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Airborne Has a New Male Nurse


Thanks to a lovely tipster I am wildly amused as I cling to life from my sick bed. Apparently, Airborne got the memo that sex sells and so they sexed up their efforts to sell. They’re using Sebastion the spokesmodel to entice us to run out and buy. He’ll even “deliver” you a free sample. Perhaps if I’d seen this site earlier, I’d be feeling much better by now. Check it out, I promise you shaggy hair, pecks and bareback riding. Enjoy (if that’s your thing).

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Selling It Off the Runway


Brands are peddling their goods at Fashion Week. The NY Times talks about the fashion being lost in the fold at the spectacle that is Fashion Week and mentions the vendors that are there offering their goods for sell (that sound naughtier than it is).

That’s a smart move because it’s a great opportunity to get attention for your brand. What better way to attract comsumers than to make what you’re selling seem more glamourous. It seems as though Fashion Week really has become more of an event for what’s going on around the show, than the show itself anyway. I just wonder how this is translating into ad dollars for marketers.


Reebok Just Wants Girl to Want to Have Fun… Excercising


Reebok did a little research and found out that most women don’t like working out. In fact, their research showed that most women see exercise as a “boring chore”. So they decided to partner with top instructors from around the world that are supposedly “renowned for their fresh, fun approach to working out” in an effort to create a new fitness program that they will announce later this year. This team of instructors will be affecionately known as the Reebok Global Instructors Team and are entrusted with the task of creating fun workouts that take the bore out of getting healthy. Part of Reebok’s Campaign will include its new women’s fitness website- that launces on Sept. 15. Reebok says that the site will provide the, uh hmm, “unique opportunity to create and share their own inspiration to get active by customizing an experience based on the mood, fitness move and color of their choice.”

But, blah blah, it’s all been done before. What kind of campaign could Reebok possibly roll out that will excite people so much that they are sprinting (in their new reeboks, no less) to their nearest sports club hoping to get that cardio up? Unless they’ve created an updated version of slamball, because that’s a seriously awesome game. And will this new effort be affected by Dove’s helping ‘real women’ to love their bodies. I smell a campaign off. Doves Real Women vs. The Reebok Global Instructors. Maybe they could get a reality show sponsered by Nike.

Showtime’s Coverboy


The NY Times talks about the fine line that Showtime is walking by using mock magazine covers to promote the new season of its hit show Dexter.
(see story here: Sorry I can’t link back from the comp I’m on).
The article mentions that Red Group, the internal creative unit at Showtime, is responsible for the campaign. The ads are labeled with the disclaimer “advertisement”, so the argument is that there should be no confusion as to whether or not it’s an ad. They reported that the estimated budget for this campaign is about $4.6 million. When I saw the ads in the subway I did give them a second glance. But are they enough to move viewers to change their dials to Showtime?

How Do You Feel About the Dexter Ads?
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A Guaranteed Run (um hmm) for the Border


In a move that is sure to shoot an arrow straight to the heart of chili eating, hot wing loving southerners, Heaven Hill Distilleries signed a licensing agreement to produce Tabasco brand spicy Tequila.

According to Brandweek, the spicy spirit will launch in five markets this month. Brandweek suggest that the move to create a tequila flavored tabasco is akin to flavor infused vodkas. I’m not certain that I agree with that. Especially since tequila and tabasco both have very bold and distinct individual flavors. And while I can freely admit that I can’t hold my tequila, that coffee flavored tequila isn’t half bad. But the thought of tabasco in my tequila just makes my stomach turn.

In the article, Paul Mcllhenny, CEO of the Mcllhenny Company, who produces Tabasco says that “Tabasco brand Pepper Sauce and tequila have been served together for a long time.” Really? Who the hell is drinking that and taking the time away from hugging the toilet to tell us about it?

The campaign will roll out with in store and in bar promotions under the slogan “Heat Up the Night”. Looks like you can buy a bottle at if you dare. Let me know if Ya’ll like it.

Don LaFontaine Dies


Yesterday was a sad day for movie lovers and all fans the most recognizable voice over talent in the industry. Don LaFontaine died at the age of 68. Best known for his movie trailers, NY Times says that LaFontaine voice was used in 350,000 commercials. Most recently a Geico commercial that pokes fun at his famous line “In a world where…”. In the 33 years of his career LaFontaine gained a celebrity like status. And was lampooned by many comedians and imitated by other voice over talents. He will be sorely missed.

Angelica Huston Still Talks to the Dead


As Mother prepares to hand over the Orange Gold ad duties to Fallon, they make one more attempt to boost the brand. Brand Republic posted the spot for our viewing pleasure.

(Sorry I’m at meetings all day at a building with limited internet access so I’ll post the vid later but you can check it out at this link:

The basic idea of the commercial is Huston pitching a scary movie that the Orange Gold folks want to make a little less scary by offering people Orang phones. Check out the guys mocking Huston at the end of the spot. Hasn’t she had a hard enough career? It’s really a half hearted attempt. Not funny, not memorable.

McCain Beats Obama


Adweek talks about the impact the political ads of both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama had during the Olympics. According to research done by Nielsen IAG, it appears that McCain had ads that topped the goal of a breakthrough ad or one that shows “effectiveness in communicating the basic message and intent-to-vote increase.” Of course there was much talk about the “Celebrity” ad aimed at discrediting Obama’s popularity which had a communication effectiveness of 90%. Obama did however beat out McCain in the area of likability. Isn’t that always the way with celebrities?

Adweek also gets into a bunch of calculations about what areas were polled and how the number breakdown to determine a winner and still managed to confuse me about how McCain won this one. This give McCain an edge because it proves that people are willing to listen to what he saying about Obama and take that to heart. But it’s fortunate for Obama that the ads aired during the Olympics are such a small part of what voters will remember and weigh when choosing their candidate.

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Zero, Coke Zero


Weiden + Kennedy is creating a new marketing push for Coke Zero. According to an article in Brand Republic, limited edition bottles are being created to promote the latest James Bond film. And, Coke Zero will also temporarily change its name to ‘Zero Zero 7′. Um, ok. I guess nothing says espionage like a sugar free, calorie free carbonated beverage. I do hope that Coke has worked out a deal to have Bond order one of these at the bar instead of his signature martini.

The article mentions that this promotion is part of Coke’s plan to match Daniel Craig’s “edgier” image to their target market of men. Apparently this is their first global effort since the brands launch in 2006. I say it’s a sad first attempt.

Finally No More Burger King Mascot! (At least for now)

Finally a Burger King commercial without that creepy ass mascot thing. And it’s actually kind of funny. Of course I love cheking out Creativity to see what’s new and tonight I ran across this and fully expected to hate it. What a nice surprise.