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Help, I Can’t Read This Post/My Agency Blocked AgencySpy


So last week our tech people did some tech things that may have left you unable to access Or if you’re more skeptical, your agency blocked our site from your hungry eyes. So, which answer is the correct one? Click continued to find out.

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Lest You’d Forgotten, Here’s How to Reach Us


With the holiday season drawing ever near we realize you’ll be hunkered down to get the work done. Proposals to draft, concepts to concept, shoes to tie; you’re busy people. And sending tips to a blog definitely isn’t a priority.

But should you want to share something &#151 like a funny story or a picture of your hard-working CCO passed out on his couch (don’t be stupid), feel free to send it our way. Here’s how (anonymity guaranteed!):

&#151 Anonymous Tips Box: this poorly placed tiny box is right above the “Topics” section on the right side of the page. Add links, commentary and whatever else suits your fancy. We won’t be able to tell who you are. We do ask that you provide a touch of context when possible.

&#151 Email: A great second option is email. Agencyspy at Mediabistro dot Com is always on. Tip: send us stuff from your personal account for added sense of security. Again, anonymity guaranteed, if you ask for it.

&#151 Twitter: We try to follow all of you, but that’s time consuming. Want to share something fun? @agencyspy is our name, and listening to you is our game.

&#151 Instant Messenger: This tried and true method puts you right in our face. Want to annoy us? Feel free, annoying guy. For ease of memory, we’ve aptly named our account “AgencySpy”.

&#151 Phone: You’ve been using this method more and more. The SpyLine sits on my desk, and since we’re sans caller ID, your anonymity is super easy to ensure. Plus it’s nice to talk to people sometimes. You needn’t mask your voice (like that one guy), but it can be fun. We’re chatty folk. 212.547.7935.

That is all. Please talk to us &#151 it’s lonely being green.

Comments, oh Comments


Good morning advertising. We’ve fielded a few emails from concerned readers that the commenting system has been unresponsive. In one case, a person commented, but the remark never showed up. Sometimes this is a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) issue and others it’s ours. Still other times, our commenting system (Disqus) is to blame. We’re pretty sure this one is resolved because there were some doozies yesterday and Tuesday. Nonetheless, in our never-ending attempt to make you happy, please help us do so by notifying us if you have issues. Or if you just don’t like us. We’re gluttons for punishment. And soup. Mmm.

Contact: agencyspy at mediabistro dot com


Send Us Your Stories

We can be reached via any of these methods:

Twitter: @agencyspy
IM: AgencySpy
Email: AgencySpy at
Phone: 212.547.7935

Discretion guaranteed!

99 Problems

We’re chickens sans heads over here. Patience is a virtue.

Some Stories Just Die


Over the last year we’ve received some tips that would make any of our fellow ad-writers salivate. A few we’ve chased down and published (Doner, TBWA et al) but others have slipped into the gmail abyss.

These stories live on, sort of, as little ghosts in our email archive. Like the one about a major player at Lowe who may be moving on soon, or the hugely famous film director who was allegedly fired for comments he made publicly. We have sources in just about every agency, but frequently a story is sparked from nothing more than an anonymous tip, which we then chase down &#151 confirm, dig up, weigh out and publish. Sometimes, not always. Some stories just die or become blind items.

In these troubling times many of you have grown increasingly wary of the risks involved in sharing these stories. We understand this, and just wanted to thank you for helping us reveal what little we can about this business. We do our best to get people talking, but it’s really you who gets it all going.

So it is with this in mind that we cordially request you keep sending us the stories that make your agency go-round. Each day means brings more dirt to shovel, and we’re committed to keeping you in the know. Thanks for your help, your persistence and your consistent support.

And thanks for keeping us honest with your comments.

Email: agencyspy at gmail dot com
Twitter/IM: agencyspy
Phone: 212.547.7935


Our Partial Advertising Week Schedule


The week is under way and we’re attending as much as we possibly can, focusing on what we think will be interesting enough to keep us awake. This is in no way the full list, but it’s enough to get us started on the whirlwind week of reporting and then scouring for WiFi. So far, Boingo wins. And now, the schedule.

