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McGarryBowen, Carat Enterprise Form Agency Partnership with Fujitsu


Suffice it to say that it’s been a pretty decent start to the week for Tokyo-based holding company Dentsu, which has not only seen its 360i unit assume global digital responsibilities for Estee Lauder’s Clinique, but its siblings McGarryBowen and Carat Enterprise joining forces with Fujitsu as the Japanese tech company’s new agency partners for global brand advertising. Specifically, McGarryBowen’s London office, which has a new CEO in Rick Hirst, (who officially joins on Nov. 20) pitched and won the biz in partnership with fellow U.K operation Carat Enterprise (which is focused on B2B) and Dentsu’s Tokyo HQ.

Regarding his company’s decision, Guy Daniels, VP/brand & marketing communications for international business, Fujitsu, says in a statement,  “mcgarrybowen, Carat Enterprise and Dentsu stood out from the competition as the team that really understood our business challenge. The trio not only demonstrated a huge amount of rigor, but also showed us a new level of innovative thinking when it comes to how to best reach and engage with our target audience.”

First up to bat for Fujitsu’s new agency allies is  a 2014 multi-channel campaign aimed at raising the brand’s global profile.

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Carat Tried to Steal a Facebook URL from a Private User, and it Totally Backfired


Carat is the purported perpetrator of a preposterous, semi-dastardly conspiracy to rid one man of his Facebook URL ( so that the agency could use it for their own devious plans. The agency known only as Carat (care-ahhh) allegedly tried to commandeer the URL for their client, Harman International. Worse still, Facebook helped them do it, eventually telling its original owner he’d broken the rules and so they were not being mean when they stole his URL.

Click continued for the rest of the story.

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Carat Global Ad Spend Drop Worse than First Thought


UK pub MarketingWeek reports that Carat, the media agency network under the Aegis fold, is downgrading its global ad spend growth forecasts for 2009 to a fall of 9.8%. The UK is expected to fare even worse with an 11.7% drop. The only ad discipline to see growth is, natch, online which Carat says will reach 10% of global ad spend this year.But like Sir Martin Sorrell (or “Napoleon to the NY Post) mentioned at the World Economic Forum in September, there is an upside in China.

Aegis CEO Jerry Buhlmann tells MarketingWeek: “China remains the most resilient of the major economies, and we have revised our cautious estimate upwards since March to 6.9% for 2009. However, even in China, we have noticed advertisers proceeding cautiously, and adjusting spend on a quarterly basis.”

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Scott Sorokin Is No Longer In Carat’s Picture

The shit show that has become Carat, has decided that their next great move is dumping Scott Sorokin overboard. Sorokin has been president of the agency since 2006. Sarah Fay, Aegis Media North America’s CEO, said that Scott mutually agreed to leave his post.

Oh, we’re sure he did. After that email scandal? After competitors are openly waging warfare on the shop? The recent cut of 75 bodies? Please. We’d get the hell out too. Sorokin said that he will go on to other digital innovation opportunities. Here’s an idea – Scott should just hold down the severance package for awhile, take a vacation, get involved in some web start-up.

Scott Sorokin is a digital baby having pulled stints at Modem, as well as Grey Interactive. At the time of his hire to Carat, Fay said:
“This is an exciting time for Carat Fusion, as it continues to be on the forefront of many of the trends in digital marketing.”

Remember that? Maybe Fay has changed her mind about all that digital stuff? Carat EVP Martin Cass has been named the new president and boyfriend ain’t so digital.

During the email scandal, Scott’s internal missive to the team about the impending layoffs included this message:

“The leadership team and I ask each of you to remain confident: confident in our strategy and ability to meet the ever-evolving challenges of our sector; confident in the focus I on making sure we have the best talent and the that we create the best professional environment to inspire that talent that is poised to win in 2009.”

Poor Scott. As he wrote that, Scott must have been thinking: “Leadership schmeadership. We’re in the shit.” Wonder how long Fay will hang in there before her number is up, too.

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Post Death Knell: John Durham, Sarah Fay, Irwin Gottlieb Face Off Against The Clients

Everyone is nervous about what effect the economy will have on the biz. Recently, a bunch of media chiefs and brand leaders have made predictions at Advertising Week. Here’s the run down.

John Durham, formerly head of business development for Carat North America and co-founder of Catalyst:SF, said:

“I think smart marketers realize that now is the time they can get good inventory without having to spend Super Bowl amounts of money. That’s what makes our business fun. I’m not going to say that it’s going to be really great right now, but digital advertising works.”

Sarah Fay, CEO of Carat, has said elsewhere that:

“I would say the pressure we are facing comes from what our clients are facing. Clients need to achieve more for less budget, and it’s not necessarily because their budgets are going down, but because marketing activities are fragmenting. And the market is delivering less for more. We’re seeing escalating CPMs and diminishing GRPs in all of the usual places.”

Marc Goldstein, president and CEO of media agency conglomerate GroupM North America, says his crystal ball predicts:

“-that many companies would not cut back on advertising in 2009, despite the troubled economic conditions.”

Irwin Gottlieb said at Advertising Week that:

“consumer confidence is better than one might expect given the downturn in the economy and rising fuel prices. One explanation may be that “the consumer can’t comprehend what has happened” on Wall Street, he said. “Time will tell.”"

