds’ long history using Ronald McDonald to target children.

    “For the last fifty years Ronald McDonald has been hooking our kids on unhealthy foods, spurring an epidemic of diet related disease, and we are calling on McDonald’s to retire this icon so that he can have a break, and we can have one too,” Pippa said.

    She went on to elaborate, saying that as a clown, “Ronald McDonald obviously is not a marketing mechanism for parents or adults,” and that the character’s presence at sporting events, in schools, and online makes him highly visible to children around the country.

    When asked to propose a more appropriate mascot for the hamburger chain, she replied “I think it would be best for them to have no mascot.” Pippa also said she had not yet had a chance to speak with McDonalds or its Chicago advertising agencies-like Leo Burnett and DDB-about alternative solutions for the company’s advertising.

    Pippa did say, however, that McDonalds is aware of the CAI’s work, and she believes McDonalds’ move toward healthier food options can be attributed to public outcry and protests against its unhealthy products. Her ultimate hope is that “Ronald McDonald will go the way of Joe Camel.”

    A press release handed out at the protest claims that a new CAI study finds “close to half of the public favors the clown’s retirement.” More information about the Retire Ronald campaign can be found at

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    DDB’s CCO Speculation

    ddblogo.jpgWe’ve been getting so many tips and inquiries about what’s going on with DDB Chicago’s CCO situation, we figured it was time to update you. It’s no wonder the Chicago ad industry is abuzz, though. DDB has been sans Chief Creative Officer for more than two years.

    According to our tipsters, there are four major theories floating around when it comes to the CCO mystery.

    1. The ‘Big Bang’ Theory: An AgencySpy source at DDB says Chicago President Rick Carpenter has been touting the new CCO as a “big name that will send shock through the industry,” and though Carpenter has not disclosed the name of the chosen one, he ensures our source, “The announcement will be coming soon.”

    2. The Golden Boy Theory: AgencySpy tipsters claim the “big name” is Jonathan Hoffman, whose credentials include stints as Chief Creative Officer at Campbell Mithun, and Vice Chairman and Executive Director at Leo Burnett. Multiple attempts were made to confirm Hoffman’s role, but DDB Chicago appears to be on lock-down regarding its new executive, and has not commented.

    3. The Pessimist Theory: another source says Hoffman’s name is only floating around because “he is jobless and in town.” That source doesn’t see Hoffman as the guy, and instead says he hears DDB is “still hunting and can’t get anyone to sign the contract.”

    4. The Exotic Foreigner Theory: a commenter who identifies him/herself only as “Yawn,” speculates that DDB Chicago has actually hired a new Executive Creative Director, who was supposedly “poached from overseas.” Apparently, the talent in question has not yet informed his current overseas company of said poaching, hence the silence on DDB’s part.

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    Bob Garfield + Lewis Lazare = Dramz

    nerd fight.png

    Bob Garfield
    , Ad Age’s longtime advertising critic, will be leaving his post shortly; prompting Lewis Lazare to provide a critique of his own on his blog for the Chicago Sun-Times. Lazare had this to say about Garfield’s career of late: “His reviews in recent years, seemed to reveal a growing disdain for the increasingly subpar creative efforts of many ad agencies — that is when he wasn’t being overly and smugly self-referential, a characteristic of his writing for which he was well-known.”

    Such a description apparently didn’t sit well with Garfield, who then commented on Lazare’s blog “Do you ever get anything right, ever? Rhetorical question. Not sure why you have — and always have had — such a hair up your butt for me.” Garfield continued on, ranting “My God, you are bad at your job. Hey, when you finally get fired for all the ad homimem attacks and for making stuff up, try Gawker. You’d be a perfect fit.”

    Knowing Lazare’s penchant for stirring the pot, so to speak, we’re pretty sure he got Garfield right where he wanted him. Lazare is probably off in his lair somewhere drinking scotch and chuckling to himself about what a silly little man Mr. Garfield is.

    Update: Garfield claims Lazare’s story was inaccurate, prompting his comment on the post.

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    Illinois’ Worst Commercial

    Chicago is the city of catchy jingles. When I moved here last Fall, I was introduced to the ad-tunes of Luna Carpet, Walter E. Smithe Furniture, and Menards (The Home Depot of the Midwest). Since then I’ve spent most of my life singing the anthem of one of these three companies. Last weekend, when I passed my first Menards, I almost killed myself and my driver when I yelled “STOP THE CAR!” Followed by, “Let’s go ‘Save big money at Menaaaardsss!’” If you live in the Midwest, you know exactly what I’m talking about (if not, click here and skip to :25) . I then zipped my cart through the aisles of Menards, singing their jingle and hunting my bargains.

    However, as annoying as it is to have these stupid songs on my brain’s playlist, I would rather brand myself with a Menard’s logo than ever see/hear the commercial for “Key Lime Cove” ever again. It is, without a doubt, the most awful piece of television I have ever seen. I run out of the room every time it comes on, and when I do happen to catch it, it makes me feel embarrassed and dirty, and I can’t help but assume the people who go to Key Lime Cove despite its awful commercial, must have athlete’s foot and probably don’t shower before going in the pool. Check out the commercial above-it’s a spotty version, but trust me, you’re probably better off not getting the full effect.

    The ad was created by Minneapolis-based Falls Agency. Falls Agency, Fail.

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