Kiran and I haven’t fully figured this thing out, but here’s what we know for sure:

1. Toward a bill of rights for online advertisers
2. Adv. Week leadership conf.
3. Google: Experiments in digital creativity
4. Opening Gala

1. IAB MIXX Conference & Expo 2009
2. MediaPost Online All Stars
3. YouTube Battle of the Ad Bands
4. IAB Mixx Awards Gala
5. Social Media Society Launch Party

1. Adv. Week Climate Change Symposium
2. Social Media Social Change
3. Business Week global CEO panel
4. Social networking 2.0
5. The New Age of Advertising (Attendance TBD)

1. EA: It’s Your Move. Get In the Game.
2. The Big Ad Gig
3. Just For Laughs: Great Online Advertising

Tell us what you think is worth attending (or not) in the comments!

Note: Kiran and I will be splitting up the events, so be sure to send all emails this week to both of us. agencyspy at gmail dot com and ladspastik at gmail dot com.

From Mediabistro: Today’s Top Media News

Get AgencySpy’s Content Via Convenient Daily E-mail

Email Icon.jpg

Do you work in an agency that blocks certain Web sites like, say, AgencySpy? Some of you have indicated that yes, you do. Well there’s an old school solution to this new school problem that works around this pesky issue: our daily e-mail. Tons of you already use this simple resource, and for those of you who don’t here’s how it works:

1. Click here to sign up (all you do is enter your desired e-mail

2. Wait til about 4:45 each day when we’ll send an e-mail containing all the day’s news.

3. Laugh at your IT team’s futile attempts to keep us apart &#151 this love of ours cannot be thwarted

4. Stay current on the breaking news, anecdotes, ads and other goodness from the comfort of your cubicle/private jet without allaying suspicion from peers/peons

This is also a great option if your smart phone’s Web service sucks.

Enchante, Ladies and Gents


Bonjour AgencySpy readers, this is Kiran Aditham, your newest writer. Incase you slept on our initial announcement about my arrival (and shame on you for that), I figured I’d just say hi once again.

If you need to reach me with news, tips, sweet nothings or vitriol, and for some reason ignored the masthead, my email is, IM is Pvnkfreud and Twitter ID is @Pvnkfreud.

I wish you all a happy Friday, a good weekend and for those off to Cannes, bon voyage!

Reader Questions Answered: Comments, Anonymous Tips


A few of you have called the tip line to let us know you’re having trouble with a couple things. Our tech team is on it, but in the meantime, here’s what’s going on.


Question: “how come sometimes your comments link includes the number of comments, and sometimes it just says ‘(view comments)’? much prefer the number, so i can see if stuff has been added since my last visit.”

Answer: There’s no definitive answer to this question, but I do have some quick thoughts.

&#151 If you use Firefox, you should always see the number of comments versus “(view comments)”. If you don’t, click refresh and that should take care of it.

&#151 Internet Explorer and Safari tend to display “(view comments)” only.

Anonymous Tips

Question: “sometimes when I try to send an anonymous tip, it says i entered the code wrong. wtf?”

Answer: First off, we added the code thing because we were getting spammed up the whazoo, and that was annoying. Literally, thousands of e-mails pimping all sorts of unsavory wares were coming in. Yet again, there a few solutions to the code problem.

&#151 We promise not to identify you in a story. I know it’s scary to e-mail us, but if you have something to share, e-mail us if the tips box isn’t working. agencyspy at mediabistro dot com.

&#151 Set up a fake e-mail account on gmail. It takes a few seconds.

&#151 Call the anon tips line at 212-547-7935.

&#151 Try the anon tips box in a different browser. Again, FireFox seems to be best optimized for us.

&#151 If you are viewing stories by clicking on categories (you’ll know if you’re doing this because the URL will read like this (ie for Op Eds) This view returns “(view comments)” rather than the number of comments.

Our tech team is working out the bugs, so keep sharing your secrets. You’re safe with us. When was the last time we outed a source? Exactly.

How to Tip More Anonymouser