That’s right, Irwin. Everyone is just too stupid to realize that the economy is in the shit. Yeah. Meanwhile, CMOs of consumer brands are not as upbeat as the media guys.

Wenda Harris Millard, co-CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Cheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook, are predicting harder times for consumers and brands on their own Advertising Week panel.

Shall we make bets? Two to one that the client side kids have it right. It’s going to be a rougher road the media agencies are publicly pushing, but you know those guys got together and were like, “What’s the party line gonna be?”

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Exclusive: Hustla Mindshare Is Trying To Finish Off Carat

MindShare recently shifted their client, health care giant Novartis, to sister agency, Media Edge CIA. The party line was that the move would “realize ‘efficiencies’ that can be achieved by aligning the client with one global agency network.”

Uh-huh. Sure, maybe major ad media is buying it, but please. We know that the reason for the switch-up is because MindShare is a tru hustler 4 realz. The agency is looking to target another shop’s client while, the beleaguered competitor is losing accounts at a rapid clip. Hmm… Carat anyone?

Yo! I love it when this shit gets street, don’t you? Forget the puffy press releases. The real underbelly of advertising is a bit gangster.

So, the question is – which Carat account are they going to snag from beneath the competition’s weary nose? For those of you who want to play the guessing game, please use the comments section. Or, if that fails, the tip box or email (superspyin at I’ll place all guesses into the comments section by hand.

They should be paying me a lot more for this BS. Reposting comments? For heaven’s sake. Yeah, I’m hustla, too.

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Carat Is So Very Sorry


Who could forget the email Carat accidentally sent around last week about an upcoming protocol for lay-offs? According to Adweek, their answer was to send around an apology memo to staffers and clients.

Aegis Media North America CEO Sarah Fay said there was “no integrity issue here at all,” and that “we have a model of total transparency” with clients. She swears that she hadn’t even seen the documents and that the released drafts were just part of a ongoing discussion on how to “position the layoffs.” Whatever. Ongoing discussion? This is what PR companies call “crisis management.” Spin, spin, spin. Fay must be dizzy. She added, “Management feels quite badly that people found out about it that way.”

I guess that’s the best one can expect. Really – what else can she do? Anyway, business is still business. The lay-offs will be completed by the end of the week.

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Carat’s Email Scandal Makes Us Want To Hurl


Lay-offs are coming to Carat. Staffers were informed via a corporate classic email slip-up. An HR executive accidentally emailed the ENTIRE agency about upcoming cuts from the rosters.

No shit. Some tipster told major ad press outlet AdAge and they broke the story. Hey guys! Where’s the love?

The entire document, which is a whopping six pages long. Download Carats Bad News It includes everything from how to deal with the press to this sad sick of shit apology letter, which mangers are to send to their axed reports. Seriously, you’re going to send these people a chintzy little letter? Big, big fuck you to Carat. That’s right. I’m cursing! I’m cursing goddammit!

“I uUnfortunately [sic], I have some difficult news which that [sic] affects you and your position with the company. Based on the continued reduction in our client’s’ [sic] spend and a restructuring of the core functions (insert group here, we had to evaluate a number of factors and took take a hard look at our future and current current and future business needs (capacity), performance, and the evolving skill sets needed for our clients and their businesses. As a result, we no longer have a role for you. This was a very difficult decision which that is affecting a number of people across Carat the entire organization. Your last day with the company will be _____________.

I know this is difficult news to handle. I want you to know that we have prepared some information that I would like to review with you now. This is important information concerning your severance, medical benefits and outplacement assistance. This is the package we have arrangedarrange [sic] for anyone affected by a reduction in staff such as this.

Please know that we value your contribution to the company and want to help you as with your transition into the next stage of your professional career. Let’s review your package and make sure you understand what we have provided. We also have outplacement services to offer you as a part of your transition if you are interested in taking advantage of that service.

If you would like to go home today and come back tomorrow to clean out your desk or office, you are free to do so. We would like you to meet with your manager following our meeting to transition your work. We will be communicating to your team today. Your manager will be contacting clients. We ask that you do not contact your any clients to discuss this situation. As Since this is affecting a number of people, we will be communicating to the office later today what has occurred.

Please review the materials that we have provided for you. You have one week (or 45 days depending on situation) to review your severance agreement, sign it and return it to me. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.”

Look, I know people get laid off, but do it with some humanity for god sake.

Wanna talk to us? Email at: agencyspy at gmail dot com for Mat.
Or, superspyin at gmail dot com for SuperSpy. Or hell, use the comments or tip box, too.

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Beavis moves to Carat (*heh heh*)


Let’s hear it for cheap takes on people’s last names — but Ian Beavis is off to join Carat in their LA office as an EVP, executive client director (whatever that is — the job titles at agencies become more & more ridiculous on a daily basis.)

Prior to his new gig, Beavis was most recently vp of marketing, public relations and product planning for Kia Motors America — where he bailed out in February when the CEO at the time also pulled the plug. He did help raise sales 11% during his time there though — he brought humor to the brand, which was fighting a perception of inferior quality as well as a reputation for bland styling when he joined.

Prior to Kia, Beavis held senior marketing positions at Ford and Mitsubishi Motors. He was also CEO of FCB in Seattle and San Francisco, and he has held posts at Bozell and Saatchi & Saatchi.